Report: Antonio Brown missed game for disciplinary reasons, not injury


Steelers receiver Antonio Brown was inactive Sunday, but it had nothing to do with a knee injury. According to Gerry Dulac and Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pro Bowler’s absence came in the wake of a heated dispute with a teammate that led to him missing practice last week.

Per the newspaper, Brown and a teammate got into it during Wednesday’s walk-through, and the receiver threw a football in anger at an unnamed player. Brown missed practice the rest of the week, which was his decision and not the team’s.

Brown attended the game, expecting to play, but left at halftime.

Brown played in Week 16 against the Saints despite missing a mandatory morning meeting the week of that game.

One player told the Post-Gazette the situation was “embarrassing” and “the worst I’ve seen” with the way it was handled.

Brown missed practice Wednesday with what the Steelers called a coach’s decision. The team added a knee injury when Brown didn’t practice Thursday, and coach Mike Tomlin told reporters Friday that the wideout was undergoing tests on his knee.

Brown made 104 catches for 1,297 yards and 15 touchdowns this season, but Steelers players voted JuJu Smith-Schuster team MVP last week.

83 responses to “Report: Antonio Brown missed game for disciplinary reasons, not injury

  1. If there is not something the matter in this organization – then I am a monkey’s uncle. This is not only now but has occured for at least as long as Mike has been the HC.

  2. He’s always gonna get chances because he’s so good, but he needs to chill with all of this prima donna BS. Seems like his days as a Steeler are numbered.

  3. Why does this type of toxic drama always surround the Steelers? It just never ends. Hopefully now that they’re out of the playoffs, they’ll go away for a while.

  4. Sigh … I doubt any player on the Steelers roster trains as hard as AB. He’s a real workhorse and it shows in his game. But whether it’s ego or immaturity, he creates far too much drama. Wish more players would emulate guys like John Stallworth and Jerry Rice: Train like crazy; keep your mouth shut; and after scoring, hand the ball to the ref and leave the field with dignity.

  5. So, the team lied on the injury report, so they will be in trouble with the NFL office. Right Mr. Roger “Integrity of the Game” Goodell?

  6. I think the team MVP is a very bad concept during the season. Not sure whose program it is, but, it always has this popularity dimension, the snubs, and the unnecessary declaration by teammates.

    Hard to imagine JUJU being voted MVP by the teammates is not a root cause in all this crap…

  7. Well they did beat the Patriots so there’s that… Oh wait the Patriots are the number 2 seed oops!

  8. Trade Antonio.
    Trade Tomlin.
    Promote Munchak to HC
    Keep Fichtner as OC
    Fire Butler and bring in Chuck Pagano.
    Fire Danny Smith.
    Be smart about it Mr. Rooney. You can maintain offensive stability, which was not the issue this year. Bring in a proven defensive mind who runs the 3-4. Work on the ST issues which have plagued the team under Tomlin and get some draft capital to go with the cap room you have going into 2019.

  9. Tomlin has ZERO control of this team.
    Whatever he permits, will happen.
    This isn’t the first player or time something like this has happened.
    Players are running the show there. Doing whatever they want.

  10. Went to college with this guy and had about 10 interactions with AB. In every interaction, he came off as an arrogant jerk. Tigers don’t change their stripes. AB is the new Terell Owens of the NFL. Steelers should cut the bum. Juju has much more upside and actually appears to be a humble and decent person.

  11. They started to allow players to celebrate TD’s, then it turned into a bunch of guys running into the end zone every time someone makes a good play. Now guys like Antonio Brown think it’s ok to act like a clown. These guys are still young kids. They really thrive when they’re forced to be responsible. Some of these guys don’t have a lot of self-control, so they really need to be controlled by others. When they think the league is going to let them go wild, they do. Expect more of this crap.

  12. He knows JuJu is knocking on the door. He should stop believing his own hype and just shut up and play. Dude is great when he wants to be.

  13. indiapalealeblog says:
    December 31, 2018 at 4:24 pm
    Brown got paid, why is he acting up?
    Ask OBJ Too, they’re just “ME” guys.

  14. I stopped rooting for him with his Facebook incident in the locker room, that’s when it was obvious to me he was 100% about himself.

    Oh well.

  15. If true, somebody needs to sit AB down and straighten him out. Too many instances of childishness by him this year alone. Frankly I wasn’t happy seeing him in a fur coat instead of team gear on the sideline. Somebody needs to set some limits for the prima donnas on this team, and if Tomlin can’t do it get someone that can. Tomlin is too buddy buddy with the players. Very disappointing season, major underachievement.

  16. Here is my guess …. his teammates got fed up with his BS, diva, look at me type attitude. They voted Juju the team MVP and arguably, either one could’ve won it. Brown, being the little brat he is, threw a hissy fit, and said something at practice. Someone rightly called him out and he lost it. Then he shows up on the injury report and doesn’t play. It NEVER ends with this team and I for one, hold the head coach responsible for allowing this culture of ‘me first’ to fester amongst this club. If things do not improve, they will get lapped next year by the Ravens and Browns.

  17. Sounds like the same guy that complained after getting 20 targets in a game….oh wait it is….his time in the Steel city is coming to a end….I just hope they leave Tomlin as coach for next 20 years!!!!

  18. Fighting for your playoff lives and you get into a fight with a team mate and throw a football at him. Awesome!

  19. “but Steelers players voted JuJu Smith-Schuster team MVP last week.“

    I think this might have something to do with it. But honestly Shuster has earned it. I have spent a lot of this season wondering if he had replaced Brown as the Steelwrs best receiver. A lot of guys have said Im wrong citing how Good Brown is. But even if I agree with them how good Abrown is Imstill cant help wondering if Shuster is better. It seemed like every time they absolutely positively needed a catch it would be Schuster that got it for them.

