Report: Raiders hire Mike Mayock as G.M.

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The Raiders have a new G.M., and NFL Network needs a new lead draft analyst.

Mike Mayock will be the next General Manager of the Raiders, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports. The announcement could come as soon as today.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden has been friendly with Mayock for years, and they have mutual respect from both having worked as television analysts.

Still, it’s a surprising decision to hire Mayock, who has no experience running an NFL front office, to be in charge of the draft room. Just because Mayock is good at talking about the draft on TV, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s good at making the decisions on draft day.

Of course, Mayock won’t actually be the one making the final decisions. Gruden will surely have final say, and Gruden may have wanted a G.M. who has no experience getting final say because Gruden wants it to be clear who’s in charge.

The Raiders have three first-round picks in 2019, and two first-round picks in 2020. Gruden and Mayock will need to use them wisely.

102 responses to “Report: Raiders hire Mike Mayock as G.M.

  1. The Raiders can’t do anything right. They are taking over for the Browns as the NFL’s punchline.

  2. I love Mike and wish him only the best but the thought of working under Gruden makes me queasy

  3. “Yes, Mr. Gruden, I completely agree. Thank you for letting me sit in the draft room and play damage control by explaining how brilliant all your moves are.”

  4. Mayock’s mock draft is the only one I ever look at. The guy is a genius. Smart hire if Gruden will listen to him.

  5. I’m waiting for the Raiders to hire a someone that is good at Madden to be an offensive coordinator. Chuckie should have hired Peter King as GM. He’s paid his dues and been an analyst for many years.

  6. Mike Mayock is very knowledgeable when it comes to draft boards so there are 2 possible outcomes from this hiring:

    (1) If Gruden actually listens to Mayock then the Raiders could have some level of draft success.

    (2) If Gruden makes his own decisions then the Raiders drafts will be disasters based on Gruden’s abysmal record of draft selection in Tampa and for most of the 2018 Raiders draft class.

  7. Actually when you think about it, Gruden will have him spend every waking moment finding out every bit of information about potential picks for those draft picks they have so they dont miss and take the wrong people. It isn’t a bad idea considering that is the one thing Mayock was good at.

  8. People complain about retread hires then complain about an out of the box hire. Let’s just wait and see how it works.

  9. This is awesome and a great decision. Mayock already has great relationships with players and is an above average evaluator of talent. He was way off on Tyrann Mathieu, but people miss sometimes. This is a great get.

  10. I certainly wish him a full recovery but this reminds me of the Lions’ hiring Matt Millen out of the broadcast booth. He sounded smart but everything he said came from other people in his ear. Those people dried up when he went to work for a team. He was a disaster in Detroit.

  11. A damn good move. Mayock is one of the select few who really knows how to evaluate talent. The Gruden hire was the joke, Mayock is the real deal.

    It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t been a GM before. Folks will dial-in, and he’ll dial-out, the NFL as a whole isn’t a trade crazy as baseball or even basketball.

    Working with the cap is easier than it sounds, in terms of learning the CBA and planning. He might want to hire a finance guy to help or advise, it isn’t that big a deal as some make it sound. Finance and planning are easy, it’s the talent evaluation that is the valued skill set in this position.

  12. The great thing about moving to Vegas is that the Raiders can be awful for a long time till the honeymoon is over. And it looks like the Raiders will be awful for a long time.

  13. I LOVED Mike Mayock as an announcer.

    And I LOVE entertainment.
    Marc Davis has provided us with plenty of entertainment , paid out of his own pocket and I applaud that.
    A fool and Daddys Money are soon parted.
    Let him spread the wealth around.

  14. Great move, and to the window lickers above, Mayock has a background in scouting so this is not some talking head hire but a hire of an actual football mind.

  15. It’s not a bad hire although it will be bashed. Realistically look at it as hiring him as an assistant gm and as stated he and Gruden have mutual respect and admiration so there will be 1 clear vision. Say what you want about Gruden but if he is going to run the organization it seems smart to have 1 vision rather than 2 where you end up with turmoil.

  16. Pretty predictable that a lot of people who praised the John Lynch hire are panning the Mike Mayock hire. Mayock has spent years immersed in personnel and film study while Lynch was a color analyst.

