Ben Roethlisberger: If Antonio Brown blew up, I didn’t see it

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Monday brought a report that Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown got into a dispute with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger at last Wednesday’s walkthrough before missing practice the next two days and sitting out the season-ending win over the Bengals.

Those absences were chalked up to a knee injury, but Monday’s revelations included indications that Brown didn’t play as a disciplinary measure. Roethlisberger made his weekly appearance on 93.7 The Fan on Wednesday morning and said that he neither has an issue with Brown nor is he aware of a blowup that led the wideout to skip the next two days of practice.

Roethlisberger said if Brown did blow up, he “sure didn’t see it” and that he spoke to Brown on Thursday morning. Roethlisberger said “everything was great” at that point before adding that he understands the frustration created by his absences and silence later in the week.

“I called and texted and reached out numerous times and tried to find out what going on, but I really couldn’t get any answers,” Roethlisberger said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

The quarterback added that he hopes Brown remains with the team and called the wideout “one of my best friends on the team.” Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is set to hold a press conference on Wednesday and whatever happened with Brown last week is sure to be a major topic of interest.

48 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger: If Antonio Brown blew up, I didn’t see it

  1. I TOLD YA.

    It was obvious that antonia brown was a problem
    way before he started saying “me-me” with his expensive,
    customized cleats celebrating convicted felons.

    Let me put it this way: antonio brown is from Miami (like chad)
    and receivers of this generation want to be chad ochojohnson.

    The reason Carson Palmer retired (before being traded to Oakland)
    was due to chad johnson’s me-first act and constant locker room distraction.

  2. Nothing wrong in Pittsburg. Big Ben, Bell, Brown, Tomlin, everythings fine. That’s why your HOF QB and your All Pro receivers are home watching the playoffs.

  3. The Steelers continue to be a classy organization, from their HOF owners to their HOF QB. That’s why they’ve been winning over the last 4 decades at a pace like no other NFL franchise. People like to kick someone when they appear to be down. I guess that’s just one of those human weaknesses. As soon as Belichick loses a game, the vultures take notice. I guess tearing down successful people somehow makes some folks feel better about themselves.

  4. No, Carson wanted out of Cincy because he didn’t believe Mike Brown cared about winning.

  5. Well considering it took Mike Brown 16 years to fire Marvin Lewis I’d say Palmer was right

  6. I guess those 3 were really called Bees because they’ve noisily bumbled through their careers.

  7. Players getting angry at teammates or coaches is not a big deal, I am sure it happens every week, if not every day, on every team in the NFL. Anger happens and mature people generally get over it; whether or not Brown falls into that mature category is a different matter.

    What is a big deal is a player deciding not to show up for meetings or practices because he is angry, and the team lying about why is that player is not playing in an important game.

  8. What Roethlisberger did see was his nice pick-6 against the Bengals, the three interceptions against the Browns, the three interceptions against the Jaguars, his two interceptions against the Patriots, the interception in the end-zone on the final play against the Broncos, losing to a 4-12 Raiders team, and he got to watch the Browns lose to the Ravens on the big screen to miss out on a chance of making the playoffs.

  9. So at this point 90% of this could be a media fabricated story.
    Take for example the audio quotes NFL Gameday put together for Sunday morning. They spliced a Roethlisberger quote about AB together with Roethlisberger talking about James Washington and created an audio track that made it sound like Ben was calling out AB on something. They literally fabricated audio to stir up controversy. This was called out on twitter and they never even responded to it.
    Honestly the media is so untrustworthy it’s not even funny anymore.

  10. “Ben Roethlisberger: If Antonio Brown blew up, I didn’t see it”


    Well, Ben is starting to look like Sgt. Schultz.

  11. I see this as no big deal. Art Rooney really needs to concentrate on getting better LBS and secondary, demoting keith butler, and talking to the league about doing something once again about the refs who continually cost teams games who can’t get pass interference calls right.

  12. Steelers’ fans are in for a long, painful year. This scandal isn’t going away and Little Ben had better stop talking and get a lawyer.

  13. Have any of the reports of the incident been corroborated by any official memeber of the steeler organization? Has anyone even acknowledged that such an incident or anything remotely resembling what was described to have happend? If it was an open practice and visible to media members than how come it was not reported until Monday? I ask these questions because I have not been provided enough information to form any type of opinion that otherwise would not be viewed as conjecture.

  14. Something is definitely splitting that locker room apart in Pittsburgh time for them to clean house fire Tomlin, trade AB, and get a secondary otherwise their window is completely shut.

  15. I’m no lawyer but at what point does a contracted employee’s behavior violate good-faith provisions in a contract? I see this ending up in court.

  16. As a Ravens fan I could not be happier to see this team decend into a disfunctional franchise. Ben retiring now or next year and getting AB out of the AFCN would be icing on the cake.

  17. I don’t care if this incident is overblown or outright fabricated, Brown is a problem. This is far from the first time he’s been a distraction, and what makes it worse, is he learns absolutely nothing from prior incidents. You know why? No repercussions. We are still waiting for the final facts on the furniture throwing incident, but as is the case with most things, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The Steelers have got to get back to what made them great, hard-nose, no nonsense football. Go out with a job to do, and do it, as a TEAM. Get rid of the primadonnas.

  18. This sounds like Ben trying to pull the company line of “everything is fine, nothing happened,” but that’s a huge problem. If all this stuff is true, the Steelers knew AB threw a tantrum over his blanky or whatever, and knew he was going to sit the game out. That’s discipline.

    But then they concoct a FAKE injury report? No sir. What needed to happen is have Tomlin announce to the media AB will not play and we know the playoffs are on the line, but the standard is the standard, yadda yadda.

    The game starts, and a TV camera is in AB’s face the whole time.

    Ben has a knack for making WRs look like super stars, I’m not worried about AB chasing more money and “respect” somewhere else (as if he wasn’t freakin’ worshipped in Pittsburgh). Play the long game. Get the RIGHT players in the building.

    Instead, Pittsburgh will probably lose a draft pick over the fake injury report (and they should), and Ben’s shaky reputation with the fan base takes another hit.

    Well played, Tomlin!!

  19. I nominate the Steelers for next year’s Hard Knocks. It would be compelling to see all the drama and to find out what’s really going on in this circus.

  20. I like watching Ben and the Steelers, don’t get me wrong. But its funny how Ben is usually so quick to throw teammates under the bus and claim that it’s a leadership quality but when there’s clearly an issue going on with arguably their best player, all of the sudden his lips are sealed. He knows he needs AB.

  21. But we know Ben doesn’t have any friends on the team. Remember when the Goodell partly based his decision to suspend Ben on none of his teammates sticking up for him?

  22. steelcurtainn says:
    January 1, 2019 at 12:41 pm
    I see this as no big deal. Art Rooney really needs to concentrate on getting better LBS and secondary, demoting keith butler, and talking to the league about doing something once again about the refs who continually cost teams games who can’t get pass interference calls right

    Really? I get it, you wanna support your team, but this cant be a good look. Your #1 rb(arguably the leagues #1 rb) is pretty much already out the door. Now your #1 wr(arguably the leagues #1 wr) is halfway out the door. But yeah, no big deal, right?

  23. Next will be the “Maybe I’ll retire. Maybe I don’t have it anymore” speech. We all know there was a heated fight between him and Brown. I would rather a “no comment” than a flat-out lie.

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