Calais Campbell: We still have potential to “do something special”


The Jaguars were the biggest flop in the NFL this season as they reversed their move from worst to first in 2017 with a last place finish in the AFC South.

Jacksonville opted for continuity with head coach Doug Marrone and in the front office in the face of that drop, which would seem to sit well with defensive lineman Calais Campbell. Campbell believes the team still has the potential that made them a popular preseason choice for a playoff berth and that the team should have learned a lesson about turning potential into results.

“There’s a lot to learn from this year as a whole — all the different things we went through,” Campbell said, via the team’s website. “There’s so much talent on this team. But obviously you saw this year, talent doesn’t really mean much. It’s execution that’s going to take the floor. When we hit the reset button, we have a chance to go out and do something special next year.”

What remains to be seen is which Jaguars players survive hitting the reset button. The team has to work out a tight cap situation while finding a better answer at quarterback and that effort is going to result in the departure of some defensive pieces that would make it easier to buy into notions of a rebound.

Campbell could be one of the players departing and any serious projections about what 2019 will hold for the Jaguars will have to wait until the dust settles.

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  1. He said the same thing when he agreed to a contract in JAX. Same song, different verse.

    The QB didn’t work out. The RB stayed hurt and apparently didn’t pay attention to conditioning in the offseason. They let their best deep-threat WR walk and the next guy up tore his ACL before the season got cranked up. The OL was expensive, bad and oft-injured.

    I don’t think Campbell can do much more than he’s already done. It all on the offense. I hope they can find a way to show some guts next year and be competitive. They totally quit.

  2. I was shocked the Jags decided to bring back Doug Marrone. This talented team imploded from the weight of immaturity and their self-serving bombastic comments. “‘There’s a lot to learn from this year as a whole–all the different things we went through,’ Campbell said.” The things the Jags “went through” were self-inflicted and show a lack of leadership from Marrone and veterans like Campbell who should be keeping trash-talking me-first “stars” like Jalen Ramsey in line. Until the players on this team mature and accept their failure was their own fault, they will continue to flounder and waste the talent on this team. What a shame.

  3. SWFLPC.INC says:
    January 2, 2019 at 11:16 am
    Remember when delusional Jags fans were all but assuming they would play in the AFCCG again this season?

    Not a Jags fan but it wasn’t delusional. One blown whistle from going to the Show last year. Every expectation to repeat a solid performance. That is not delusional.

    But I do agree with other posters that they just gave away too much. They also gave a contract extension to a really BAD QB (SMH) who hurt the team more than he (barely) helped it last year. If someone needs to go it’s that front office.

  4. He is right.
    Just draft a reincarnation of Tom Brady in the 6th round, cut Bortles, and go on from there. Plus draft several very good offensive players. Fournette is overrated.

  5. Define “special”. Finish last in the division again? The front office totally reamed the franchise when they stuck with Bortles this season. Now they’ve got cap problems and no QB in a division with several good QBs. Sticking with the same head coach next season compounds the folly.

  6. I remember how high the Jags players and some of their fans were on how awesome they were after beating NE. Even the admitting that it was like the Superbowl for them beating NE, and then immediately afterwards they became a big turdbox. lol
    I find it strange that the teams that did beat NE this year all became hexed it seems after their victories?
    Obviously NE fans are spoiled from years of consistency, but as a fan of NE since 73 I remember the horrible seasons, many horrible seasons.
    All this consistency has changed the way I view regular season wins and losses. In my opinion as a fan you can enjoy a weekly win, but you should never get too high on a win or too low on a loss. The season is long and the goal is to make the playoffs, that’s all that matters.
    I find that mainly only fans of teams that have had sustained success can actually view the NFL in that manner.
    Back to the Jags, trading for Flacco or even Nick Foles would be huge for that them. The Jags and the Titans are a solid starting qb away from being contenders imo.

  7. Calais wasn’t traded. We signed him in free agency. I get your point though. I, too, wonder why this man was available.

  8. The Jags’ offense was wiped out by injuries this season. They lost 3 LTs, 3 RTs, and the starters at WR, TE, LG, C, and the RB for most of the season.

    And by the way, Calais will be back next year. He had a fantastic season, and played hard to the very end like a true professional.

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