Ryan Clark on Antonio Brown’s Pittsburgh tenure: “It’s time to go”

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Ryan Clark has long known that the Antonio Brown the public sees is much different than the Antonio Brown his teammates see. After one of Brown’s outbursts, during the 2017 season, Clark unloaded on Brown. In the aftermath of Monday’s shocking tale of thrown footballs and missed practices and trumped-up injuries to cover it all up, Clark revisited his thoughts on Brown.

And Clark now believes it’s time for the Steelers to move on from Brown.

“When it comes to just being a good teammate, when it comes to just being supportive, understanding that you’re trying to achieve one goal, that doesn’t matter to him,” Clark said of Brown, in an appearance on SportsCenter with Scott Van Pelt. “What matters to him is 19 attempts, 14 catches, 185 yards, two touchdowns against the Saints. That’s what’s important to Antonio Brown.”

Clark thinks that, at this point, the only solution is to trade Brown to a new franchise.

“This is about the fabric of the team,” Clark said. “This is about the guy that goes Facebook Live as your coach is talking and leaks information out of the locker room that never should be there, this is about the guy that publicly talks about not getting the ball or issues with the offensive coordinator, knocks over garbage cans or knocks over Gatorade bottles and cans because he doesn’t get the rock. At some point, when you’re an organization that’s built on team, organization that’s built on integrity, you have to show the rest of the locker room that. Will he be good going forward? Probably so. But you have to take that stand.”

“You’re saying shop him?” Van Pelt asked.

“You have to,” Clark said. “It’s time to go.”

As mentioned on Monday, the cap charge for trading Brown would be crippling, in excess of $21 million. But there’s one caveat. The Steelers could trade him after June 1 and reduce the cap charge to $7.04 million, with $14.08 million hitting the cap in 2019.

Ideally, a new team would get Brown for the bulk of the offseason program. But getting him in June would give a new team a minicamp (at a minimum) and all of training camp.

84 responses to “Ryan Clark on Antonio Brown’s Pittsburgh tenure: “It’s time to go”

  1. We have $80m in Cap space in Cleveland and Brown/Mayfield already spent last off season together throwing but as Browns fan we don’t need this cancer in the locker room and guys like this wash sooner than later

  2. This guy sounds like Odell Beckham . The Steelers and Giants should trade with each other with the Steelers getting Odell Beckham while the Giants get Antonio Brown. Why do wide receivers have to be diva’s ?

  3. Lie down with dgs, wake up with fleas. When you allow it for a minute, you get it for life. Yankees are about to make the same mistake with Machado. How people act is as important as what they produce. Poison in the sweetest nectar is still poison. Steelers let him be this way, so he is this way…

  4. Maybe if they had a coach who didn’t let the players run wild this wouldn’t happen. Another reason Tomlin should go. So many wasted years with all that talent. I can’t stand Belichick but you can’t tell me they wouldn’t have gone to a Super Bowl since 2010 if they had a real coach.

  5. I never played organized football at any level but talented me first guys (Desean Jackson, Antonio Brown, etc etc) are never the guys you want on your team. Incredibly talented but they always make sure its about them above the team.

  6. “Odell doesn’t throw footballs at manning ya hater.”

    He would with Weezy by his side, when Eli’s not looking, absolutely.

  7. Break up the Steelers!
    It’s time for Big Ben to retire, Bell is gone finally, and now AB has worn out his welcome. Did he learn nothing from Plaxico Burress?
    Colbert had better get a 1st rd pick for AB, at the very least.

  8. Time for AB to go. Remember his Facebook live broadcast in the locker room after a game, while Tomlin was addressing the team? Too many incidents like this with AB. Very selfish guy. He is jealous of JUJu getting the ball. AB is just another team cancer, just like TO, Odell and so many others. Trade him asap! Put the “TEAM” 1st! Old time Steelers like #58 Jack Lambert would never tolerate this nonsense!

