Mike Zimmer: “I’m not retiring or resigning. Period”

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Perhaps no team in the NFL fell shorter of expectations than the Vikings, who took a title-contending team and added an $84 million quarterback.

So as they watch the playoffs from the comfort of home, it’s reasonable to wonder if changes are coming.

But Vikings coach Mike Zimmer told Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network that he wasn’t walking away on his own.

I’m not retiring or resigning. Period,” Zimmer said.

Of course, that leaves one option that Zimmer didn’t cover, if the Vikings don’t want him to return.

The 62-year-old Zimmer is under contract for next season, and is 47-31-1 in five seasons with the Vikings. If they didn’t want him, someone else surely would.

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  1. This has always been my sleeper fire/move. If Lewis decides he’s done in CIN then Brown would probably prefer to hire Zimm or Jackson. This could still happen folks.

  2. Zimmer isn’t the problem. The QB and failure to use the running game in the first 12 games were the problem.

  3. The guy seems in over his head. The face of the Vikings for at least the next two years will be Zimmer attached at the hip with Cousins.

    Not looking so good, at the moment.

  4. Time for a change. His way works to a degree, but will never get you over the hump.

    And address that o-line for gods sake….its a mess. I counted six times the defensive line was actually touching Cousins in three seconds from the ball snap. Horrible.

  5. Zimmer just isn’t head coach material, he’s a D coordinator. The Vikings got lucky to win a playoff game this year, and now they are sitting at home. Same old Vikings.

  6. Well, well, well.

    Looks like I was right, and PA and Charch were WRONG. I predicted the Vikings would go 8-8 this year and I was right – I know they tied one terrible Green Bay team, but I was correct on the 8 wins.

    So, tell me how Kirk Cousin is going to be on this team for the next 10 years? Terrible.

    You have to get rid of Spielman.

    The Vikings will go 6-10 next year. You heard it here first.


  7. Since Zimmer only has 1 year left on his contract do you 1) make him play out the contract 2) extend him or 3) fire him?

  8. Perhaps he should. The game has clearly passed him by. He’s an old school coach and is routinely getting out coached and out schemed. As a Vikings season ticket holder….I’ve seen enough. Even his vaunted defense falls apart whenever the stakes are highest.

  9. He would be stupid to walk away from a years salary. The Vikings would have to pay him his contract if they fire him. I think they should keep him. He is a below average coach with above average talent who is squandering any chances of success in Minnesota.

  10. nobodys gonna make this guy hc again right away. name has been hot. he could come to new england and be our defensive coordinator. its a perfect fit for him, especially to make the rebound back to hc eventually.

  11. Many of us want him back. Compton, Remmers, Treadwell, Sendejo, and maybe Elflein we are not so sure about. Get a good o line coach and with Spielman focus on the glaring hole in our team and the Vikings will be fine.

  12. Odd that that would come out.

    He has done his best when he has former head coaches on his staff. I wonder if that is a direction that is coming.

  13. Zim had an epiphany last night on how to turn the Vikings around. Draft a corner in the first round.

    If the Wilf’s don’t put him out of his misery then the Vikings need to draft all O lineman and scour the free agent market for players. Also if you are going to sign Reif & Remmers to play tackle then have them play tackle not guard where they are destroyed.

    The more I think about Zim’s inexcusable draft & off-season ignoring of the O line makes me sick. Fire this clown already.

  14. Spielman has to go! Zimmer should be a DC at best. We need an offensive minded HC, it might actually help us put a few points up. What th the exception of last year our offence has just been terrible since Farve.

    Cousins is garbage. He has no awareness and ZERO MOBILITY. We really should see if we can trade him and eat half the contract. He didn’t do a thing to give our team a lead or close a team all year. He is actually one of the worst QB’s in the NFL. Spielman just has to go because he clearly cannot evaluate qbs. We have missed so many times. If they don’t get rid of this guy and the disaster he has created with our qb, o-line and cap space, I don’t think I can do this for another year.

  15. Serous question here: what did the Vikings expect when they signed Kirk Cousins? Did they not watch film of him playing in Washington? Kirk puts up great stats against garbage teams or in the 4th quarter when the game has already been decided but he flails against good teams and rarely wins against teams with winning records.

  16. The Jacksonville fans might argue about which team was the greatest disappointment this year. But as a Vikings fan, I expected better. I will never get over the image of the Bears nose tackle running unblocked to sack Cousins on an obvious passing down. Unblocked? Seriously? Not a blitzer, one of the regular down linemen. Unblocked. We need that o line coach and some linemen pronto. Hard to pin that on Zimmer. And the defense will fail when they spend the whole game on the field with little chance to coach them. It all starts with that o line and Spielman.

