Outback Bowl boss makes $1 million, says NFL teams would pay him that

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We haven’t heard Jim McVay’s name mentioned when NFL General Manager positions open up, but that hasn’t stopped McVay, who runs the Outback Bowl, from using alleged NFL interest to leverage a salary exceeding $1 million.

Will Hobson of the Washington Post reports that McVay makes $1.045 million to run the Outback Bowl, which makes $11.9 million in annual revenue. For comparison’s sake, the chief executive of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association makes less than half of that ($412,000), while the Rose Bowl and Tournament of Roses Parade generate more than eight times as much as the Outback Bowl in revenue ($96.7 million).

So why would the Outback Bowl pay McVay so much? According to former Outback Bowl board chair Steve Schember, it’s because McVay has repeatedly told the board that NFL teams are interested in him, and they need to pay up to keep him.

“At least every other year . . . he’ll come to a board meeting and say an NFL team has contacted me, and they’ve got a job in their front office, and they want to know if I’m interested . . . part of the reason he is so well-compensated is so he isn’t tempted to leave,” Schember said.

Although McVay has a nephew, Rams coach Sean McVay, who’s one of the hottest names in the NFL, Jim McVay’s name has never been a hot one in reports about NFL front office hires. And the Washington Post could find no one to name an NFL team that wanted to hire Jim McVay.

But the mere perception from the Outback Bowl’s board that McVay has other options has been enough to secure him a seven-figure annual salary. People are getting rich off college bowl games. Just not the players, many of whom may see McVay’s salary and wonder why they should risk injury to make someone else rich.

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  1. Why would anyone want to leave that job? I mean, in an NFL front office he would have to take a pay cut to work year round… long hard hours. For this job… he probably puts in about a month work of work.

    If anyone has a bridge to nowhere to sell… I think you know who you should call

  2. They pay (roughly) 10% of their total revenue to the CEO? That’s insane. For comparison sake, if Apple did that Tim Cook would pocket over $26 BILLION per year. (Instead, he earns a paltry $12.5 million running a company with revenue of $26 billion. McVay must think Cook is a chump.)

  3. College football is a farce run by guys whose interests lie in their own pocketbooks, not betterment of the game, education or amateurism. Can’t have a fair system to determine the champ because McVay would lose his golden goose, so the excuses flow for having a selection committee, etc.

  4. Is it unethical? Sure it is, but he’s not the first person to use this type of leverage against an employer, and he won’t be the last. It happens every single day.

  5. Big deal. Dude got too high of a % of money that has nothing to do with any of you.

    Salary outrage – Millennials’ favorte passtime.

  6. There is an easy way to find out, the Outback Bowl Board should fire him and then wait to see if anyone in the NFL does hire him. Wish him luck, hire his replacement for 25% of that total and move forward.

  7. No player, from freshman to senior, should ever play in any of those BS Bowls unless they’re getting a piece of the pie. It’s not even so much about risking injury. The games aren’t a part of the team’s season, they aren’t about winning a championship or working towards a championship. It’s just a cash grab.

  8. Watching people whine about what he makes is both funny and pathetic. Many of the same people ready to see this guy fired are the ones whining that government workers deemed “non-essential” are going to miss a taxpayer-funded paycheck. Instead of complaining, go make yourself valuable to the point where people will pay you a substantial sum of money for your services.

  9. What would an NFL team pay him to do? Party planning? Does anyone on this board have a brain?

  10. I bet he doesn’t make that much next year after this story came out. Surely someone on the board will have the balls to ask him just what NFL team is hot after him.

  11. The best argument for eliminating the NCAA policy against paying a stipend to student athletes or prohibited $ endorsements by them is this example. Perhaps a comprehensive fiscal accountability af all the bowls/games/administrative/coaching in NCAA would further the discussion?

  12. Call his bluff. The Outback bowl is second rate/tier anyway. Outside of the CFP and maybe the Rose Bowl due to its rich history, the rest of these bowl games are a joke.

  13. Maybe the NHL should hire him for the Winter Classic. Heard they ran out of beer and food after the first period. Never heard of the Outback Bowl running out of food or beer.

  14. I don’t really care what he makes; I try to never fault a person for maximizing their income player or otherwise. I’m just amazed that each of these bowl games requires a CEO and a board of directors. They don’t own and operate the stadiums and the stadiums come with built in concession vendors and support staff. They don’t own the teams that play. I’m assuming that the NCAA negotiated the TV contracts and likely provides the refs. So what’s really left? Advertisement and entertainment? Just crazy to me that the NCAA doesn’t take over the bowl system and pocket the cash.

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