Jason Garrett: Kris Richard is a “really, really good football coach”


Cowboys coach Jason Garrett would love to keep Kris Richard next season.

There’s probably even a chance Richard could become the team’s defensive coordinator considering Rod Marinelli turns 70 this summer.

But Richard could become a head coach before then.

The Jets and Dolphins want to interview Richard for their vacant head coaching jobs, though, with the Cowboys playing in the wild-card round, that can’t happen until next week.

Garrett endorsed Richard as a head coaching candidate.

“He’s done a fantastic job,” Garrett said Wednesday. “Just a really, really good football coach. One of the things that we try to do, very thoughtful about, is bring a coach in on the defensive side who kind of fit with the DNA of our defense, so he and Rod and our defensive staff, they really complement each other really well. I think they believe in the same things, have the same values of what they want our defense to be. I think that’s meshed really well for us. Then, he’s brought other things – some of nuances and the details that he’s brought that maybe are different than what we’ve brought in the past have been positive additions. He’s a great teacher. He’s got great enthusiasm. Very knowledgeable. Very detailed.”

11 responses to “Jason Garrett: Kris Richard is a “really, really good football coach”

  1. He was the secondary coach and earlier this year they handed over all defensive play calling to him away from respected defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. Seems like they hold him in high regard

  2. Coached under Carroll and Marinelli two very good defensive minds. Although Carroll is obviously the superior coach Marinelli is quite the DC. Could be a solid hire. With league driven by offense its good to have a coach that can coach a defense.

  3. Promise him a head coach money to keep him another year and then canned out Garrett if Cowboys dont win a playoff game this year. Enough is enough. We are tired. Give him a life time membership to couple of opera shows so he can do all the clapping in his life since he enjoy doing that.

  4. Kris Richard always seemed like head coach material. It was too bad it didnt work out with him in Seattle as DC. I was hopeful he would be the man to replace Pete when he retired. Dallas should do what they can to keep him.

  5. No, he’s really, really garbage. He took over the best defense in the NFL in Seattle and for 3 years he under-performed. Wrong personnel packages, miscommunications, mental errors, things that never happened under Dan Quinn. Poor communicator and motivator. Who do you think Richard Sherman was criticizing during his Falcons game sideline rant? The Seahawks made a big mistake in picking him over Ken Norton for DC in 2015. At least they were able to correct that error this year.

  6. I like Kris Richard. You can’t blame him for finishing 13th in total defense after losing all the players he did his last year in Seattle. He’s worked wonders with that Dallas defense. Seattle fans ripping him better be careful: He might just coach a gem vs Wilson and the Hawks Saturday night.

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