Report: Tests show bruised ribs for Nick Foles

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Eagles quarterback Nick Foles left Sunday’s win over Washington with injured ribs and said after the game that he hoped to be ready to play against the Bears in the Wild Card round, but that tests on Monday would provide more of an idea about his outlook.

The initial reports were that Foles suffered bruised ribs and Mike Garafolo of NFL Media reports that Monday’s tests have confirmed that diagnosis.

Based on those results, the expectation is that Foles will be in the lineup against the Bears on Sunday. If so, it will mark his fifth straight postseason start for the Eagles. Foles was their quarterback for a Wild Card loss to the Saints after the 2013 season before returning to the team last year and leading them to three wins and a Super Bowl title after Carson Wentz tore his ACL.

Wentz’s back injury is the reason why Foles is in the lineup this time around. Wentz has not been placed on injured reserve and the Eagles haven’t formally ruled him out of action, but there’s no sign that he’s getting a green light to return to action in time for this weekend.

29 responses to “Report: Tests show bruised ribs for Nick Foles

  1. Romo won a game with broken ribs and a punctured lung.

    Time for that legend to grow a little more, Nick! I’m a Cowboys fan but I love seeing how well Foles has done.

  2. Legends only begin in December…

    We’re from Philly
    We’re from Philly
    No one likes us
    We don’t care
    We’re from Philly
    We’re from Philly
    No one likes us we don’t care

  3. Big deal – I have bruised ribs from swinging the refrigerator door into my side. A small price to pay for a Bud Light.

  4. Nick Foles is amazing! If I am a Hollywood screenwriter I am typing up the screenplay right now because if the Eagles make a deep playoff run or hopefully repeat as Super Bowl champions then Nick Foles’ fame will have surpassed the sports world and enter Win One for The Gipper territory!

  5. Bruised ribs will only have Mack salivating even more. The Eagles better hope Foles makes it through the entire game, otherwise they are doomed.

    The Eagles are pretty much done anyways. The Bears D and running game is going to be too much to handle. The Combo of Howard and Cohen once they get going is going to be tough to stop. Trubisky may be down a couple of receivers due to injury, but l bet Trey Burton has a monster game.

    I like Foles as a person and player, and he has done a great job getting Philly into the playoffs, but now it is a different atmosphere. Philly’s D is struggling, the Bears D is dominant, and it will be very evident this weekend as to who the better team is.

    The paper Champ Eagles get stomped in Chi town. Book it!

  6. eagles are a horrible sb defending champ

    .500 team in a pathetic division


    comes crashing down hard

    Are you seriously talking about playing in a pathetic division? You are a special kind of stupid skippy

  7. jsrdc says:
    December 31, 2018 at 11:01 am

    The paper Champ Eagles get stomped in Chi town. Book it!


    Last i checked the Eagles are the reigning Superbowl champions. That deserves respect even if the Eagles lose this weekend.

    Nagy has done a great job in Chicago and that defense is legit but looking past the current opponent is how coaches end up in front of a microphone explaining how they lost a game they should’ve won.

  8. That won’t be anything compared to how he feels after the Bears game next week.


  9. my_old_name_was_offensive says:
    December 31, 2018 at 11:00 am
    Redskins took out Glass Mariota…almost took out Nick Foles…

    3 13 Rate This

    Shame your entire team was glass.

  10. Foles is a great guy! I wish he was on my team.

    You know the Bear D is going after him!

    It might be too much for Foles and the Eagles.

  11. The perfect time to meet da Bears! Hey–all the news about firings has eaten up what was an incredible day by Dak Prescott. Where are all the haters? Dak sucks, Jerrah’s an idiot, Garrett a puppet coach, one and done, blah, blah, blah. I do wonder if you football know nothings ever get tired of hearing each other’s nonsense. No way Eagles win in Chicago. No freaking way. That defense is legit and for real. Cohen is a playoff grade weapon and the team is well coached. Peterson will be going for 4th downs all day, watch. I shall enjoy this humiliation immensely. A real team defends a SB better. Like in the 90s when we won 3 out–would have been 4 but for a now famous no call on Deion.

  12. I’m a Giants fan, so absolutely no love for the Eagles. I assumed the Bears were NOT going to go 100%, because if I had my choice, I would rather play against a team with a QB who I KNOW can’t win a big game (Cousins) instead of a team with a QB I know CAN win the big game (Foles). Plus weather will not be a factor for Philly, whereas it has a pretty good chance of affecting a dome team.

    Should be a great game, evenly matched. I can see it going either way with a 3 point margin.

  13. Bears had to go 100%, because they don’t have any playoff experience. They won a game they needed to win, and should beat Philly, though I expect a more conservative gameplan than they should play.

  14. The Bears are legit. Their D is ferocious. But after years of mediocrity, the Bears fans are starting to chirp like the Viking’s fans last year and we know how that went. I think it will be a competitive game.

  15. tylawspick6 says:
    December 31, 2018 at 10:44 am
    eagles are a horrible sb defending champ

    .500 team in a pathetic division


    comes crashing down hard
    Yes that powerhouse AFC East is a real juggernaut.
    Sorry we ended your dynasty. Keep crying

  16. I understand Mack is a beast but lane johnson isnt just some chump. He shutout Mack with 0 sacks last yr. It’s no guarantee he’ll do it again but he’s proven he can keep him in check. Well see. . . .

  17. If you think Mack is lining up on Lane’s side every down, better put that tape in…Fangio moves these guys all over and doubling Mack puts Hicks 1 on 1.

    That being said; playing the Eagles is scary…winner of this game might be in the SB this year.

  18. “Wentz’s ‘back injury’ is the reason why Foles is in the lineup this time around.

    Back injury, wink wink. Right.

  19. For younger fans, the fog bowl in Chicago during the playoffs back when saw Keith Jackson an all pro tight end playing for the Eagles drop two touchdowns that afternoon.

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