  9. Exactly as I said in earlier post, he’ll never have an ounce of respect out of current or former team mates again, I would not let him come within 500 yds of anything Pittsburgh Steeler.

  10. [This will never happen] But hey, he AND Bell could both go to the Colts. They have the cap space, their O-line is fixed and the D is rocking with Darius Leonard anchoring it… That team would be nasty – too bad these dudes are locker room cancers.

  11. In my opinion this really reflect poorly on Tomlin. You got 2 of your best 3 players acting out, and not only acting out but but both of them putting themselves 1st a head of the team. That only happens over time and that reflects on Tomlin

  12. I’d be talking to the Niners, Arizona, Oakland and Buffalo. First round pick or more and he is yours.

    The Steelers have had zero problems finding WRs in the draft. They have been a WR factory for the past decade. Eat the cap, maybe find a FA WR to add depth and bolster the defense. You have a great running game. You have Juju and Vance. Sometimes its addition by subtraction.

  13. You dont trade away the best WR in the league after you just lost arguably the best RB in the league. You have to ask yourself why this team is full of divas. Why does this team look better than the Saints and Chargers one week and worse than the Browns and Raiders other weeks? It falls on the coach and discipline. Tomlin has been riding a talented defense and then offense thanks to Colbert. He needs to go. Quit blaming the Steelers woes on coordinators and other players. Point the finger at Tomlin for once.

  14. If teams didn’t put up with such behavior (ie, cut him), it would stop. Not just Brown, but all the other head-cases like him.

  15. It is also time for that lying scoundrel Mike Tomlin to go as well. Lying about AB having a knee injury. Shame on you mike Tomlin for bringing a lot of disgrace and embarrassment to the steelers organization

  16. Chuck Noll & Bill Cowher would never tolerate this nonsense from AB. Time to clean house and start with AB, Tomlin and Joey Porter (aka “Peezy”) Steeler’s linebackers coach!

  17. Their mistake was paying him in the first place. He’s what, 30 already and was 28 when they re-signed him again? The cliff is near, and with how much of a head case he obviously is, you sell high on a guy like that. They did right with Bell, not so much with Brown, especially considering the factory they’ve been the last 15 years for wide receivers that they groom in house.

  18. As a big Steelers fan I definitely would be fine letting AB go. This guy is a ticking time bomb with personal issues, & I am not talking about football. Read the police reports from last off-season & look at his 100 mph speeding ticket this season. Incredible talent who has worked his tail off to become an all pro WR, but there is a lot lying underneath with this guy. Cut him loose and work towards being a football team once again.

  19. The Steelers reputation as a top class organization is slipping fast…and I love it!!!

    They had no problem moving on from Burriss and Wallace…they let Emmanuel Sanders walk…But not Antonio…he’s allowed to do whatever he wants apparently…and all the Steelers can do is bench him…?

    This the first time I can ever remember the Steelers organization allowing and enabling such a destructive me first player to run the asylum…

  20. 667s650w says:
    January 1, 2019 at 10:21 am
    I just don’t see a trade being financially possible? And what team is going to give up picks and money for a locker room cancer?


    A team that’s non-competitive and with no immediate future success looming on the horizon that has cap space and that needs to put butts in seats.

  21. lets see.. aging player.. most lkely to be less effective in years to come. overprice.. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  22. Wow, a star WR who is a diva..but seriously The guy is an all world talent, the most clutch WR I’ve seen since Jerry Rice and he can change games. The other side of the coin is an ego that is crazy. He saw JuJu’s rise to elite and get voted team MVP (should’ve been Ben) and got mad.

