Adam Gase will interview with Jets on Friday

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Former Dolphins coach Adam Gase will interview with the Jets on Friday, Jeff Darlington of ESPN reports.

Gase is in Arizona now, interviewing for the Cardinals’ vacancy.

He became a popular candidate after the Dolphins fired him Monday. Gase went 23-25 in his three seasons in Miami, including 5-1 against the Jets.

Gase earned his first head coaching opportunity after serving as the Broncos quarterbacks coach in 2012 and the team’s offensive coordinator in 2013 with Peyton Manning. He spent 2015 as the Bears’ offensive coordinator before Denver hired him.

In Miami, Gase started Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, Brock Osweiler and Ryan Tannehill at quarterback, with Tannehill missing 24 games over the past three seasons.

27 responses to “Adam Gase will interview with Jets on Friday

  1. You would think the Jets of all teams having played Miami six times in last three years would know better.

  2. Gase getting multiple interviews after being fired by Miami says all that needs to be said about coaching candidates (or lack of them) this cycle.

  3. i would take him. the dolphins were annoying under his tenure & they did goto the playoffs (that says a lot considering the shape they were in prior to his hire).

  4. When you consider that there are only 8 openings out of 32 you’d think the search would be more broad instead of interviewing a guy who just got fired for doing a mediocre job….

  5. Not sure why everyone is bashing Gase. Released Pouncey, Suh, and traded Landry and had a shot at the playoffs still in week 16 even with the amount of injuries the phins had. He also not to mention took the phins to the playoffs when Vance Joseph led the defense in their worst defensive year ever in Dolphin history.

  6. He will want to call the plays which includes a handoff up the middle 95% of the time on 2nd and 10. He is not a leader and he will bring in all his cronies from the past. Huge disappointment in Miami. U can have him.

  7. I wouldn’t doubt it – Gase gets the Jets HC job & Ross hires Rex Ryan in Miami!
    It’s almost like the other AFC East owners are afraid to compete with New England!

  8. I encourage the Jets to hire this guy.
    If it’s Miami retreads they want then please include Burke to call their defense. Might as well go all in and bring back Tannenbaum to run their front office.

    These three studs will quickly get the Jets back on track.

  9. If the Dolphins had Bill Belichick as their Head Coach it would not matter with Ryan Tannehill at quarterback. Tannehill is not a starting NFL quarterback. Matt Moore got the Dolphins into the playoffs Adam Gase’s first season as HC. Ryan being drafted eighth overall in his draft was a major mistake. Tannehill has gotten coaches, offensive coordinators and personnel executives fired. It will not stop until Tannehill is cut. In my view Gase could not hire a decent Defensive Coordinator because everything revolves around having a franchise quarterback. The best coach ever can’t teach a quarterback to throw deep accurately, move in the pocket or quickly go through progressions if after seven NFL seasons the QB does not have those basic NFL skills. Cap space has to be cleared and Ryan Tannehill needs to be cut as soon as possible so that coaches and personnel scouts can know they are NOT relying on a second string NFL quarterback to win games and insure their futures. Adam Gase will most likely be hired to help develop Sam Darnold who lacks experience but can make all the NFL throws. In the NFL a team without a true Franchise Quarterback will struggle to win, retain coaches and executives, who will always be blamed!

  10. I was convinced the head coaches we have moved on and there have been a few we’re never going to amount to much as HC elswere. But I am not sure about Gase. He might be a success with a clean slate and a good QB. But he had to go. His teams did have a knack of winning close games but all those game could quite easily have flipped the other way. The playoff season was an anomaly, a season of very close wins, but most of the defeats were complete hammerings. Once we got into the playoffs the Steelers who we beat at home in the regular season completed an absolute thrashing on us. And the last two years were mixed bag of bad luck, embarrassing coke snorting coaches, awol players and on the field, more of the same, close winning games due in part to terrible play by the opposition and the defeats were again embarrassing one sided games or implosions. We were getting worse and for his and our sakes he had to go.

  11. Gase isn’t a bad coach, but his lack of involvement on the Defensive side of the ball is very questionable. That defense was atrocious under his tenure.

  12. if the jets hire Gase that’s two wins for the fins each year since the defense would have to prepare for 3 yd bubble screens and runs on third and long. Offense is too predictable

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