Raiders fire personnel man Joey Clinkscales

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The remaking of the Raiders front office in Jon Gruden’s own image continues.

According to Jim Trotter of ESPN, the Raiders have fired director of player personnel Joey Clinkscales, a long-time Reggie McKenzie aide.

The 54-year-old Clinkscales joined the Raiders in 2012 alongside McKenzie, who was fired and replaced by former NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock.

Clinkscales previously worked for the Jets (1994-2012), but his ties to McKenzie made him an endangered species in Oakland/somewhere/Las Vegas.

19 responses to “Raiders fire personnel man Joey Clinkscales

  1. Clinkscales had a heavy hand in scouting. I have no problem with the Raiders get rid of all the old guard because they had one great draft and a bunch of horrible ones.

  2. So my bank manager at Wells Fargo says he is applying for the job. He has spoken to people about opening accounts and has signed off on exactly 3 corporate contracts to local business that have a gross income of 32K annually. He absolutely has no other qualifications and has no experience with NFL contracts. Based on the teams hiring practice he has a good shot.

    Dumpster Fire of a franchise

  3. Joey Clinkscales getting the boot is of no real significance. Whether Gruden seriously listens to Mike Mayock’s advice will make or break the Raiders draft.

    But regarding the name, I don’t believe it’s made-up nor fictional. This is because during the ’80s the Cowboys had a player named Dextor Clinkscale.

  4. So much crap talked about Gruden….Maybe he’ll succeed. Maybe he won’t. But media people please…the Raiders seriously underachieved under Reggie. He keeps getting a pass while Gruden is absolutely grilled. Gruden inherited very little in the way of talent. That’s on Reggie. I wish the two could’ve worked together, but whatever. Had Reggie succeeded, Gruden would never have been hired.

  5. “To be replaced by Vegas point-man Jimmy Two-Times.”

    I came here specifically for the comments and this did not disappoint.

  6. Changes should be expected when you’ve only had one winning season in the last 16 years. The last time the Raiders were any good is when Jon Gruden was there. I think it’s a wise move to give him the keys to the franchise and see what he can do. One winning season in 16 years calls for a major overhaul, not a minor adjustment. One out of 16 is the exception, not the rule.

  7. Raiders drafts under McKenzie other than the draft that brought Mack, Carr, Gabe Jackson and Justin Ellis were very weak overall. Gruden is going to sink or swim with his own guys. Looking forward to this off season.

  8. all the comments about how poor the raider drafted under Reggie. Please share what teams then drafted so great in comparison. Because whoever you name I will be able to rip a number of picks from those teams. So please share. Should be fun.

  9. ^^^ Every GM misses picks, but Reggie misses a ton. He has one good draft. One! Please stop trying to defend a guy who had one winning season in 7 years.

  10. so no can name another GM…..thought so….throwing a bunch of rocks when you live in glass houses. is what it is.

    Go Raiders!

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