Mike Mayock: Jon Gruden and I are a great fit


New Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock says he and coach Jon Gruden are a perfect pair.

Mayock said that in the hours since he accepted the job with the Raiders, he has been inundated by people who know both of them and have told him, “You and Gruden are a great fit. You guys love ball, you have a passion for it, and you make it work.”

Although they haven’t previously worked together, Gruden and Mayock have been friends for decades, and Mayock said he has always respected Gruden. Mayock also said he once interviewed for a job with the late Raiders owner Al Davis, and has tremendous respect for his son Mark Davis.

“Jon and I have talked a lot of football in the last 20 years. I think what you’re seeing is the formal unification of something that has been going on for a long time,” Mayock said. “There’s nobody I’d rather go to war with than Jon Gruden and Mark Davis.”

Gruden said he believes Mayock is a quick learner who will figure out the G.M. job on the fly. Mayock acknowledged he doesn’t know everything that goes into running an NFL franchise, but he believes he’s going to get it figured out, and help the Raiders get some players who can get them out of last place.

76 responses to “Mike Mayock: Jon Gruden and I are a great fit

  1. I think this is a very good hire. He knows more about the college guys than maybe anyone else. And has evaluated most of the guys in the league already.

  2. The greatest move of the year this is terrific. Mayock is no longer on tv anymore. The end of worthless opinions spewing from his cake hole.

  3. This is a great fit. Looking forward to the free agent signings and upcoming NFL draft. These guys will get this franchise turned back around and into winners again.

    Commitment to Excellence
    Just Win Baby

  4. They ARE a perfect match. An exec who has NEVER been employed by a football team other than as a player forty years agp, and a coach who hadn’t coached in ten years before giving away what little talent he had. Chucky never won anything with the guys he picked at either Oakland or Tampa, and now he gets a lifelong TV analyst picking for him.
    Reminds me of when the San Diego Padres hired Jerry Coleman to be their manager, but at least he was an outstanding player.

  5. Well, give Mayock a chance. I don’t think he could do a worse job than Matt Millen did in Detroit. He had no experience either. If Mike Brown can be GM then why can’t Mike Mayock? He can’t be any worse than Mike Brown either.

  6. Mayock knows his stuff when it comes to college players coming out for the draft. Al Davis in his prime was smart enough to listen to Ron Wolf (who also had such vast knowledge) when making his draft picks.

    The question is whether Gruden’s massive ego will let him seriously let him listen to any advice that Mayock tenders? The answer will determine whether the Raiders can achieve a measure of success in the draft or whether they’ll be the washouts that are usual when the choices are strictly based on Gruden’s own decisions.

  7. I am no Mike Mayock hater, I thought he was the best draft analyst on TV by far.

    Now that being said I don’t trust my doctor if his only experience came from playing one on television.

  8. I don’t know the future and this may become a great hire for the raiders, but just a hunch, don’t see how someone without any experience or formal business training in managing a professional football team can be successful. More than likely, he’ll be let go sooner than later, in the same fashion as Kramer, from a job he doesn’t even really work at.

  9. slick50kc says:
    December 31, 2018 at 4:50 pm
    Best GM hire since Matt Millen.

    Chiefs haven’t won a home playoff game since Joe Montana back in the early 90’s, that won’t change this year, Just One and Done, Baby!

  10. Honestly I’m just really intrigued by this move. It will be interesting to see how Mayock, who is a really, really intelligent football evaluator, can transition to a GM.

  11. Mike was actually a good draft analyst. He should have stayed with that. Being an analyst does not translate to being good at what you are actually doing. They tried it with Millen. Now Mayock, and listen, I hope he succeeds. But what’s next, Mel Kiper?? I mean, where do you draw the line?

  12. Are they calling the teams games or building a winning team,

    There is NO excise for this team not to be good in 3 seasons qith the ampunt of high draft picks they have the next two seasosn.

  13. Why GM, though? Knowledge as vast as Mayock’s is obviously valuable to the Raiders. Especially at draft time. But WHY GM? What a culture shock it will be for him.
    Does anyone else envision an agent feeding frenzy?
    He can DRAFT the right players. Thanks to the rookie pay scale, he shouldn’t have a problem SIGNING them. But you just KNOW the agents were licking their chops when they heard this.
    Some Free Agents may get overpaid as they score one last NFL contract before they ride off into the sunset, like Ron Stone, Rob Frederickson, Kwame Harris, and (more recently) Sean Smith did

  14. Suddenly I don’t feel so bad about the Vikings GM.
    All those picks they are going to get and I bet only 1-2 of the top 2 rounds picks by the Raiders will be on the team in 5 years.

    This team is going to be in the bottom for a long time.

  15. I’m optimistic about this. Something some folks seem to be overlooking is the Raiders don’t have to make the GM job anything other than what they want it to be. Plenty of talent is available to fill the roles/jobs/responsibilities the organization needs in the front office, and the Raiders can divide that up and assign it however they want. Besides that, most people commenting on this would be hard pressed to define what the GM’s job is in any detail. And even if they could, the question becomes, says who.

    Give this guy and the team a chance. It’s Mark’s toy and he can play with it as he pleases. I’m content to sit back, watch, and see what happens.