    I have watched the NFL since 1977 and have NEVER seen a WR (including Rice) that a team needed only him to win. A GREAT WR like Brown See’s on a average 10 targets a game maybe catching 6/7 of them. Out of close to 75-85 offensive plays a game that WR has 7 plays a game to make a difference. Brown does when called on but, NO WR controls a game. Not Moss, Rice, Megatron or even Julio Jones. The QB does. Yes, great WRs have win rings but name the last one to lead the league in receptions and win a ring? Can the Stiller’s win w/o Brown? Yes. Or JuJu, or Bell ect, yes. W/O Ben? No. Even w/o Brown their offense is top 5, they showed w/o Bell same thing. Jarvis Landry lead the NFL with most catches in first 4 season (dude was a machine) goes to a different team with a better QB better offense and receptions go down, because it’s scheme not talent. Bottom line Pittsburgh can and will win W/O Brown. He’d be a fool to want out..

    Can anybody explain to me why trading a player and his contract still puts money against a teams cap? U thought trading the player cured the cap issue? Is it signing bonus penalties? Never understood that. Please answer this 4 me.

  23. Plaxico Buress
    Santonio Holmes
    Mike Wallace
    Emanuel Sanders
    Martavis Bryant
    now Antonio Brown
    The Steelers have a crazy knack for drafting fantastic WR’s that then depart mid-career.

  24. We’re football fans, but we’re still Americans (most of us). We put up with a lot of nonsense. That’s part of the fun. We’ll defend and support our guys, but eventually we grow tired of the immaturity. I think 2019 will be the “clean up the mess” year. Antonio Brown isn’t the only sideshow we’re growing tired of. I love the way the Steelers dealt with LeVeon Bell. Sometimes you find out the replacement is actually better in the long run. Character counts. Happy New Year!

  25. The Rooney’s need to ‘right the ship’. Clean it up. This starts at the top with Tomlin & his right hand man…Joey Porter (aka “PEEZY”) Steeler’s linebackers coach. Time for AB, Tomlin & “PEEZY” to hit the road!

  26. For all the people trashing Mike Tomlin…you might be able to bag on him for his recent tenure as a coach and performance on the field (two years missing the playoffs for this franchise…ain’t good) but you can’t fault him for AB. He sat his best receiver last game with the playoffs on the line. That isn’t Pat Shurmer or a lot of other coaches. Part of playing the game is that you are going to have arrogance and diva behavior. Think no one is going to pick him up? Keep dreaming. Just like someone will pick up Bell, or would pick up OBJ if he were traded. Game is all about winning, not babysitting.

  27. Losing Brown would hurt more than most believe. Pittsburgh was really hard to stop because they had a great double threat in Smith-Schuster and Brown. It was the same or even more so with Bell and Brown. It’s not one player. It’s having the multiple threats. It was a similar thing in KC with Hunt-Hill-Kelce. NFL teams can’t pay more than two such stars and that includes the QB. Pittsburgh will have to swallow hard and trade Brown and eat a horrible salary cap hit. The one good thing about losing Bell is that there is no financial hit and probably a 3rd or 4th round pick coming back. The Jets and Cleveland are ready to pounce. Mayfield is better than Darnold and the Browns are closer to being a threat than the J-E-T-S Jets, Jets, Jets are.

  28. birdwatcher100 says:
    January 1, 2019 at 11:02 am
    Plaxico Buress
    Santonio Holmes
    Mike Wallace
    Emanuel Sanders
    Martavis Bryant
    now Antonio Brown
    The Steelers have a crazy knack for drafting fantastic WR’s that then depart mid-career.


    Imagine if these guys were all on the Steelers at the same time…..and with Tomlin in charge and trying to control it all?

  29. Ryan Clark is correct

    However, Tomlin, who was a pretty good head coach last decade, has turned into a disaster of a head coach.

    And ownership won’t move for a few more years (based on their history of only 3 head coaches since 1969).

    I think that leads to one thing. Big Ben will retire out of the blue. Either this off season or next years off season of 2020.

  30. Bye Brown. Colbert will replace you, and Mike Tomlin will screw it up. But we’ll be in the competitive hunt next year again.

