Jay Gruden doesn’t know if he’s safe or not


Jay Gruden wasn’t fired yesterday. But he works in Washington, where no one other than Dan Snyder (and apparently Bruce Allen) should ever feel truly safe.

So after a 6-3 start turned into a 7-9 finish, Gruden wasn’t taking anything for granted.

I really don’t know why I’m up here, to be honest with you,” Gruden said at a season-ending press conference yesterday, via Les Carpenter of the Washington Post.

When he talked to reporters, he had yet to talk to Snyder or Allen about his future.

“I’m just waiting by the phone,” Gruden said of his meeting. “And when I get the call, I’ll go.”

He wasn’t one of the usual suspects when discussions of soon-to-be-fired coaches started in recent weeks. Then again, he’s 35-44-1 in five seasons, and lost his only playoff game (which doesn’t make him unique in that franchise’s history). He also presided over a small-bore mutiny, cutting safety D.J. Swearinger late in the season after he disparaged the coaching staff. There was also the small matter of his quarterback position being a mess, after Alex Smith and Colt McCoy broke their legs.

So when Gruden talked, he kept using phrases like “if I’m still here” or “once I get the word.”

“If I’m fortunate enough to be here, I feel good about the nucleus of the players that we have,” Gruden said. “We have to adjust some things without a doubt; when you’re 7-9, with injuries or not, it’s not good enough for this franchise. I know Mr. Snyder demands greatness from his staff and his players, and we didn’t do enough this year, so we have to figure out ways to get better. From the coaching staff standpoint first and then from a players standpoint.”

And since he works for Dan Snyder, being forced to stand up and talk about decisions he doesn’t make or even know yet seems par for the course.

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  1. Firing Gruden would be a very unwise move. If the Redskins do so, they’ll be picking last of the head coach openings and are likely to be stuck with Jim Zorn 2.

  2. What a clown show they’ve had in DC for so long. Please, please fire this guy and hire Marv Lewis, that would be the perfect encore.

  3. Can you believe this franchise was once a cornerstone of a multi billion dollar industry? Nothing but a train wreck of a clown show since little Danny inserted himself into the cast. Please, please bring Marv Lewis aboard and have him take over when brother of Chucky is fired. Could there be a more fitting next act?

  4. From the top down we are not structured for success. Until Synder sees that for himself we will not succeed as an organization. We need to find a real football GM rather that person is in house (probably not) or find the next up and comer, allow him to select his coach as Gruden has simply run his course rather it was not all his fault or not. Also we need to take a hard hard look at strength and conditioning if some how we stay status quo with no change because we have consistently sustained a injury riddled roster over the last few years.

  5. last 3 years, Redskins have led the league in injuries. Not an excuse, but a fact. Bruce Allen has not done a good job as GM, draft and free agent signings. Allen should go, give Gruden a chance with a healthy team.

  6. A competent organization would never leave an employee hanging out like this. They’d let the employee know right away what his status was, even if the status was we’re in a one week evaluation mode. Of course no one will ever accuse the Redskins of being competent.

    The owner needs to fire Bruce Allen immediately. Then, hire a competent GM and let him determine Gruden’s status. Snyder keeps Allen because Allen will enforce Snyder’s whims without debate. Allen is a willing minion. Snyder needs a solid football exec who will tell him in no uncertain terms when his ideas are harmful to the team.

  7. I’m not a Redskins fan, but I have an in-law who is (and he is extremely envious of the team I root for in New England)-but I always liked the Joe Gibbs teams of years gone by and would love to seek the Skins turn it around. Get rid of Bruce Allen-like his Dad, he never won a damn thing. Snyder needs to hire someone who knows what they are doing to run the show.

  8. While he deserves to be safe after the 5-2 start, which fell apart because of injuries, I dont think he is. The fans have been abandoning ship, you can see it in the stands. Dan will have to do something to create some buzz.

  9. I heard a rumor that Snyder wants to hire Nick Saban to run the show. While it would create buzz, I would be weary. Saban’s tenure with the Dolphins wasn’t exactly stellar.

  10. I’m SHOCKED that this Coach gets another chance while 8 lose their jobs . How many more excuses and chances ? I’m loyal Redskins fan for over 40 years and this dysfunction has spread from the front office to the field ! There are coaches available for hire now but the Skins will lose out on a possible great hire for the same 5 yards a pass offense. HIT THE RESET BUTTON !!!

  11. As bad as I want a new G.M. and Head Coach in my opinion Allen will stay as the ” ” YES MAN ” and Gruden will stay at least 1 more year because his contract was guaranteed . He has 10 million left on contract . Snyder’s going to get his money’s worth. But then again sometimes you don’t get what you pay for .

  12. Nor sure what any coach could have done after losing both their first and second string QBs to broken legs. That kills the season for pretty much everyone. If they were going to fire him because they don’t think he was a good coach over the coarse of his entire tenure, fine. But if it’s for the last half season, that’s just silly.

  13. I loathe every foot of ground that Chubbs Gruden walks.

    He is a pathetic, weak, spineless jerk who has created training camps that cause his players to be injured during the season. His team is filled with spineless snowflakes who can’t take or stand the heat.

    However, with that said, he manages to keep his team together even as he does everything that he can to shoot himself in the foot.

    Washington has to determine whether the known incompetent fool that they have who comes up with near .500 seasons is worth firing to discover bigger fools who will no doubt do worse than him.

    He is the reason this team will never be strong. And he is the reason this team melts on a physical level throughout the season. We’ve seen the results of his low contact training camps and his waifes can’t take being hit by men.

  14. The spin of this team being good and ready to win the division is based on sad facts. They padded their early start by beating worse teams and melting any time they played competent competition. Their QB was a coward – he never led – he never was a strong player. He perfected not making mistakes. But he never led his team when they were down. And his pathetic 20 points per game were based on his putrid 1 passing touchdown per game. Alice Smith was a complete bust and the money they squandered on him is now putting them in cap space hades. Cousins haters got their wish. They got someone who couldn’t do anything well other than to not risk anything. Standing on a street corner is basically what he did. And he managed to get hit by a bus.

  15. There’s a pretty decent chance that the decision has already been made to fire him but Bruce and Dan kept it to themselves so that Gruden would have go out there and do the end of year press conference instead of Bruce. It would be super petty but not the least bit surprising.

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