Mike Zimmer, Rick Spielman will return in Minnesota

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Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said that he will not resign or retire after his team fell short of the playoffs this season and he won’t get fired either.

The same is true for General Manager Rick Spielman. NFL Media reports that Vikings owners Zygi and Mark Wilf were in the team’s end of season meetings on Monday and reiterated their belief that the two men are the right men to lead the football side of their operations.

While this year was a disappointment, it would have been a surprise to see the Vikings blow things up. They are a year removed from going 13-3 and advancing to the conference title game and Zimmer is 47-32-1 since taking the job ahead of the 2014 season.

That’s not to say the seat won’t get hotter, however. The team took a step backward after signing Kirk Cousins with the expectation that he’d be a piece to push them over the top after falling short last season. If the Vikings don’t reverse course next year, Spielman and Zimmer’s return may be a dicier proposition.

68 responses to “Mike Zimmer, Rick Spielman will return in Minnesota

  1. This fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles is happy to support this decision.
    Under the current leadership, the Vikings will never be a threat for the big prize – but, hey, they were able to celebrate the heck out of a narrow regular season win against my playoff bound birds.

    That is all

  2. trubiskyisworsethanCutlerandwillalwaysbeinjured....I trolled you so much you changed your display name to mine. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. says:

    My 2019 prediction: The Vikings will continue to be off season Champions in the minds of their delusional fans. Have a safe and happy new years folks!

  3. Well Vikings fans…now you know the meaning behing “those who play NFL games in a glass house should not throw stones at defending Super Bowl Champions that thrashed your team in the Championship”.

  4. I’m guessing Vikings fans will now cut down their criticism of Green Bay, Detroit and division champs Chicago Bears.

  5. Good decision. Fix the offensive line and the Vikings are a top 10 team with a legitimate title shot. Cousins is good enough to win a title with given proper support.

  6. That’s fine. Spielman has made some nice moves and draft picks. But, if he doesn’t quickly learn the importance of the OL after the past couple of seasons, then he should never work in the NFL again. I know the OL isn’t the flashiest position, but not only do you need good talent there, you need FIVE of them (or more with injuries).

  7. Bears, Packers, and Lions fans cheering.

    Why do we have no standards? This season was acceptable? All these teams in the NFL are getting better and we are stuck with this?

    Total dumpster fire franchise.

  8. Use every draft pick on offensive linemen. No more of this ‘best available athlete’ baloney. Cut Remmers and Reif. Trade Barr for a decent guard. Cut Sendejo and Treadwell. Fire Preifer as Special Teams coach he’s poison for kickers. Find a hard-nosed Offensive Line coach and Offensive Coordinator.

  9. This is the right decision. If you fire either, then it is a rebuild. Fix the offensive line and good things will happen. Look at Seattle as to what is happening there. Similar team as Minnesota.

  10. Cool! The longer those two are around, the longer the opportunity for a championship season is squandered. The Vikings trolls who post here deserve Zimmer and Spielman. Hopes and dreams dashed every year. Some heartbreak thrown in along the way. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

  11. birdsfan1215 says:
    December 31, 2018 at 12:09 pm
    This fan of the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles is happy to support this decision.
    Under the current leadership, the Vikings will never be a threat for the big prize – but, hey, they were able to celebrate the heck out of a narrow regular season win against my playoff bound birds.
    I wouldn’t start greasing the lamp posts or punching horses just yet. The over-rated Eagles just ‘backed into’ the playoffs and has two injured quarterbacks. You’ll be one-and-done after the Bears shut you out next weekend.

  12. I like Zimmer and I remember how bad this team was before he got here. This year was disappointing, but anyone who watched this team every week knows the problem isn’t Cousins. It’s a bad offensive line that doesn’t open holes for their RBs and give Cousins enough time to throw downfield. This off season should be spent fixing the OL and if they do that, they will be back. If not, well, then we’ll suffer more crappy seasons like this one.

  13. aypeeswhippingstick says:
    December 31, 2018 at 12:20 pm
    Like the late great Bud Grant used to say, “I wouldn’t want to play us next season!”
    Bulletin: Bud Grant is still alive..and at age 91 he has more energy and fight in him than the Vikings did yesterday.

  14. Need to improve the offensive line. That was the biggest weakness by far. There does not need to be drastic changes elsewhere.

  15. madtowndan says:
    December 31, 2018 at 12:13 pm
    As a Packer fan, this is GREAT news.

    Glad you’re so happy.
    Zimmer is 5-1-1 against your team in the past 7 meetings.

  16. People forget about the bleak times before Zimmer. There’s always a chance you get another Mike Tice, Brad Chidress, Leslie Frasier type of coach. Those were dark dark days. Let’s not open that door just yet kids.

  17. It’s not that easy to “just fix the offensive line” when your team overpaid for a quarterback and you have no money in cap space. Only two other teams have less cap space than the Vikings. They are going to have to trade some good players to fix the offensive line. Diggs or Theilan? Barr?