  31. 1phillyphan says:
    January 1, 2019 at 10:59 am

    Can anybody explain to me why trading a player and his contract still puts money against a teams cap? U thought trading the player cured the cap issue? Is it signing bonus penalties? Never understood that. Please answer this 4 me.
    The Steelers paid Brown a signing bonus of $19 million and restructure $9 million (or something close to that) from his previous deal. By doing a restructure and giving him a huge signing bonus, the Steelers did not take a current cap hit on that $27 million. Instead, the rules allowed them to take that amount over the course of his new deal which runs until the end of the 2021 season. If a team and player part ways early, the amount that hasn’t been charged (but previously paid) gets charged to that team’s salary cap right away. Mike Florio usually explains that if the player is cut past June 1 of that season, the team is allowed to count only the 2019 share in 2019 and the 2020/2021 shares (in this case) in the 2020 year. If the player is cut and traded before 1, the team has to eat 2019,2020, and 2021 shares of Brown’s remaining deal all in 2109.

  32. Steeler fans are insane. It’s funny you think AB and Bell are a problem but Ben (I’m retiring every year, I’m crippled, but I’ll play this week, look at me guys I’m over here) can do what he wants and say what he wants. This guy threatens to retire every offseason. He’s hurt in a game where he can’t walk or lift his arm and then boom he launches a game winning drive. He’s a diva too! He’s the worst kind, the kind that is sneaky to get the attention. If Pittsburgh was an upstanding team with such high morals Ben would’ve been gone years ago. But winning IS more important than ANYTHING. That’s why AB will be back in a steeler uniform.

  33. Crazy how Ben goes blameless. Crazy how Tomlin is expected to instill “discipline” over a group of men, as if that’s his job. For all AB’s issues, he’s the greatest wideout of all-time. This thread is weird.

  34. SWFLPC.INC says:
    January 1, 2019 at 11:27 am
    Can you imagine a BB coached team having these issues?


    Hahaha poor example, unless you think Brown’s behavior was somehow worse than that of Aaron Hernandez

  35. It all starts with Tomlin. Trade Tomlin for a draft pick and promote Munchak. Get rid of AB if needed!
    I am a life long Steeler fan of a franchise that demanded people to do the right thing. The Steeler way! New England is now that franchise!

    I watch football for a release from weekly stress and don’t need the drama on the weekends.

  36. As a lifelong Steelers fan, Brown needs to go. The Steelers have to rid themselves of this type of mentality, and get a new HC, GM, whoever, that demands these guys be accountable for what they do, on and off the field. The Rooneys have been stalwarts of the NFL, and have done many great things but, sticking by coaches, players, and front office people that underachieve doesn’t work anymore. The teams, and the league in general, change a lot faster than “back in the day.” They can turn this around quickly, but they have to start today by making some very tough decisions.

  37. Ben is just one of those people that piss you off, like Jalen Ramsey. AJ Green probably would have thrown a football at him. 😆🤣

  38. Lotta drama queens out. Brown over reacted … Nothing new there. Tomlin benched him. That’s what good coaches do. Even to star players. End of story.

    No need to go all teenage girl from drama and “never speak to Antonio again” lol. Ben and Antonio. Best QB-WR tandem in NFL history. Ya. Let’s just throw that away because … Because … well because he is “sooo self centered”.


  39. Not for nothing but all this Bell stuff is on the coach, really people. Tomlin doesn’t control the money he just coaches them up and all things considered turn a disaster of losing your #1 weapon in Bell and got production out of Connor. AB is being a diva like half the WR in the league nothing too see here. Winning cures all but they can be life after AB if they trade him.

    Give me Tomlin over half the coaches in the league and I would gladly trade Gruden, Bruce Allen, 1 round pick and the naming right to our next stadium!

  40. If you’re paying AB that much money, throw him the rock. He seems to want to earn that money, and he’s really good.

  41. When there are so many issues with a team you simply have to put the blame on the guys at the top. That includes Tomlin, it also includes Colbert the General Manager.

