Reports: Browns request interviews with Kevin Stefanski, Nick Sirianni

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The Browns have been linked to a variety of names in their head coaching search on Monday and you can add a couple more offensive coaches to the list of people under consideration.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team has requested an interview with Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski and Albert Breer of reports that they have done the same with Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni.

Stefanski was promoted to the offensive coordinator job when the Vikings fired John DeFilippo in early December and has been in the Vikings organization since 2006. The Vikings put up 68 points and won two straight games to kick off his tenure, but they managed just 164 yards in Sunday’s season-ending loss to the Bears.

Sirianni joined Frank Reich’s staff after five years on the Chargers staff and four years with the Chiefs.

16 responses to “Reports: Browns request interviews with Kevin Stefanski, Nick Sirianni

  1. They have to hire an offensive head coach since they have an “offensive” quarterback. I kid, I kid.

    Seriously, they do have to hire an offensive head coach. Teams will have plenty of tape on Mayfield. He will have to make plenty of adjustments in this upcoming season.

  2. This is so disrespectful to Gregg Williams. He won more games in 8 games them Hue Jackson won in 2 1/2 YEARS. Pitchforks and fire In Berea if the Browns mess this up. Now we have some real chemistry and they want to make changes? I can’t wrap my mind around what Haslam & Dorsey are thinking. The right thing to do is NOTHING. The food is still cooking. Don’t throw it out just because it’s not done yet. As a Browns fan I have no more hair to pull out of my head.

  3. As a Vikings fan I don’t know how to feel about losing Stefanski. I would like to see him stay on but we blocked him from interviewing last year. I don’t want to see us hold him back again. And we need 2 maybe 3 players to get our O line up to average which seems like a tall order for one year in which case we would waste his talents this year and go through this again next year. So much as I would like to see him stay, maybe best to let him interview.

  4. Stefanski was AWESOME against the Bears. 14 runs to 38 drop backs is exactly the kind of balance Zimmer was looking for, right? Who wants to hire someone who can’t listen to his boss?

    Miami had the 31st ranked run D and they were 1-7 on the road, yet people crowned Stefanski and buried DeFilippo after 1 or 2 weeks.

    That team was offensive on offense this week. The Bears gave up 30 and 31 points on the road to the Giants and Miami. DeFilippo led them to 20 points against the Bears in Chicago. 10 points at home is an absolute disgrace.

    Zimmer must be so proud of his new offense.

  5. Williams and Kitchens are on fire, and we’re looking around for something better. I agree it’s disrespectful to them. Williams is a Super Bowl winning DC. Give them a FULL YEAR DORSEY. THEY EARNED IT!!!

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