  16. The constant Raider bashing on here is stupid. They are just starting a complete rebuild and it will be a few years before anyone can make any intelligent observations.

  17. While people keep proclaiming how dumb the Raiders were in trading Amari Cooper maybe the should look at his stats with the Cowboys. He had 2 great games where he had 22 catches for 397 yards and 5 tds for an average of 18.04 yds per catch. The rest of the season for Dallas he had 33 catches for 321 yards and 1 td for an average of 9.72 yards per catch. I think getting a 1st round pick for him was good value.
    People like to rip on the Raiders and Gruden because it is easy. Maybe do some homework first.
    Mayock is an interesting move that if some other organization made it the pundits would be excited.

  18. Football and accountability isn’t Rocket Science.
    It’s so easy a caveman could do it. The Colts did it with a rookie head coach and an owner severely impaired.

  19. High paid train wreck…..I like Mayock as a commentator but these type of hires with no experience are just ridiculous.

    The Raiders front office will make a great reality series.

  20. The Raiders need a GM who will accept the title knowing Gruden has the final say. Mayock is that guy, but also brings a solid foundation of evaluating players that will help Gruden make those final decisions. When Gruden leaves the Raiders after year 5, maybe Mayock then can get another GM job where he is the guy. Good hire.

  21. Tom Delaney & Marc Badain handle contract negotiations for the Raiders, just as they did when Reggie McKenzie with the general manager. Mayock will focus entirely on talent acquisition thru the draft and free agency. Mayock is a tremendous hire. He has always been a highly successful draft guru and talent evaluator!

  22. I wasn’t a fan of Reggie and I like the sound of this hire, it means that Gruden won’t be entirely in charge of the draft, and that’s a good thing.

  23. Looks like another 4 and 12 season next year. The good people of Oakland deserve better. Las Vegas can have the Raiders.

  24. I’m sure Mayock is a superb talent evaluator.. it’s been his livelihood for decades. I’m just wondering if he can shut that off and do what’s best for one particular team, vs what’s best for 32 teams. That kinda transition could be tough, and I’m genuinely interested in seeing how it plays out.

  25. I sincerely hope this works out for the Raiders. Mayock is an impressive evaluation of talent we all know that. If Gruden can get the talent he wants where he wants, I mean it could work.

    People doubting Mayock as a GM are forgetting that there are assistant GM’s to help with the stuff Mayock isn’t good at.

  26. They hired a Mel Kiper Knock-off to run their franchise. Holy freaking moly. Kudos to them for absolutely taking a huge gamble hiring someone who’s background is draft publications and TV. What a circus this is going to be… LOL Teams already know where he will go in the draft all they have to do is look at his mock draft. HAHAHAHA! What a clown show.

  27. I think this is a great hire by the Raiders. If anyone knows college talent, it’s Mayock. frankly, I’m surprised someone hasn’t offered Mayock a GM job before this.
    I also think Mayock is the type of guy who can get through to Gruden about things he does which annoy his players.
    I hope Mayock does well and I will miss his draft day commentary as well as his work at the Combine.

  28. I think this is going to end up as Matt Millen 2.0. There’s a lot more to the job than evaluating talent. They better consider hiring someone who knows that side,… the business side.

    And here’s wishing Matt Millen all the best in recovery from his heart procedure.

  29. For what it’s worth, Mayock ranked Carr third among quarterback prospects leading up to the 2014 NFL Draft. He placed the Fresno State product behind Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles, and ahead of Jimmy Garoppolo, Zach Mettenberger, and Teddy Bridgewater. This Raiders fan is worried!

  30. Perfect example of why theres a Rooney rule. There’s no reason why Mayock is qualified to be GM of an NFL team other than his friendship with Gruden. There are hundreds of minorities more qualified

  31. Lol at the folks comparing Mayock to Kiper. Obviously ignorant to the fact that Mayock actually played in the NFL. Not much but he was around for two years.

  32. The only person that’s happy about this is Mel Kiper. Mayock was the only guy that was halfway decent to listen to during the draft and made Kiper look like the fool he is.

  33. Its a common experience that fans have watching the talking heads during the NFL draft; if they were so smart, why aren’t they GM’s making millions vs. what they pull down as TV analysts.

    I guess we are about to find out the answer to that question because God knows Mel Kiper is never going to be a GM

  34. Well he’s better than Kiper though, his analysis is right sometimes and he doesn’t go back and change his past analysis to make himself look better.

  35. Mayocks a good talent evaluator but that’s with no pressure on him and almost zero consequences if he’s wrong. Being a GM and having to be responsible and accountable for his decisions on talent is a completely different beast. Hes also going in as the fall guy because there’s no way the 100m$ man is taking any of the fall out if this goes sideways.

  36. Mayock is a “draft Guru.” – he has no experience whatsoever for the job he was hired to do.

    At the end of the day this is a 3 ring circus with a fleet of clown cars and they are not even done yet. Next year they probably play from a stadium in Anchorage, London, Liberia… who knows..

    Just wow!

  37. Great move by Raiders. Mayock is a hard worker and easy to get along with. Gruden is still calling the shots, but Mayock will do a lot of the things the coaches just don’t time to do. I think everyone will be on the same page. Everyone marching to the beat of the Silver and Black! Just win baby!

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