    Something will have to give because your stuck with Cousins and it’s going to haunt them for years unless he delivers.

  18. It was always a mistake to think Cousins would push this team over the top. One player doesn’t win championships. A team does. How did the one player team in Green Bay turn out this year? The Vikings have good players and coaches. They just need to put it all together, stay healthy and get some lucky bounces. Things didn’t fall into place this year for them. Next week at this time a bunch more teams with high hopes, will be cleaning out their lockers, just like the Vikings. For all but one team, it’ll be on to next year for the rest.

  19. I have to agree that the problem is the offensive line. Tony Sparano passed away at a time when it would have been impossible to hire a competent o line coach. It hurt them a ton. People who blame Zimmer for being more hands off on the offense need to realize that he is no different than many head coaches. Many are completely hands off on special teams. But it does make it critical to find and hire the next OC and line coach. I get the people who think Zimmer can’t get it done, and I don’t know if you are right or not. But it seems too soon to decide that. He has never had an all pro on his offensive line.

  20. As a die hard jets fan I wanted Kirk cousins really bad. Then I was sad when cousins used us to get more money. Never having real intentions coming to NY. But then the draft came and we got sam darnold and wouldn’t ya know we have a future rising star. Just wanted to say THANK YOU MINNESOTA!!!!!!

  21. Fans who are not onboard with bringing them back are delusional and knee jerk. You loved Zimmer at this time last year and would have signed off on giving him a lifetime contract. He has one disappointing season with a new OC and a dreadful offensive line combined with the untimely death of his friend who coached the offensive line extremely well, and now you want Zimmer gone? You want to dive into the pool with a quarter of the league searching for a new head coach? And you want to fire the GM, which means finding a new GM, who then picks a new head coach after eight other teams get their guy first? Stop. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

  22. The Vikings will never learn. Zimmer’s old tired approach is being ignored by his players, coaches messages get old when followed by failure after failure. Cousins was a huge mistake, we will never win with Zimmer as coach and Cousins as our QB. Will not happen folks.

  23. Offseason moves: Cut Compton, Hill and Remmers. Draft o-lineman in round 1 and draft another in either round two, three or four. Sign a couple of serviceable o-line free agents. Bring back Mike Tice as o-line coach. Fire Special Teams coach Mike Prieffer. Cut Treadwell. Let Barr walk and use some of that money to re-sign Richardson.

  24. I have to agree that the problem is the offensive line. Tony Sparano passed away at a time when it would have been impossible to hire a competent o line coach.

    So what’s the excuse for having a terrible offensive line in 2015, 2016, and 2017? The offensive line has been terrible for the last several years. Sparano’s death hurt, but it’s not like the line suddenly fell apart.

  25. Have to laugh at Packer fans celebrating this. Zimmer is 5-1-1 in last 7 games against Green Bay. While Packer fans might be celebrating, I guarantee Rodgers is not.

  26. Vikes need a strong draft that addresses Oline, LB, TE and WR. Like the Colts did this yr, 1st 2 picks need to be a couple nasty lineman to stand up to Bears front next yr. Vikes need a 3rd WR with size and speed. Need a LB that can play in space with nasty attitude. Rudolph still can’t block nor outrun a LB downfield so I think he needs to be replaced. Here’s the problem—–I have little faith in Speilman and the scouts this team employs that they can manage that. Vikes may have to trade a vet with a bloated contract too; Griffen, Joseph, Rhodes or Rudolph are a few that come to mind.

  27. The Wilf brothers are football morons. GM Spielman has proven time and time again he has no clue as to what a QB is. Zimmer is a DC, not a HC. The Cousins deal is almost as bad as the Herschel Walker fiasco. The only reason it isn’t is because we didn’t help build another organizations dynasty. I am so disillusioned by the organization. Poor ownership, poor GM, poor HC, and poor QB. It will be a real miracle for this organization to win a SB.

  28. Minnesota fans need to stop with the use every draft pick on OL. That would never work. No team does this because it isnt practical.

  29. jjpmn, I have no idea who you are but you’re post is the most sane, rational, voice of reason post I’ve read all year by a skol toll. This is a business first and good business people don’t act in a rash manner or they don’t survive.

    I read a post earlier where someone criticized PA. It’s easy to agree with his thoughts. If the vikes are going to make any major off season image changes, he would be the one to axe. He poisons the fan base with hype and conjecture. Not a good look for a organization that’s never won a Lombardi.