  17. The Vikings have nearly everyone under contract so a rebuild/retool isn’t really an option. If the Wilfs honestly believe that this current team (with a few additions at OL) is good enough to compete than they should fire Zimmer and bring in a coach who will get the most out of these guys.

    Otherwise let these next couple years play out and start over with a new coach and GM after some of these contracts expire.

  18. Average head coach, above average defensive mind. Who would they get that is better? I imagine he plays out his contract next year and barring a deep playoff run he’s gone…

  19. Lots of ridiculous comments by people who don’t get it. Zimmer is a good coach and an excellent Defensive coordinator. Getting an offensive guy who is very good but won’t leave in a year is a tough task. The offense has been killing the Vikings, especially with the talent they have. Obviously the QB gamble has blown up in their faces. Zimmer was the first guy to caution paying the world for a QB that could compromise the rest of the team.

  20. Here I thought the problem was the kicker.
    No wait, it’s the OC again.
    Zimmer is slowly running out of scapegoats, but as long as he’s got this clueless fan base fooled.

  21. aypeeswhippingstick says:
    December 31, 2018 at 9:43 am
    This man is the best coach the Vikings have had since the late Bud Grant
    the late Bud Grant?

    Dude is 91 years old, and at the moment, still alive.

  22. One analyst put it correctly, the Vikes only defeated one team with a winning record this year and that was the Eagles who they played when the they were struggling.
    So the vaunted defense that he ran, and the new QB was a so so team spending big bucks and getting no where. Who do you blame for that?

  23. Zimmers biggest issue is that his players seem to be individuals instead of teammates. Saw it yesterday with Cousins and Thielen arguing on the sidelines. Neither player should be questioning the other, the OC should have them huddled up working through plays, etc. Zimmer need to better manage his assistants and the players.

  24. There is some truth to those saying the game has passed Zimmer by, to a degree. More often than not this year the Vikings seemed slow out of the gate, the defense gave up early scores and the offense a series of 3 and outs. However, very few coaches can adjust like Zimmer.

    I just wonder about his game plan ability. If you paired Zimmer’s in game adjustment ability with someone campanile of scripting an opening game plan, I think the Vikes would be better off. It is clear the game is taking a lot out of Zimmer physically, he has aged like a President in the 5 years here.

  25. Owners typically don’t like head coaches being beligerent…especially after the owner shelled out $84M for a QB that coach wanted and had a disaster of a season. They can’t fire Cousins so maybe they can find a coach that can produce better results with Mr. $84M.

  26. Who should we go hire then? Mcarthy? Gase? Joseph? Maybe get a young stud like defilipo again because that worked great. We need a offense line that doesn’t rank dead last every year.

  27. It’s not Zimmer’s fault we didn’t make the playoffs, this team was destined to win the Superbowl this year.
    It’s the fault of the ref’s. We would have won every game this year I’d the ref’s would’ve called the games fair.

  28. The offense had good chemistry with Keenum. They should have built on that.

    I’ll never understand the logic that goes into signing a backup quarterback with the expectation that he is able to carry the team if the starter goes down, then when he does and proves he’s capable of being a starter, you cut him loose. Chasing the next shiny object..Thats the logic of ferrets….

  29. Good defensive coordinator, poor head coach. I think he is smart enough to know if he resigns he wont get paid but if he is fired he will get the money left on his contract.
    Viking fans should be smart enough to see Spielman is the real problem.

  30. bringbackwayne says:
    December 31, 2018 at 9:14 am
    Epic failure by the Vikings this season. And, they don’t have injuries as an excuse.

    OH REALLY!?!
    Cook was out 6 games, a plethora of injuries to the defensive secondary, an offensive line that had at least 9 different starting combinations, a defensive lineman who spent a month in the hospital, Thielen, and Diggs nicked up at the end of the season….but they didn’t have injuries to blame anything on.
    I think the offensive line was a disaster from the start of the season, and never got better. The death of O line coach Sparano, right before the season started didnt help. I am pretty certain that death equals injury.

  31. canetic says:
    December 31, 2018 at 8:52 am
    Zimmer isn’t the problem. The QB and failure to use the running game in the first 12 games were the problem.


    Here lies the biggest problem,

    This type of thinking allows this man to continually pass the buck onto everyone but him.