    I think it is time the owner stepped in sat these two down and had a very frank discussion about the future. Trading Brown seems to really be a non starter with that cap hit, you are either basically giving him away (you are not getting high draft picks and expect the other team to carry that financial hit) or you cut him and take the cap. Neither is a reality. That leaves the third choice of suspending him due to conduct detrimental to the team and try and get him to tow the Team first line then maybe after one more year drop him.

    As a Patriots fan I really envy the Steelers ability to pick receivers because we are at the opposite end of the spectrum to them. That said love him or Hate him I am very happy with BB as our Head coach. Tomlin I got very little time for.

  42. Antonio Clown isn’t going anywhere but into the NFL interrogation room. Millions of dollars were being moved around while this clown stood on the sidelines and pretended to be hurt. Tomlin, Worthlessbooger, and plenty of others are going to be asked about collusion and it’s not going to be pretty. This is much more serious than tripping up kick returners, pulling hair, and assaulting defenders. Steelers are going DOWN.

  43. I prefer being a dumpster fire franchise than to win with brown or bell or odel. Niners nation doesnt put up with these selfish greedy me first clowns. if I’m the Giants or steelers and I’m stuck with these clowns, I’d downgrade them to 3rd stringers, give them as few touches as possible and succeed into the playoffs pretty much without their help. Keep doing that until they have 3 consecutive awful seasons and ruin their careers. When their contract is up, franchise them back to back years and continue making them 3rd stringers until they get old and have 5 consecutive seasons of being mediocre and with the worst stats out of every wr in the nfl. After that trade them to the worst team in the nfl with the worst qb. Buy then nobody will want them and they’ll be out of the NFL soon after that. Make an example out of these team cancers. Can’t win with them, but you can win without them.

  44. Entitlement is a dangerous thing. They need to stop paying and playing these guys. Teach them a lesson they’ll remember.

  45. i had a boss years ago, that if two guys had a dispute, he would tell them to go in a room and dont come out until you resolved your issues man to man and shake hands, i dont see why two adult men cant do the same thing in the nfl.

  46. Latest reports say that Steelers are only willing to trade AB if the team takes Tomlin too. No teams are interested any more.

  47. Should have put an end to it when it started.Blowing on a match is easier than trying to put out a gasoline fire.

    Why did BB bench Butler in the SB?
    Why did he trade Moss and alot of other great players away…world may never know..but he does.Thats his ship.

    Quit using hernandez as an example like you saw it coming that he was a murderer..you psychic now?

  48. Not sticking up for Brown but sometimes when people stay in one place too long it gets stale(or however you want to put it) for them and it’s amazing what a change of scenery will do for ones attitude, maybe Brown just needs some new scenery!

    But with that being said it’s no excuse for his actions, he should have conducted himself in a professional manner and been able to seperate those problems from pratice/game time when the team is counting on every player, not just Brown!

    Time for the NFL to let teams start taking away paychecks for this type of crap! Hit em’ in the wallet, it’s the only thing some of them understand and if they still don’t “GET IT” it’s because you aren’t hitting that wallet hard enough!!!!!!

  49. The Keener Observer says:
    January 1, 2019 at 10:10 am
    I don’t want Brown unless I also get Ben.
    And if you balk at that, I’ll insist on Tomlin too.

    It might be better to see if a trade partner would give up a draft pick for Brown rather than having them take more luggage.

  50. tavisteelersfan says:
    January 1, 2019 at 12:03 pm
    Lotta drama queens out. Brown over reacted … Nothing new there. Tomlin benched him. That’s what good coaches do. Even to star players. End of story.

    Actually it doesnt end there. They then lied on the injury report to cover it up. Other teams have been bagged hard for that stuff so by rights so should the Steelers. The penalty should be consistent to what got handed down on the others.

  51. “Best received in the NFL” according to some. Talent wise it’s easy to make him 1a/1b but when you factor in professionalism, it’s clearly Julio…

  52. Larry Fitzgerald is going to the HOF. He played for plenty of bad teams and bad QBs. Never…never acted like this me-first a hole.

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