  17. The 49ers hired John Lynch as GM…that may have worked for them (remains to be seen).

    Really, though, the Raiders need a fall guy in case Gruden has personnel issues. They gave Gruden a monster contract, they’re not going to fire him anytime soon. This gives someone besides Chucky to take the blame.

  18. Are you kidding me? What does Mike Mayock know about logistics when it comes to all the other things involved in being a “General” manager. Good luck with armature hour in Vegas.

  19. I remember Mike Mayock raving about Khalil Mack as the best player in the 2014 Draft. He’s always been a great analyst he was never just a talking head. This is a great hire for Oakland.

    Now Gruden needs to get rid of Tom Cable so he can have competent O Line play, draft Haskins and hit on a few draft picks and he’ll turn things around.

  20. Could be an awesome hire. No “Real” G.M. was going to take this gig, let’s keep it real. Mayock is one of the best at evaluating talent. I like it that he was a former nfl player. Yes he had misses, but who doesn’t. As long as he has more hits than misses, the Raiders will be in good shape.

  21. For people comparing this to John Lynch and Matt Millen they are missing that Mayock has been immersed in scouting for a long time now. He doesn’t just rely on other people’s reports. Lynch and Millen were just game analysts.

  22. The Raiders GM is basically the head of scouting. Gruden has the final say. I just hope they bring in somebody to do contracts and work the cap because that is where Reggie McKenzie was extremely talented.

  23. I like this move. Hiring Mayock with five 1st round draft picks on the board in the next two years is a saavy move. And don’t forget how well connected Mayock is with NFL teams with respects to the draft. Now let’s get Greedy!

  24. Just because he’s never had front office experience doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t do the job so I think people need to give Mayock a chance before they start saying he’s a failure. You just never know sometimes. Matt Nagy had never been a head coach. Doug Pederson had never been a head coach. Just saying.

    Still, I was surprised at this, from Mayock’s end. Why take this job? If he does flame out can he really go back to the NFLN and work as a draft analyst? The Raiders must really be paying him a lot of money to get him to take that job. I think Mayock has done a good job as a draft analyst. Now he gets to put his money where his mouth is. If they have a good draft this year the Raiders could be in good shape next year. I’d rather have Mayock as a GM than Mike Brown (Bengals owner and GM) calling the shots.

  25. John Lynch had zero experience as a GM and didn’t evaluate players like Mayock. Herock and Razzano can now stay in their current positions.

  26. Hiring a guy that has never worked in the front office? Yeah this should work fine. Someone tell Gruden there’s more to being a GM than just the draft.

    I’ve never understood that logic. How’s a guy ever suppose to get experience if you never give a guy a chance?

  27. You say Mayock may not be good at drafting even though he talks about it on tv. Yet, you write a lot and still aren’t good at that. So, there’s that.

  28. At first thought I had the same reaction as everyone else – WTH? But then I thought about it again. They don’t need an actual GM at this point. There’s guys that can help run the front office. Gruden is practically the GM and we all know it. Mayock is basically just a scout holding a GM title who’s going to either take the heat or be glorified for Gruden’s future drafts.

  29. This is beyond fantastic! Jon Gruden is building a total bomb out there- it will either explode and completely destroy the team or…it might work! I agree with the guy above who says this is great entertainment. It’s fabulous.

    As to the John Lynch comparison- hiring a good-looking tough guy who was on TV? Nah. His first big move was landing Garopollo who’s never really played, paying him $127 million and watching him play 5 putrid games this year before getting hurt. Think Belichick knew something?

  30. It looks to be an odd hire. Isn’t there an up and coming GM assistant out there?

    However, sometimes thinking outside the box is a good thing.

    It’s a strange hire. We’ll find out by year two or three if it works.

  31. When my kids told me I was…dumbfounded. Still am. But honest answer – yeah the position is not all about the draft. But collaborating with Gruden could be good – draft analysis and football knowledge (if you believe Gruden HAS football knowledge) could be a good combination. And the other things a GM does…don’t think it requires a lot of football knowledge. It requires management and leadership skills and who knows? Maybe he has them.

    Still dumbfounded. Just presenting the Bizzaro World version.

  32. Mayock likes to stir the pot. I have a sense he was hired as a PR attack dog for dealing with the mobbish (wannabe) influences over Las Vegas city government. This could be a brilliant move.