    Where is the accountability for his defense this year? He will be back for the next year or two, to wallow in mediocrity while still taking shots at his hand picked staff.

    The quality replacements will get harder to come by as he continues to throw them under the bus.

  32. Ugadogs21 says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:28 am
    The offense had good chemistry with Keenum. They should have built on that.

    I’ll never understand the logic that goes into signing a backup quarterback with the expectation that he is able to carry the team if the starter goes down, then when he does and proves he’s capable of being a starter, you cut him loose. Chasing the next shiny object..Thats the logic of ferrets….


    Totally agree. Keenum would have been intriguing in year two. His mobility and escapability extended so many plays last year

    Typical Spielman move. Big splash with no result. Looking more like Miami all over again. Probably looking at a new GM and coach between the next two years, and cousins gone right after.

  33. A couple of you that wanted that good chemistry offense from last season realize that the OC is now the Giants head coach, right? A change was happening whether you wanted it or not.

  34. Part of the issue is, if you live in the Minneapolis area, you end up listening to Paul Allen and Paul Charchian talk for hours about how fantastic Kirk Cousin was, and anyone else with a brain was like, what??? Are you two crazy? So, it’s very satisfying to know I’m smarter than those two, but frustrating because I’m in radio or the NFL. The only one with any sense on MSP radio is Dan Cole.

  35. I was worried that when McCarthy became available Zimmer’s job would be in jeopardy. Spielman has a strong affinity for former Packer players, hopefully he doesn’t go after their former coach as well.

  36. Rick Spielman said he could turn any “big man” into an Offensive lineman. There really wasn’t any need to draft them before the 5th round and even free agents un-drafted would work.
    The Viking have always been able to get the best out of late round players so for the majority of ther existance 1961, they have hung around 7-7, 8-8, most super bowl teams have multiple bad years and build up high draft picks, that isn’t or has been Minnesota’s case. plus they have no idea how to grade QB’s or linemen!

  37. All these comments are literally insane. Zim was the victim of a dumb draft and an overhyped QB; I don’t care about fit, we NEEDED offensive linemen and nothing else. Additionally our QB is good, just not top tier, maybe 2nd tier, instead of making him run for his life, get some help there and things will improve.

  38. Zimmer isn’t the problem. The offensive line is the problem. Prime example is Seattle. Both teams looks familiar and if they can do it the Vikings can too. Fix it and this team will be hard to beat.

  39. These are the Vikings coaches in my lifetime: Grant, Steckel, Burns, Green, Tice, Childress, Fraizer, and Zimmer. The best one, and it’s not even close, is Zimmer (spare me your howling about Grant, 0-4 in the big game). Zimmer should be given his last year under contract for his overall performance, we’re a better team than when he took over, and we’re still in contention when the season starts. We need an experienced o-coordinator, Miami fired Adam Gase today and the Vikings should take a serious look at him as the next o- coordinator. We’ve done the “next hot offensive mind” and “the great in-house guy”, lack of play calling experience really showed with both of them. Cousins is not the field general you’d expect with his salary, so we need a coordinator to do that for him (I don’t like it but that’s reality). We’ll also need an o-line coach, our o-line looked ill-prepared in ALMOST EVERY GAME this season that should be the person fired for sure.
    Also, Zimmer should not be allowed ANY defensive picks in the draft until round 4. We obviously need OL and TE in those first 3 rounds. Some easy cuts for he cap will be Sendejo, Remmers, and Compton

  40. ragnarthegreat says:
    I will never get over the image of the Bears nose tackle running unblocked to sack Cousins on an obvious passing down.
    Watch that play again and you’ll also see Dalvin Cook not just fail to pick up the free runner, but turn his body to avoid contact.
    Also, where was Harrison Smith? Up until the New England game, nobody could get the edge on the Vikings defense. Then the jet sweep started to get yardage on the edge.
    What’s up with that? Somehow teams figured out how to take Smith out of the run defense.

  41. The only person save in their job in Minny is their $84 million guaranteed QB. And they are stuck with him.

  42. Compton, Treadwell, Sendejo,

    For sure don’t want back these 3 but maybe Remmers for depth if he is still under contract.

  43. wafflestomp says:
    December 31, 2018 at 9:48 am
    Here I thought the problem was the kicker.
    No wait, it’s the OC again.
    Zimmer is slowly running out of scapegoats, but as long as he’s got this clueless fan base fooled.
    Thanks for checking in from the of below .500 teams. Well maybe next year playing a third place schedule once again the highest paid qb in the league can break .500.

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