Dave Gettleman: We didn’t sign Odell Beckham to trade him

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Wide receiver Odell Beckham was the subject of trade chatter last offseason, but wound up participating in offseason work and signed a big contract extension with the team before the start of the regular season.

That seemed to settle the question of where he’d be playing football for the foreseeable future, but Beckham stopped short of declaring himself happy to be with the team in an October interview. There’s been more chatter about the prospect of a trade after Beckham missed the final four games of the year with a quad injury.

All of the above led to a question for Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman about the team’s plans for Beckham when he held a press conference on Wednesday.

“We didn’t sign him to trade him,” Gettleman said.

Beckham had 77 catches for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns to go with a pair of touchdown passes before he hurt his quad and that’s exactly the kind of production the Giants were looking for when they signed him in the offseason. The headaches that can be part of the package with Beckham were something they were well aware of when they made the deal, so it seems the plan is to continue down the same path in 2019.

9 responses to “Dave Gettleman: We didn’t sign Odell Beckham to trade him

  1. Organization has been a day late and a dollar short with several personnel decisions. It’s why the team needed to deal Beckham, cut ties with Eli, admit a mistake with Erik Flowers all last year (and I have argued even 2 or 3 years ago). Ownership is getting arrogant and the franchise will end up going the way of the Knicks if it doesn’t get its act together.

  2. Had hoped Gettlemen would have realized his massive mistake and put this clown on the blocks for draft picks. Please get some O linemen and a pass rusher if you want to improve the team. Enough with the drama queen who’s now missed almost as many games as he’s played in.

  3. Trade him for Antonio Brown win win situation.Dump Eli and sign Haskins.You will then have one of the most potent offences in the league.barkley,Brown,Haskins.

  4. If there is a true Quarterback of the Future there at 1 or 2 and the Cards or 49ers would take Beckham for the pick, I’d make the deal. Keep the Giants pick for an OL or DB.

  5. In four games we were averaging 27 points a game without Beckham. I think the giants need to trade him and jump to the number one spot .Ingrem our tight end needs to be a wr full time because he hass 4.2 speed and can catch . should be our wr 3

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