Dwayne Haskins makes his case to be the first overall pick

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Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins just made a big statement that he deserves to be the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft.

Haskins put on a sensational effort today in the Rose Bowl, throwing three touchdown passes in a win over Washington, and after that performance he may be the favorite to go first on April 25 in Nashville.

Although the 6-foot-3, 220-pound Haskins still has two years of NCAA eligibility remaining, he’s expected to turn pro. Given everything he’s accomplished this season, he has nothing more to prove in college football.

The top of this year’s draft does not have many teams that need a quarterback. The Cardinals, owners of the first pick, drafted quarterback Josh Rosen in the first round last year and are presumably out of the quarterback market this year. The 49ers at No. 2 have Jimmy Garoppolo, and the Jets at No. 3 have Sam Darnold. Are the Raiders at No. 4 ready to move on from Derek Carr? The Buccaneers at No. 5 have said they’re committed to Jameis Winston.

It’s hard to imagine the Giants at No. 6 passing on the opportunity to draft Eli Manning‘s successor. But the most likely scenario is that some team in need of a quarterback trades up to take Haskins. Probably trades up with Arizona, to take him first overall.

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  1. Pat Shurmer and the Maras think Eli has another 5 years left in him, I wouldn’t bet on them drafting a QB.

  2. buttfumbles says:
    January 1, 2019 at 8:50 pm
    Hope they never do this split screen view with NFL games.
    Just watch ESPN, not ESPN2, then you don’t have to watch the split screen view.

  3. Glad the Browns got their man before this draft. Looks to be a rough QB class if Haskins is a projected top pick. And this is coming from a Ohio State fan.

  4. He’ll lose out if he waits…because if that QB from Georgia forgoes his senior year…Both him and the party goer in Oregon will likely be drafted ahead of him…and Haskins isn’t assured success at the next level…no rookie QB is…This is Haskins’ proverbial bird in the hand…

  5. I think he has a lot of promise and will go high in the draft, but I don’t see teams giving up a lot of future capital to move up and get him in the top 3.

    That’ll be happening next year (Tua, Herbert, Fromm) and 2021 (Lawrence).

  6. If Arizona trades back anyone moving up to number one needs to be trading for Bosa. Hes the best player in the draft and any GM passing him up will definitely be feeling the heat later on, this guy is can’t miss

  7. This kid is the real deal. Watched him all year, don’t know what you naysayers been watching. Def, not him.

  8. Not sure what game people were watching but Haskins was awful. Completely quit trying in the second half and almost led Ohio State to the biggest collapse in school history. The body language was terrible.

  9. This guy will be a bust. At best a sixth round pick in last years draft. Rosen, Allen, Darnold, are future all pros. Any team picking this clown higher than a fourth is wasting their pick.

  10. Always be yourself, unless you can be the #1 overall NFL draft pick…then be the #1 NFL draft pick.
    He may not even be the #1 QB picked if he waits another year. He is big enough to play in the NFL and that is where he will learn how to be an NFL QB. Also, No Urban next year, he could get hurt and going a year early will give him more time and lower expectations in his first year.

  11. Last OSU QB to start more than 17 games at QB in NFL? Answer: Tomczak ’84. Yikes.

    *Kent Graham ’91 had more than 17 starts but split his college career at ND and OSU.

  12. The dude isn’t a 1st round caliber talent much less #1 overall caliber talent. At best we are talking a 4th round project from a program that churns out dime a dozen gimmick QB’s like a factory.

  13. It’s going to take a ton of picks to get up to #1, and you already know that #1-#4 don’t need a QB. Doubt if anyone mortgages the farm this year for a QB. The Giants should stay put.

  14. Not even the top player from Ohio State this year. Yes, I’d even take that quitter Bosa over him.

  15. No way. He’s a more polished version of Cardele Jones for sure but number 1, nah. 2nd / 3rd round at best. I would drug test the GM who drafts him any higher.