  33. Sure it is easy to look good when your comparing mock drafts against Mel Kiper and Mcshay, but now he’ll have to contend against 31 other competent GMs to field a competitive team. Not to mention he’ll have to deal with the bizzarro doublemint combo of Gruden and Davis on a daily basis. I’m surprised Mayock left a cushy job at the network.

  34. savethebs says:
    December 31, 2018 at 8:36 am
    This is the guy who said Ryan Mallett has “first round arm talent”. Raiders are the biggest clown show in the NFL now.

    And Gruden liked Manziel and Peterman. Glad we have a new team to take over the Clown Show. I was worried it would be cancelled.

  35. It’s simple. Trade a 2nd round to swap 1st round with Arizona for Bosa. Draft Devin White, Rashaan Gary with the other 1st round picks. And top it off with NKeal Harry in the early second round.

  36. At this point I just want the Raiders to play as far away from the Bay Area as possible so I get more off the air broadcasts. Don’t want them playing in Frisco or Santa Clara. Go at least 200 miles away. May be Sacramento or San Diego or even Vegas is a good place for them.

  37. “Of course, Mayock won’t actually be the one making the final decisions. Gruden will surely have final say, and Gruden may have wanted a G.M. who has no experience getting final say because Gruden wants it to be clear who’s in charge.”


    So, in other words chuckles wanted a puppet who knows his place in the shadow of chuckles ego, and will have puppet strings dangling over his head.

  38. I always respect Mayocks evaluations of draft prospects, more so than any of the other so called draft experts. I am happy Raiders will give him an opportunity .

    Hate on Haters… Go Raiders!

  39. Nice hire. Now, let’s hire Suzy Kolber as Scouting Director and Sean McDonough as new Strength and Conditioning Coach. If I were Davis I would hire the late Pat Summerall and Michele Tafoya in the booth next year. There… I fixed the Raiders.

  40. IF this is purely for talent evaluation then it’s a good hire as he clearly knows all the college athletes inside and out – so for the purposes of building a foundation via the draft then you could do a lot worse. OBVIOUSLY, he isn’t going to be the one to negotiate contracts or handle anything from the business end

  41. Experience trumps knowledge every time. It doesn’t matter though as Gruden is not running the show, he IS the show.

  42. kabasaman says:
    December 31, 2018 at 9:40 am
    Are you kidding me? What does Mike Mayock know about logistics when it comes to all the other things involved in being a “General” manager. Good luck with armature hour in Vegas.
    Are seriously?
    Teams have accountants for that … that’s their job.

  43. @nmazzio
    The actual NFL draft isn’t one of those dumb site computerized mock drafts. There is no way White is around late 1st round. You want to trade a 2nd to move up to get Bosa but draft Neal with a 2nd rounder (he probably won’t be around but he could be) they just traded to get Bosa? Oh oh and draft Gary late in the 1st. How about being a little releastic? While don’t we draft Harrison in the 4th round while we’re at it!

  44. joetoronto says:
    December 31, 2018 at 8:39 am
    I don’t understand what’s so surprising but whatever.

    Welcome to Raider Nation, Mike.

    You don’t do you. I believe you 100% that you have no idea why this seems like a bad decision.

    This is no longer unexpected. Expect the unexpected from the Raiders. It won’t work and the circus will continue. There will be more dumbfounded looks from Raiderfans and more stupid decisions to come. Indeed Mike – Welcome to Raider Nation

  45. Mayock knows football. The guy played at BC, spent a couple years with the Giants and has been working in the college and pro game ever since. I’d much rather see some fresh blood at GM, rather than recycling a retread like a Tannenbaum or a Spielman. With 5 1st round picks in the next 2 years, it can’t hurt to have a guy that knows the draft inside and out. Well done Raiders.

  46. anyone who referenced Lakers GM as comparison – all know that LeBron is the GM. He wants the players he wants. GM there is simply errand boy with a shopping list

  47. whenwilliteverend says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:16 am
    Matt Nagy had never been a head coach. Doug Pederson had never been a head coach. Just saying.
    But these guys have actually coached. They actually have coached in the NFL. If you said Pederson and Nagy ran a Bed and Breakfast in Northern California and were now coaching an NFL team that would be closer to what is happening with this hire. Mayock has no experience running anything. This is a huge gamble. It better work, because right now this is 3 ring circus.

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