Dave Gettleman on Eli: We’ll do what it takes to build sustained success

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Eli Manning‘s future as the starting quarterback of the Giants has been a big topic of conversation for most of the last two years and it remains one in the first days of 2019 as well.

General Manager Dave Gettleman is aware of that and he made mention of a “no holds barred” conversation with Manning while making introductory remarks at his Wednesday morning press conference. Gettleman didn’t divulge the details of that conversation, but said that the evaluation process is underway and that he will not commit to anything regarding the 2019 season at the moment.

“We will do what is in the best interest of the New York football Giants. What we’re trying to do here is build sustained success,” Gettleman said. “That takes brutal honesty and some tough decisions.”

That’s a departure from what we’ve heard from head coach Pat Shurmur over the season. Shurmur said in mid-December that he believes Manning has years left as a successful quarterback and reiterated after last Sunday’s loss to the Cowboys that he expects Manning to be the quarterback next year.

Gettleman said “everything is on the table,” but did make a point of saying Manning can make all the throws and mentioned the team’s improved play on offense in the second half of the season. He said he thought it took 4-6 weeks for the team to feel comfortable in the system installed by Shurmur and also noted the issues on the offensive line that hampered the team’s efforts while they were going 1-7 to open the year.

There’s no definitive answer at this point and that means the speculation about how much longer Manning will be with the Giants will churn on at least a little longer.

30 responses to “Dave Gettleman on Eli: We’ll do what it takes to build sustained success

  1. As an objective football fan, I think it is obvious that Eli Manning needs to retire or be cut if he refuses, (since no one is trading for him).

    But, as a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, I think it is obvious the Giants should start Eli until he is at least 45 years old. Obvious.

  2. davinci15 says:
    January 2, 2019 at 11:53 am

    Seriously, just make Eli a player/mentor/coach hybrid for 2019, draft a QBs and get done with it already.

    Sorry but Eli has made it very clear that he doesn’t get paid to mentor anyone. He has that Sam Bradford attitude when it comes to mentoring. Not good at all.

  3. The Giants are fools if they don’t draft/sign a successor to Eli. And do something about that disgrace of an O line, or the QB won’t matter.

  4. Always with the OL excuses. Getting a little old isn’t it? They supposedly couldn’t run block either, but Barkley fixed that. eLI fanboys need to get a new excuse. Or a dominant defense like they had when eLI won those S Bowls all by himself…

  5. Mistake number 1- drafting a RB with the #2 pick last year. Great RB to be sure(so was Adrian Peterson and look how many playoff wins he has) but poor use of incredible resources. If you didn’t like any of the QB’s last year, trade down for a king’s ransom- there is a reason you’re picking #2 after all. BTW, generally worse group of QB’s coming out this year.

  6. It better involve an offensive line. Unfortunately this is the modern NFL so it probably won’t. A good portion of NFL GMs (and owners, and coaches) have this weird fantasy that they can completely ignore the offensive line & just will themselves a championship as long as the QB they draft is good

  7. Giants have a problem.
    Why they didn’t address it this past draft is sure to be a recurring question.

  8. I think the best things for the Giants would have been to move down and pick up offensive lineman like Quenton Nelson and a running back like Nick Chubb in second round. I would be surprised if Gettleman selects a QB in 1st round this year, he will probably select an OT.

  9. I can’t go through another season of throwing the ball away and folding up like a cardboard box ,,I think the last time Eli broke free from a tackle in the pocket was the David Tyree catch !

  10. Eli has been terrible for almost a decade now. Enough with the no oline no rb no wrs. The guy is done. Trade or cut the guy. At this point, pretty much any back up QB is better than him. Bridgwater, Foles, fitzpatrick, Mullins etc etc. All show more life, more will to win. Saquon, and obj will go to waste if eli stays another year.

  11. rkt4mayor says:
    January 2, 2019 at 12:07 pm

    Sorry but Eli has made it very clear that he doesn’t get paid to mentor anyone. He has that Sam Bradford attitude when it comes to mentoring. Not good at all.


    He gets paid to play, not to coach. It shouldn’t be that hard for you to figure it out.

  12. Haskins may very well be a good choice but then again if they truely feel Manning is still the safe bet, they can wait till next years draft when more good QB’s will be on the board.
    I dont personally think Haskins will be all that good in the NFL, lacking footwork and mobility.
    He looked very stiff yesterday like he had a back brace on, and had a hell of an oline to work behind.

  13. So the Giants score the most points in the NFC East and people say draft a QB.
    The Giants give up the most point is the NFC East and people say draft a QB
    Sounds like we are hearing from Cowboy, Eagle and Washington fans here.

  14. I like Gettlemen…..no nonsense GM…..he was too blunt in Carolina on the state of the talent and when to cut players which got him trouble….Eli is gone, Gettlemen is letting it be known.

  15. That’s the price for taking a RB #2 in a strong QB draft.

    Barkley is a superstar but this is a bad draft for QBs and the free agents arent stellar, either.

    To me…if the plan was to keep Eli, the Giants could have traded down from #2…still take a good back like Chubb, Sony Michel or Kerryon Johnson and then used the extra picks to acquire multiple offensive linemen.

    Instead…you’re stuck with an aging, declining QB and super mediocre offensive line…but you’ve got superstars at RB and WR. Too bad you’re going to use up years trying to put a competent offensive line and QB around them.

    Couple all that with the Giants’ terrible mess of a defense and you’ve got a situation that looks very fouled up for years to come.

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