  16. We’re trading our 6th and some of the excess we got this year for Rosen. AZ will take Haskins.

  17. QB’s will always get over drafted and this is a lean year for QB’s coming out. The draft is always interesting.

  18. So 50 TD and 4800+ yards in 14 games don’t impress y’all? Exactly what would? Kid is smart, developed remarkably through the year, put up those stats?
    Once again this discussion has a very interesting complexion to it…

  19. I love Ohio State but didn’t exactly view that as an impressive game on Haskins part today. He missed on a couple of passes and often held the ball too long.

  20. Everyone always loves to have a good chuckle about USC quarterbacks in the NFL. When are we going to start talking about Ohio State QBs in the NFL?

    Cardale Jones
    JT Barrett
    Braxton Miller
    Troy Smith
    Terrelle Pryor
    Mike Tomczak
    Bobby Hoying
    Joe Germaine

    I mean seriously.

  21. Haskins is a surefire bust. Has it written all over him. Any team that drafts him above the third round is foolish.

  22. “Given everything he’s accomplished this season, he has nothing more to prove in college football.”

    Well, except for proving he’s not just a one-season wonder. Since when does only one season of starting duty leave anyone with nothing more to prove?

    Best wishes to this kid, but a small sample size is a small sample size.

  23. In an ideal world, Haskins gets the Aaron Rodgers treatment and goes to a team with an old, but great, QB. Sit and learn for 2 years. Get that graduate-level education in quarterbacking from an Eli or Brady or Brees.

    I think Haskins could be anything from good to a flop if he had to start next year. But if he had time to sit and learn, at least one full season, then I think Haskins could be an MVP candidate. His arm is that good. He has the capacity to do it. He’s just not there yet. But you can’t turn down 1st round money, so hopefully he goes somewhere with some patience.

  24. The Giants should only draft him if he is there at 6 (cant trade up and throw away picks) AND he is the best player on the board when they pick. 2020 is ideally when you draft a QB high. Eli is good for another year assuming the Giants fix the o-line (C, RG, RT).

  25. Did he? Woefully inaccurate in the 2nd half of the Rose Bowls. Missed a lot of easy throws.

    A lot of great QB’s coming out next year. P

  26. I haven’t seen much on Haskins. Watched one OSU game all season. His stats are good. OSU won a lot of games. Time will tell if he is an NFL quarterback or not. It seems to be a coin flip as to whether a college player at the quarterback position makes the transition.

  27. At this time a couple years ago, Carson Wentz was being projected as a 2nd or 3rd rounder. Baker Mayfield moved to the top of some lists very late in the process. Once the NFL season comes to an end and the top decision makers start looking at the QB’s, the order changes dramatically. I doubt there’s a consensus #1 QB this year. Some teams might have Haskins rated as a 5th rounder. Others might have him #1 overall.

  28. I like Haskins, and I think he has a lot of upside. He’s definitely a first round talent. That said, one game shouldn’t make him the number one pick.

  29. Big Ten didn’t seem like it had a banner year. He just seems like a classically overrated QB, because there’s not much else. People were yelping about Jones from Duke. Any QB that loses to Wake Forest by about 50…these are the “top” of the QB class. If I were a team like the Jags, I’d rather take Foles on a 2-3 year contract than one of these QBs.

  30. Hopefully he goes to a team for which he can sit and learn for half a season or a full season. He’s still a young kid.

  31. Watch for the vikes to make a move on him. They’ll probably try to package Cousins along with this year and next year’s #1’s to get him.

  32. Haskins throws the long ball as well as any college QB i have seen. Even in coverage he puts the ball were his guy can catch it an the DB can’t

  33. raideralex99 says:
    January 2, 2019 at 1:27 am
    QBs who leave early to entry the draft are always BUSTS!

    Aaron Rodgers?
    Andrew Luck?
    Cam Newton?
    Matt Stafford?

  34. I don’t get all the hate for this guy. Folks say he hasn’t done much, but he threw for 50TD’s and 4800 yards.

    Last year a guy went 7th overall who lacked accuracy, lost every game he ever played against a good team and barely threw for 150 yards per game – but he went 7th overall!?

    Haskins is 100x the QB Allen was coming out of College. And he actually played against elite competition – and won.

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