John Elway: Gary Kubiak’s coming back, but don’t know role yet

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In November, there was a report that the Broncos thought Gary Kubiak would consider returning to coaching as an offensive coordinator during the 2018 season and that there were potential head coaches who had him in mind as part of their staff.

Kubiak has been working in the Broncos’ personnel department and there were hints at General Manager John Elway’s Monday press conference that his return could to coaching could come in Denver. Elway said that Kubiak will be with the team in 2018 and that they are still sorting out what role he will play.

“We’ll see. We’re still in that process,” Elway said. “We still have a lot of things to go over before that, but I think it could be where it is, it could be on the offensive side [as a coach]. We’ll see what that role may be, but Gary will be around.”

When discussing what he’s looking for in a coach, Elway said he wants a coach who is “great on one side of the ball.” The names linked to the Broncos on Monday include defensive coaches like Vic Fangio and Chuck Pagano and it appears that hiring one of them could lead to Kubiak taking over the offense in Denver.

11 responses to “John Elway: Gary Kubiak’s coming back, but don’t know role yet

  1. Mysterious medical ailments that knock coaches out for years at a time before they come back randomly…Whatever that disease is Gary Kubiak and Urban Meyer both have it.

  2. It very well could be 1 of those 2. Hopefully it’s not Vic because we’d love to keep him in Chicago. It’s going to be someone who is so happy just getting another chance that accepting Elway’s handpicked OC is just something to accept. Doesn’t seem fair.

  3. Back to…. Run-Run-Incomplete-Punt… the days when oppose D’s could CALL the plays coming.

    That’s what Kubiak brings. Travesty.

    Stop the sentimental decisions and get to winning football decisions John.

  4. Come on John. Think outside the box for once. You went to Stanford for God’s sake. You sound like USC picking off of Pete Carroll’s coaching tree year after year after year. Your division is tough. You need to make some tough decisions and put your ass on the line for once.

  5. I like Kubes, and perhaps this brief break from the sidelines will reenergize him? But, the last time he was in the line of fire, his health was at risk. Like, it almost killed him.

    I’d feel better about any of these coaching candidates if we had a QB plan / strategy…which we don’t.

  6. Elway needs to be fired!! How can he make a decision like this with out even a new coach yet. Basically who ever is the new coach will be Elway’s puppet. Thanks for the last two looking years John!

  7. “Thanks John for the first back to back losing seasons since 72-73

    keep up the fine work”


    Is he supposed to hang your thank-you note next to his Lombardi trophy, or beneath your ingratitude?

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