Report: Hue Jackson a possibility for offensive coordinator in Minnesota

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Hue Jackson has failed twice as a head coach. But he is still capable of doing a good job as a coordinator.

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer knows this, and consequently Jackson is a candidate to run the offense in Minnesota.

That’s the word from Jason La Canfora of CBS, who says that a reunion between the two former Bengals assistants is “possible.”

Kevin Stefanski, who served as interim offensive coordinator after the firing of John DeFilippo, has become a free agent, and he’s also a candidate to coach the Browns. So the Vikings need to figure out the most important position on the staff, other than head coach.

Jackson makes sense because he runs an offense similar to the one that Jay Gruden ran in Cincinnati and now runs in Washington, an offense with which Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is familiar.

52 responses to “Report: Hue Jackson a possibility for offensive coordinator in Minnesota

  1. I’m still trying to figure out how someone so clearly bad at their profession is being considered for anything…unbelievable.

  2. course maybe Zimmer is going to hire him in Minnesota because Zimmer is coming down to Cincy to be HC

  3. I really want to hate this but it fits with Zimmers practice of hiring friends. The story is that Jackson was once a good offensive coordinator But didn’t really get it done as a head coach. I’ve read this but I still have trouble getting the bad taste out of my mouth on how the Bengals fall short over and over.

  4. I don’t feel sorry for Hue Jackson at all…he’s a BAD coach. Plan and simple. If Mr.Brown was’nt so cheap he should have fired him mid way through the 2017 season…IT JUST showed the world how bad jackson is when the losing continued.

  5. “So the Vikings need to figure out the most important position on the staff, other than head coach.”

    I think the most important position on the staff for this team is a competent offensive line coach.

  6. I feel sorry for the fans of the team that lands this guy. He’s just not good.

  7. Say it ain’t so. It is possible he is one of those guys who is a great coordinator but a garbage head coach, however after watching Hard Knocks I very much doubt it. Having said that without a massive upgrade in the O-Line anyone is going to struggle.

  8. Stefanski will get the first shot at the job if he wants it (and doesn’t take a HC position or OC position elsewhere) — Jackson is nothing more than a fall back option. Someone above nailed the priority of an O-line coach to replace Sparano though.

  9. Zimmer wants to run the ball and Jackson will certainly do that. With four top 7 NFL finishes in rushing attempts in his nine years in the league.

  10. I thought of this awhile ago, but I just don’t think Hue is a good fit. I don’t believe Hue is known as a guy who will adapt his scheme to his talent which is the exact reason both Norv Turner and John DeFilippo didn’t work out.

  11. So Hue Jackson’s record as a head coach was not stellar, so some of you guys think that means he’s a terrible coordinator? You should check NFL’s history on this one. Wade Phillips comes to mind. Has created strong defenses everywhere he went. Romeo Crennel is another one.

  12. What has Hue shown over the past 5+ years that says he’s a good fit? And on top of that, why would anyone want to go be Zimmer’s OC? He’s pushed out 2 guys in 3 years, throwing them under the bus on their way out. Cousins has shown he can’t handle the pressure, and they’re stuck with him for 2 more years. If they don’t get FAR into the playoffs next year, the whole regime is gone. Zimmer, Spielman, whoever the OC is, GONE. I wouldn’t want to hitch my wagon to Zimmer as an OC at this point unless I had zero other options. Maybe that means Hue, maybe that means Stefanski stays to try and make it his own and not just picking up DeFilippo’s scraps. I don’t know the answer, but I just don’t see it working out for anyone there.

  13. Why not bring Marvin Lewis in as some kind of consultant while we’re at it? Hue Jackson might be a good coordinator but he’s proven time and time again that he’s not a winner. This is Zimmer’s last season as a HC unless the Vikings are successful. I’m not sure it’s a great idea to hitch your wagons to the losingest coach of all time.

  14. Zimmer doesn’t care what others think and knows more about professional football than some of you here. Hue Jackson may suck but apperantly he’s decent as a coordinator. Not special but he’s a bit competent.

  15. Are you all serious? You were ok with this failure season and now you are going to go along with more of Zimmers desperate moves for the offense because he is panicking like usual?

    Where is Zygi Wilf? Where is our outrage? Why do we always accept failure? This season was not acceptable and now you are going to let the clowns Zimmer and Spielman drive this franchise further into the ditch?

    Y’all are too much. No wonder the whole NFL laughs at us.

  16. Gotta give Hue credit. He knows how to make friends in high places. He keeps getting job after job even though his success/failures are highly publicized.

  17. He wants him to be the Vikes OC because those Cleveland teams put up such legendary numbers? 🤔 Am I missing something here?

  18. Hue Jackson said he would jump in the lake if the Browns went 0-16 and, when the perfect record came to pass, he 1) delayed jumping in Lake Erie until June, and 2) “suggested” that all his staff and non-football employees jump in the lake with him. #LEADER

  19. Hue wasn’t a good HC, but he wasn’t a bad OC. There is a difference people!

    Zim familiarity with Hue makes it a good fit. Zim last hires were basically unknown to him. His job next year could be on the line, and I don’t blame Zim for wanting to go with a known. If you don’t like it, too bad. It’s Zimmer decision, not yours!

  20. Zimmer was daring the Wilfs to fire him on Monday…evidently he is upping the ante…

  21. I don’t get the whole Stefanski thing, why he seems to have value. Can anybody tell us about this guy, and why he’s a candidate to coach the Browns? Aside from being with the Vikings since 2006, and several games that proved nothing one way or the other as an OC, there seems to be little information on him.

  22. Andy Dalton was a legitimate MVP candidate under Jackson until he broke his thumb. I think he’s an outstanding coordinator, just not a good head coach.

  23. Jackson will not be OC in Minnesota. Period. Ain’t gonna happen. No way. No how.

    They talk to him … So what … No harm in talking.

  24. I know most people love to kick someone when they’re down but Hue Jackson has always been a great offensive coordinator. This would be a perfect fit for the Vikings. I trust Zimmer’s opionion of Hue Jackson over an immature rookie anytime.

  25. Not a sure why they are even doing this. I would be shocked and disappointed if Jackson was selected as OC. They just finished a less than acceptable season. The Vikings don’t need to double down and hire him. The Vikings need to do some deep breathing or something. To jump to hiring Hue right after is disturbing.

  26. How many talented OC would love to coach Thielen and Diggs, Rudolph and Cook. And anyone else they bring in next year? It shouldn’t be hard to find someone outstanding for the job.

  27. There is no way Hue Jackson becomes the Viking’s OC for the simple reason that Zimmer needs an OC to throw under the bus when things go wrong. It’s not like Zimmer plans on accepting responsibility anytime soon and he has a ready-made excuse with his OC and he couldn’t do that to his friend.

    If Viking fans thought it couldn’t get any worse than losing your last game at home to drop out of the playoffs, you might want to rethink that.

  28. If this happens, it shows that Zimmer is not creative enough to win big in the NFL. You can’t live in the past… you have to be able to see the potential in unknowns.

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