Raiders interviewed Marc Ross, Trey Brown for G.M. role

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Yes, the Raiders complied with the Rooney Rule in their search for a new General Manager — much in the same way they did in their coaching search last year.

Before the decision to add NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock as Jon Gruden’s sidekick-as-long-as-things-go-well, the Raiders did conduct a round of interviews to comply with the league’s guidelines which are supposed to create opportunities for minority candidates.

A league source tells PFT one was with former Giants college scouting director Marc Ross, who has gotten a number of G.M. interviews over the years, but was fired when Dave Gettleman took over in New York.

Also,’s Dan Graziano adds that former Eagles personnel man Trey Brown also interviewed for the post. Brown is currently working for the Birmingham team in the Alliance of American Football. Former Giants G.M. Jerry Reese turned down the opportunity to interview for the job.

To run the risk of putting too fine a point on it, there was never any chance either of these two were ever getting the job, in the same way that Tee Martin and Bobby Johnson weren’t actual candidates for the coach opening last year (which wasn’t really open until Gruden accepted it).

Of course, owner Mark Davis has already declared himself immune from the rule, to the extent that he was involved in the process at all. And the league was totally satisfied with last year’s process, in which a college coordinator and a tight ends coach were the candidates for a job that included a $100 million contract.

As the number of minority coaches and personnel men shrink in the NFL, the league continues to have a problem creating a pipeline of valid candidates, and fostering their growth. Until that happens, sending guys in for pro forma interviews only serves to make teams feel good about participating in a bad process.

23 responses to “Raiders interviewed Marc Ross, Trey Brown for G.M. role

  1. Well then, get rid of the Rooney rule if it’s a not working and hire the best candidate no matter the skin color. More and more minorities are turning down interviews because they know it is a dog and pony show.

  2. Trey Brown is widely considered an up and coming star in the NFL. He was with New England and Philadelphia. Both won Super Bowls. He may be a year or 2 away, but the best guy never gets these jobs. Its all political now

  3. it’s an organization that was the first to higher a hispanic coach (flores), hired Art Shell twice, and Reggie… and lets not forget Amy Trask as a woman being put into a position that most thought wouldn’t happen.

    Let Marc Get the staff he wants right now and lets worry about the organizations who do have a problem with diversity in hiring..

  4. Not a big fan of the Rooney Rule, but criticisms of the form “He never had a chance to get hired for this job” miss the point entirely. It’s like arguing with an ump in baseball. The ump is not going to change the last call he made, but he’ll remember for next time! Rooney Rule is all about *next* time…

  5. “He looks like Jim Carey in Dum and Dummer”

    “How do you take a billionaire seriously when he has a $2 haircut?”

    You guys need some new material. The Mark Davis haircut jokes were tired ten years ago.

  6. Name one other team in NFL history with three minority hires (Tom Flores, Art Shell, Reggie McKenzie) at the Head Coach and General Manager positions.

    These attacks on the Raiders with respects to minority hirings is ridiculous.

  7. The Raiders are going to replace the emblem on the helmet with a picture of Gilda Radner! Hello Vegas

  8. As a former Raider fan I find the recent decisions and events laughable.. I thought I had seen and heard it all. Stupid decision, after stupid decision after stupid decision. This though is right up there near the top of stupid decisions. Right up there with the Jevon Walker contract. They basically hired Mel Kiper to run player personnel. Really Mike Mayock. Baaaaaa hahahahahahahaha. What a train wreck .. just a complete dumpster fire. They should have hired Condelisa Rice – they would have been media darlings overnight.

    Dumbest move so far this off-season – setting the bar of stupid at an all-time high.

  9. I wish someone would take Mark Davis to a decent barber and throw away the bowl and Flobee he’s been using. I think Chuckie has started using it too.

  10. If the Raiders keep making personnel moves like have been Las Vegas will be suing Oakland in Federal court on who has to take this team. The US Supreme Court will decide that the Raiders new home will be London.

  11. It is a 100% Raider move. It is an all or nothing hiring. They hired a guy that has no experience at all. NONE! This will end with all parties involved being fired.

  12. If I was called in for an interview only because there was a rule saying they had to interview someone with my skin color even though I don’t have a chance in hell of getting the job I would be insulted. Teams will hire who they think will be the most successful regardless of skin color. Enough of this out of date social engineering that everything is based on in today’s world.

  13. Mayock will help tremendously with the draft. He will have to learn managing the salary cap and contract negotiations but that is something that can be learned. talent evaluation is harder to learn and Mayock already has that. Looking forward to what happens this off season with the Raider’s draft and free agency.

  14. sigbouncer says:
    December 31, 2018 at 11:24 am
    Name one other team in NFL history with three minority hires (Tom Flores, Art Shell, Reggie McKenzie) at the Head Coach and General Manager positions.
    These attacks on the Raiders with respects to minority hirings is ridiculous.

    …and Hue Jackson, and Amy Trask (first women CEO). The Rooney Rule should be changed to the Al Davis Rule. The Raiders have been hiring the best person for the job, long before the NFL started caring about diversity. Al Davis was ahead of his time. The Raiders continue that same approach under Mark Davis.

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