Report: Dolphins to interview Darren Rizzi for head coaching vacancy

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The Dolphins will reportedly consider at least one in-house candidate to replace Adam Gase as their head coach.

Albert Breer of reports that the team is working to schedule an interview with special teams coach/assistant head coach Darren Rizzi.

Rizzi has been with the Dolphins since 2009 and has head coaching experience on the collegiate level at both New Haven and Rhode Island. He recently discussed the possibility of another shot in the top job and said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, that it was something he wanted to do again. He also said his responsibilities under Gase were pushing him in that direction.

“The role I have here on this football team is preparing me to be a head coach because I deal with the players every day,” Rizzi said. “I deal with the game management part of the game … It’s really helping my personal resume in terms of learning on the job and dealing with the management, the game management, the time management. All of that stuff is really preparing me. I think when that opportunity presents itself, I’ll be very well prepared and ready to go.”

Rizzi joins a list of reported candidates that includes Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio, Steelers offensive line coach Mike Munchak, Cowboys defensive backs coach Kris Richard and Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

9 responses to “Report: Dolphins to interview Darren Rizzi for head coaching vacancy

  1. Well, it’s not like there’s any sure fire HOFers waiting for a head coach job. Give the guy a shot.

  2. Wow so what is the skill set that the Dolphins are seeking? When does it start to look like a major set back from Adam Gase! Gase will be hired as either a HC or Offensive Coordinator very quickly. Why not consider bringing back Todd Bowles as HC who we know has Defensive Coordinator skills and was successful as an interim coach with the Dolphins.

  3. If Rizzi can get some good coordinators im down with it. The head man needs to oversee everything not micromanage like Gase did.

  4. Dan Campbell. After three years as the Saints asst. head coach, he’s more than ready. The Phins threw him in the fire with a 1-3 team, and he responded well. Bring him back!

  5. There’s a pathetic lack of potential head coaching talent available, and with 8 teams dumping their coaches this is going to result in replacements that are at best no better and at at worst much less competent than what they have now.

  6. I’d rather hire a guy like this than some retread coach who’s been in the league 30 years

  7. They can’t interview him until they satisfy the cursory Rooney Rule candidate. Ridiculous!

  8. How much of an impact can a offensive Guru have on a team that has a false impression of a quarterback because he was drafted number eight overall in his draft. Such is the case with Ryan Tannehill who should never have been drafted and anointed as the starting quarterback for the Dolphins. Tannehill is at best a good second string NFL quarterback who should have been drafted in the 5th round. The Dolphins have many issues but in today’s NFL a team needs time of possession to help the defense. Gase was not great with his play calling but Ryan is a limited NFL quarterback who was given the keys to Miami, given a franchise QB contract but never had a franchise quarterback skill set. That effects the entire team. The other guy with a franchise quarterback contract was a defensive tackle named Suh. Nothing else has to me stated about what happened in Miami and why they were unable to build a winner. Cut Ryan Tannehill immediately to have a greater chance of recruiting a head coach and assistant coaches for the Dolphin’s staff.

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