Report: Buccaneers have interest in Brian Kelly

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Six years after dipping into the college ranks to hire a head coach, the Buccaneers could be giving it another go.

David Haugh of 670 The Score in Chicago reports that the Buccaneers have interest in Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly.

Kelly, 57, has coached the Irish since 2010. He has been linked in the past to NFL openings, interviewing with the Eagles in 2013, when they hired Oregon coach Chip Kelly. It’s unclear whether he’s interested in coaching the Bucs.

Per Haugh, the Bucs may be willing to offer upwards of $10 million per year to Kelly. Tampa also has been linked to Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh.

The decision in 2012 to hire Rutgers coach Greg Schiano became an experiment that ended poorly, with the toes-on-the-line taskmaster fired after his second season.

The pendulum in recent years has swung away from college coaches, but with NFL teams looking for offensive minds, the choice may become inexperienced NFL assistants or experienced college coaches.

Whoever the Bucs hire, he needs to be on board with Jameis Winston as the quarterback, because the team has made it clear that he’s coming back for a fifth season.

33 responses to “Report: Buccaneers have interest in Brian Kelly

  1. As an Irish fan of 46 years, I just don’t care anymore, I think he’s done all he can in South Bend

  2. He’s got a gimmicky offense just like Chip Kelly and will likely have the same success…or lack thereof.

  3. Well, it either go into the colleges for new coaches or continue the game of NFL HC retread musical chairs…….

  4. Ugh, this is such a Bucs move. Classic Glazers, they have no idea how to hire a real coach so they just go after names they recognize. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that Brian Kelly is qualified for an NFL head coaching position, and there’s nothing particularly innovative about him either.

  5. He’s a wonderful college coach and all. I don’t see how he would be effective in the NFL. Think Tampa would be much better off handing Jim $10mil a year, I know he can coach in the NFL.

  6. You can’t win in the NFL without a QB. Everyone knows that. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Bucs are planning to draft a QB in the first round, but they’re not giving away that secret.

  7. Without a strong front office it does not matter who they hire, that coach will fail. I’m still baffled that the current GM is still employed…

  8. Despite all the Crab and Uber driver legs, Winston is a decent QB and had a some good games this year when he was in as opposed to Fitzpatrick this past year, and that production isn’t easy to find at the QB position. So I do understand them keeping Winston around, if he can just stay out of trouble and play ball they have the most important position on the field shored up and can worry about building the rest of the team. Just make sure to never trade for Ronald Darby.

  9. The Bucs have tried the following:
    The face – Gruden
    Black OC/”Players coach” – Morris
    Disciplinarian – Schiano
    Black DC – Lovie Smith
    Hot (at the time) OC – Koetter

    The Bucs need a no-nonsense HC who knows the X’s and O’s like the back of his hand, is decisive, and won’t let a player like Winston ruin the team.
    Winston is an albatross on the Bucs. They are only keeping him b/c he’s black. If he was white, he’d be gone already.

  10. Notre Dame is always overrated because they have a national following, which makes it good for business if Notre Dame is “good.” The college football voters and committees, etc., overrate ND on purpose for business reasons and Brian Kelly is now riding those tailwinds.

  11. Only been following ND for a few years but it seems to me that Kelly has a problem winning under the bright lights when it’s all on the line. His last two forays into national championship games has been dismal to say the least. Stay at ND…let’s see you win it all one of these years!

  12. James Jackson says:

    Despite all the Crab and Uber driver legs, Winston is a decent QB and had a some good games this year when he was in as opposed to Fitzpatrick this past year

    This season, Fitzpatrick is ranked #9 with a 100.4 QB rating and Winston is #24 with a 90.2.

  13. I don’t know why would you wanna be an NFL head coach over being a major university head coach. You don’t get to select the players you want. The pay isn’t much more significant. There’s no real job security. The players are adults that may still act immature (see Antonio Brown). The press has no loyalty. Makes no sense to me.

  14. Kelly is as deserving as any overpaid door mat … he’s done nothing with ND, recruit a little, responsible for poor Declan Sullivan when Kelly made the kid Video an outdoor Practice in 40MPH winds and the thing tipped over … great hire for TB.

  15. Brian Kelly has never and will never show that he can develop or work with a QB. By all means, take him from Notre Dame.

  16. Sorry Notre Dames fans, I’m not a fan of Brian Kelly. To me he’s just an average college coach. There is no way that Kelly’s an NFL coach.

    The Bucs need an innovator, whether that’s an older, established coach, or a younger assistant coach. I wouldn’t have a problem with Bruce Arians, John or Jim Harbaugh or the Cowboy’s young assistant Kris Humphries.

  17. ND overachieves every year because of BK. They will never be AL or Clemson and based on their academic standards he is at a huge disadvantage ever year, at most they are an 8-10 win team and he gets them to 10-12. He may not be innovative (Sean McVay) but he is a leader of men and has won at every place he has been. As a ND fan I’d be sad to see him go.

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