Josh McDaniels to interview with Packers Friday

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Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels may or may not take a job. But he’s interviewing for one this weekend.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, McDaniels will meet with the Packers Friday to interview for their head coaching job.

The Patriots have the weekend off after earning a bye in the AFC playoffs, so McDaniels could ostensibly squeeze another interview in this weekend.

It’s unclear if he will, or whether he’ll go all the way with his next suitor.

His leaving the Colts at the altar last year hasn’t seemed to discourage interest in him this time, though it’s hard to imagine him being interested in some of the places with vacancies if he wasn’t interested in the Indy job.

The Packers have already interviewed former Lions and Colts coach Jim Caldwell, and former Colts coach Chuck Pagano. Their list of candidates also includes Saints assistant head coach/tight ends coach Dan Campbell, Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak, Titans offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur, and Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores.

39 responses to “Josh McDaniels to interview with Packers Friday

  1. Hmmm take over the Pats in a few years when Brady/Belichick retire, no Gronkowski, Edelman at 34/35 years old… or jump ship to a team with an elite QB, elite WR, and young promising RB in Jones?

  2. He literally trashed a good organization in one year . It was sooooo bad they didn’t even give him a second year to get it right. McDaniels is a CARBON COPY of Norv Turner

  3. Why would anyone even waste any time interviewing this dirtbag. Did they not see what he did in Denver? He ruined that team. Then he pulled that stunt on the Colts. Any team that hires him deserves what they get.

  4. It will be interesting who the Pack picks. Rodgers doesn’t have that many good years left and can’t do it all by himself. Between Favre and Rodgers, Packers QB’s have been crushing the NFC North and NFL is general. Get the wrong coach and the rest of Rodgers years will be wasted and plunge the Packers into something they haven’t been accustomed to for a long time. Mediocrity. As a Bears fan we know that long-time pain well.

  5. This guy is a serpent and hiring him would be a massive mistake. Even his agent dropped him as a cliant after he pulled that stunt with the Colts, and thats not even taking into account the horrific record of Belichick assisstants.

  6. A match made in heaven!!!!! Green Bay should sign McDaniels. His first act will be to trade Rodgers to Denver in exchange for a bag of peanuts and a big mac. Then, he will hire Scarnecchio to run the film operation. A win-win for the entire NFL!!!!

  7. For those saying Josh “ruined Denver”..If Josh was hired in Green Bay he would have NO SAY on personnel. Brian Gutekunst 100% handles all personnel. A strong front office will be key to the success of any head coach chosen. Green Bay has that in Gute, Mark Murphy, and Russ Ball.

    Josh isn’t my favorite to get the job, but he is a good offensive mind and if paired with a strong defensive coordinator, I do like those possibilities.

    Any name mentioned is going to be hated on by the Barneys. 2019, and we STILL are living rent free in their heads.

    Poor Barneys


  8. The Packers should say, “ok, Josh we want to hire you as our next head coach”.
    Then, wait and hire someone else. That would be karma.

  9. As a Packer fan, I don’t want this guy anywhere near here. A head coach has to be a leader of men in addition to having a good football mind, and to be a leader of men you have to have people’s trust. After what he pulled on the Colts, his word isn’t worth a plugged nickel.

    McDaniels is a weasel who has no business soiling the reputation of the most storied franchise in the NFL, the Green Bay Packers.

  10. Aaron Rodgers has been injured the last two years, both injuries coming as a result of being hit. Those injuries could have happened to any player, but because it’s Rodgers and he’s now 35, people are writing him off. They forget how many other QB’s missed time this year in the NFL because of injuries.
    Here’s what I know. When Aaron is healthy, he is still the best QB in the NFC North and still one of the best QB’s in the NFL.
    Here’s the way I’d rank the QB’s in the NFL North:
    1. Rodgers
    2. Cousins
    3. Trubisky
    4. Stafford

    If you were in a playoff game and had to have one of those guys as your starting QB, there’s no way you would not pick Aaron Rodgers as your guy.
    So if I am a guy who’s interested in becoming a head coach for any of the teams which are looking for one, the first position I look at is the QB position and it’s obvious who has the best one — the Packers.
    So in spite of what people are saying and writing about who will or won’t be the next head coach of the Packers, they are going to be the #1 choice of these guys because of their QB and the fact that they have many good young players and have two first round draft picks and two extra picks acquired in trades already.
    Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t being realistic, to me.

  11. “Anyone who thinks otherwise isn’t being realistic, to me”


    You having Kirk Cousins as the 2nd best QB in the NFC North, isn’t “realistic” to anyone.

  12. As a Bears fan I would love to see Mcdaniels go to Green Bay. Can you imagine those two egoa clashing. As far as NYNEAL goes with his NFC North QB ratings. You can rank the qbs all you want. I would rather have the better TEAM. Team rankings are as follows:
    1. Chicago
    2. Minnesota
    T-3. Green Bay
    T-3. Detroit

    You did see what your 2nd string qb and TEAM did against Detroit at home right?? Bear Down

  13. If that’s the list of his ‘competition’ for the job – he’ll win the job by the end of the day.

    Hopefully, he’ll turn it down by tomorrow!

  14. Amazing he has any HC job opportunities after what he pulled with the Colts. Sure, he has offensive game planning chops, but he’s proved twice now that he’s no leader.

  15. If the GB brass has any balls, they’d cancel the meeting while Josh is in the air.

  16. Him backing out was the best thing to happen for the Colts. Playoffs with a real head coach.

    Aaron and him is a disaster looking for a place to happen.

  17. Anyone complaining McDaniels leaving the mess of the Colts organization, is like leaving a girl you are engaged with that you TRULY dont like or think is stable, and her parents and the public get mad at you but you KNOW its the right decision.

  18. I hate this rule that allows interviews of coaches still in the playoffs. It’s distracting to the coach & his team. There should be no interviews until after the Super Bowl is over.

  19. If McDaniels ends up with PACKERS, it will prove once and for all that Brady is the sauce that keeps the stew tasty. Rodgers + McDaniels will come to a so-so ending

  20. Not the least bit interested in this interview or possible hire.
    I honestly believe McDaniels isn’t going anywhere anyway.
    I think he has his heart and sights set on taking over for Belichick regardless of the state of the Pats when he does.
    And he’s just using these interviews to leverage more money out of Kraft.

  21. If this guy ever wants to be a head coach now is the time, he needs to show maturity, and take it, and not do anything wierd, whether its GB or somewhere else or else he will forever be some HCs “right hand man”

  22. “If McDaniels ends up with PACKERS, it will prove once and for all that Brady is the sauce that keeps the stew tasty.”


    That’s just gross, dude.

  23. I would rather have McCarthy back before McDaniels and I was happy to see him gone. There have to be far better choices available than McDaniels.

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