  30. The problem is and has been the offensive line. For whatever reason they continue to ignore it and it has come back to bite them. Rick Speilman who is suppose to make the decisions on draft day seems to want to please Zimmer by drafting him a corner back with number one draft picks. The Vikings went out and invested in Cousins and now are at a cross roads on what they want to be, a high powered offense or a dominant defensive team. Either way they need to give Cousins and the running game a better chance and it starts with getting better up front on offense

  31. Cousins is a very good, not great QB, who with the right weapons can get them to a SB. Spielman & Zimmer absolutely must upgrade the weapons around Cousins. WR has got talent there but needs more & depth. TE needs vast improvement. Rudolph is injured & very inconsistent. (another over hyped ND player) RB needs depth, better health and some guys with speed, versatility. As previously mentioned getting O line help to protect Cousins is vital because Cousins again is very good but not on the level of Rodgers or others. Help him and the offense gets better. Also if Zimmer & Rick keep firing O cords they’ll be greasing there own exit in a year or 2.

  32. I understand this decision. Spielman and Zimmer are still under contract and if they are fired they would still have to be paid. The Wilf’s are too cheap to have to buy out either one of them, but I’m afraid we’ll be having this exact conversation this time next year.

  33. Would have been crazy to cut Zimmer loose. He has made the Vikings a tough out in the NFC North and an otherwise playoff contender. If Spielman doesn’t address the OL needs over the next 6-7 months however…….

  34. I will admit I was wrong if Zimmer doesn’t work out next year. And I can count on all you people calling for his head to do the same if he has a great year right? BTW one poster listed several big name veterans with big contracts who could go. Sadly I agree. Tough decisions to be made now for sure.

  35. Don’t follow Vikings closely. From afar though, it appears he is quick to point fingers and not inclusive. He had enough time. Depending on them losing folks to free agency, it would be a good idea to bring in a new coach to include him in some decisions rather than waiting a season too late. Vikings fans will know better though.

  36. jets843 says:
    December 31, 2018 at 12:13 pm
    Big Mistake. Zimmer’s next move will be to put Cousins on notice, they need to bring in another QB to push that $84 million man.


    Cousins has 84 million reasons not to care if they bring in a QB. Who cares if he loses the starting job. He still gets his money. And if Vikings release him? Still get his money and can still be a starter elsewhere on a QB hungry team.

    What they should do is bring in coaches who can improve their big investment.

  37. Something tells me McCarthy sits out, let’s the Packers pay him this year, and waits for a shot at a Pittsburgh or Minnesota opening next year.

  38. Good. Glad they are both staying, and I hope they give Stefanski the reigns too. This is a three year marriage for all the principals involved. That said, I think it’s time for a new STC, or they need to hire like a kicking game coordinator or something like that.

  39. I am so confused as to why people thinks Zimmer is a coach who will take this team to a SB. He is a good coach, if every other year you want to make the playoffs but not do much in them, to include a miracle needed to win. Look at Pederson, SB winner and in the playoffs again, within a few years with a team that was considered to be on a rebuild.

  40. I will admit I was wrong for wanting to keep him if Zimmer doesn’t work out next year. And I can count on all you people calling for his head to do the same if he has a great year right? If we want someone gone, I would be happy to see Priefer go. We had to cut Carlson and Oakland fixes a minor issue with his footwork/ steps. now he is killing it. We spent a 5th round pick on him. I don’t think we have anyone on staff who can coach a kicker. I think that is why our kicking sends chills up and down our spines.

  41. The Vikings couldn’t compete because of the offensive line was a mess.They got physically manhandled at times this year. Make the necessary upgrades and take another run at it next year. I don’t think you put that on Zimmer.

  42. Imagine investing 84 million dollars to realize what even a casual fan knows… Cousins is the biggest scam in the league.

  43. Cousins is a very good, not great QB, who with the right weapons can get them to a SB.


    When you’re being paid as if you’re one of the best QBs in the league, you better make the players around you better. The Vikings found out that Cousins isn’t worth the money. $84 million and he needs to be propped up and have everything go perfectly.

  44. I love all the Packer fans saying this is great news for them. Seriously, you just lost to Detroit 31-0. You really have bigger things than this to worry about to help your team.

  45. I have said for the last 3 year Preifer needs to go. Special Teams are not very good.
    The Saints almost beat the Vikings in the playoffs because of a blocked punt. Every time the punter punts he has pressure with players around his feet. The rookie kicker case is enough to get him fired alone. The guy is terrible and I hope they get rid of him. I certainly don’t want him considered as the next HC of the Vikings.I would rather have Stefanski.

  46. I, for one, Vike that decision.

    Spielman has one common denominator in his two GM jobs, he couldn’t pick a QB to save his life. It cost him the job in Miami and come next year, it should (if common sense prevails) cost him his job in Minnesota.

    Zimmer is running out of OC’s to throw under the bus. He is a perfect example of the Peter Principle, a great DC but a lousy head coach. Instead of leading his team, he is constantly looking for others to blame. I hope the Vikings keep him for the next 10 years, they wouldn’t be a threat to win it all. 57 years and counting.

  47. Ignorant Leftist says:
    December 31, 2018 at 12:26 pm

    Spielman continues to get a pass year after year despite many failures in player acquisitions and draft.
    Not sure if you can argue with the roster Rick put together. They have plenty of talent on this roster, they just need to improve their offensive line.

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