  20. pittspuke7 says:
    December 31, 2018 at 4:26 pm
    Well they did beat the Patriots so there’s that… Oh wait the Patriots are the number 2 seed oops!

    No there is still that. And without much else to chose from thats going to have to serve as the trophy for the season.

  21. sigbouncer says:
    December 31, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    That teammate was Big Ben.


    However, multiple sources told Kinkhabwala that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Brown had “a little bit of a disagreement” during last Wednesday’s walkthrough. The drama intensified amid Brown being designated as questionable on Friday’s injury report.

  22. He is done in Pittsburgh unless Tomlin steps in and plays down the law. Unlikely he will. Maybe they both should go. I wondered when the team MVP came out if he would be a baby about it.

  23. Punk, always has been, always will be. Would’ve been sent packing a long time ago but Tomlin is of the same ilk. Those two deserve each other.

  24. Sounds like a terrific guy. He’s only this way because Mike Tomlin has enabled that sort of attitude. It’s a little late for him to act like he’s in control of the team. He’s like a hall monitor. He just stands around and watches but does nothing.

  25. I laugh at people who think Bell or Brown would be Pats. If I were a Steelers fan I’d be glad Bell is going and I’d want Brown right behind him. Problem with Steelers FO is they don’t get rid of these cancers until it’s too late and then they end up with little or nothing at all.

  26. ninetysixer says:
    December 31, 2018 at 4:20 pm
    great, Antonio Brown, John Brown and Leveon Bell will all be on the Patriots in 2019

    All three would need to considerably lower their salary demands, life half, and undergo a complete personality change before Belichick would even bother talking to them. In other words…aint gonna happen.

  27. If the story is true, Tomlin benched him. Kept it on down low with injury story. But … benched him. Last game of the season.

    Antonio will have some deciding to do. Is he made at Ben. Mad at JuJu. Mad at all the guys on the team that voted MVP for someone other than him.

    Tomlin did his job. Unless he is behind this idiotic in season MVP vote that is bound to create problems. Then he is also a donkey.

  28. sigbouncer says:
    December 31, 2018 at 4:37 pm

    That teammate was Big Ben.


    CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora reports Antonio Brown’s “heated dispute” was with Ben Roethlisberger, resulting in Brown’s Week 17 inactivity. This report was echoed by The Athletic’s Mark Kaboly. The football Brown allegedly threw “at a teammate” was directed at Roethlisberger.

  29. Typically, the Steelers DO get rid of guys like this. Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, etc. Letting Bell walk…AB is an incredible talent, but he needs a grown-up to read him the riot act I think or he could end up in somewhere else on a team that has no chance

  30. Loyalty is one thing but there are times when it seems Rooney is just a bit too forgiving. There is no acceptable excuse for the Steelers collapse but there seems to be a few reasons and they lead back to Tomlin, it’s his job to oversee the sandbox.

  31. The biggest problem I see in Pittsburgh is a severe lack of discipline. Some of that falls on the coach and his staff but realistically it’s the NFL, the coach can only do so much to discipline players–the front office is the one that polices the roster by making necessary changes in personnel.

  32. The 2018 Steelers have to be one of the biggest disappointments/waste of talent in the history of the modern NFL.

  33. Tomlinson(Players coach….lol) seems to breed this attitude among his star players. See Mike Wallace, Leveon Bell and apparently Antonio Brown.

    Once upon a time, the Steelers ACTUALLY had players that represented the blue collar spirit of the city under Noll and Cowher. They were able to corral all kinds of personalities, the players worked hard and actually won when in mattered.

  34. The Steelers have created a Diva mentality, and they will go nowhere as long as that remains. I hope Brown is gone next year. If there is one thing the Steelers know how to do, it’s draft WRs. Further, as a lifelong fan, this embarrassing BS has got to stop.

  35. This franchise has become beyond laughable, though I’ve gotta give AB props for paying tribute to Broadway Joe on the sidelines yesterday. No wonder drool boy is their #1 fan.

  36. The real concern here in Pittsburgh is whether or not AB’s selfishness/childish behavior has or will infect JuJu at some point. Also, at what point will someone in management be held accountable for all of the tirades, lack of discipline, lack of focus against bad teams, that occur with this team on a nearly weekly basis. Yeah, I am looking at you, Tomlin.

  37. It’s amazing how Pittsburgh went from one of the strongest locker rooms in the league with Bettis, Hines, Harrison, Troy and others to a circus with clowns like Antonio and Leveon.. Cowher would have got rid of all those bums

  38. ndiapalealeblog says:
    December 31, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    Brown got paid, why is he acting up?


    Because JuJu is nipping at his heels as the next great Steeler WR. Instead of embracing it,Brown is jealous of it.

  39. Time for each NFL team to boot all miscreants and to demand professional conduct from grown men being paid big money. And let the collusion lawsuits fly. I want these jerks gone forever – sick of their antics.

  40. How can Tomlin do anything when the obnoxious fan base calls all the shots?Cross them and they pelt you with food. Even worse if you’re pregnant. They try to strangle you.

  41. WHY would you have the team vote for their own MVP when the season is not over and the next game determines your playoff life? Not to mention that they not only had to win that game,but pray for the Ravens to lose theirs? Tomlin KNOWS he’s got loose cannons on that team. Team MVP,as they are facing elimination? Plenty of people and factors are to blame here,but it looks like the Steelers are imploding. Brown started acting out the second that they drafted JuJu. Jealousy.

  42. The smart thing to do would have been to suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. That way it is public (just like he prefers) and he loses money for his stupid and unprofessional behavior. I would get rid of him as soon as possible. Talent is worthless when the personality negatively affects the rest of the team and fan base.

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