Tomlin’s press conference points to multiple injury report problems

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It remains to be seen whether the NFL will take any type of discipline against the Steelers for embellishing the injury report regarding the Week 17 status of receiver Antonio Brown. It’s clear, based on coach Mike Tomlin’s comments from Wednesday, that the league could impose sanctions against the Steelers, if it chooses to.

First, and most obviously, Tomlin admitted that, when he didn’t hear from Brown on Saturday, he decided that Brown wouldn’t play on Sunday. At that point, Brown should have been downgraded from questionable to out.

Second, Brown’s no show on Thursday, which Tomlin seemed to confirm based on the manner in which he explained the situation (and which per a league source definitely occurred), shouldn’t have simply been addressed by an explanation tin the injury report hat Brown didn’t practice due to a knee injury. Brown didn’t practice due to a failure to show up for work, and that’s how it should have been disclosed.

It’s also possible that Brown wasn’t injured at all, and that the Steelers hid behind that excuse in order to keep the situation from becoming a disruption and distraction before a must-win game. Sure, Brown may have claimed to have a knee injury, but it appears that the Steelers simply took his word for it in lieu of sparking a showdown.

A showdown is now looming between Brown and the Steelers. A separate showdown could be looming between the Steelers and the league, if a decision is made to investigate the matter aggressively and to hold the team accountable, if justified by the facts.

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  1. This scandal is going to tear the team apart. Might be time for the Rooneys to sell and let everyone move. Obviously, “Steelers” would have no relevance so it’s going to look more like a Tennessee Titans sort of thing. Anyone remember the Oilers?

  2. I’ll be surprised if the Steelers are held accountable by the league. They should be, but they won’t be.

  3. It matters because that game should’ve never came down to wire basically. People bet. If fuels the NFL. You blindside bettors and you’re flirting with feeling the heat. There’s a chance they could be held accountable because of THAT.

  4. This is one of those things the NFL will lose in its giant Raiders of the Lost Ark warehouse, where it’ll end up with the 2015 psi data and that uncontested 99 yard TD the refs stole from the Browns last week.

  5. How ironic. Tomlin covered for AB to protect his fragile ego and now Tomlin will be the one to suffer the consequences for his constant enabling of that diva. How poetic. Hopefully the Rooneys will wise up and realizes they both need to go.

  6. The injury report basically exists for sports gambling. Because while yes, you can game plan for a specific player in or out, great teams adjust and play the game. It changes the spread in most cases when you have a player like AB out, but if I am a DC on the field and he doesn’t show up…I don’t care. I play for the guys on the field. He is not always on the field.

    If he broke the rules, fine. Fine him. He ain’t the only one who tinkers with the injury report. But to say this is a “dumpster fire” or that they should “sell the team” is ridiculous. This is one of the most storied teams in football, over decades not 18 years. .750 in the SB era with 6 wins. Lost 2. The vaunted Patriots? .500 if you look at the whole spectrum of their runs, .625 since Belichick got there (yes, I think their success is more due to BB). So while I am tiring of Tomlin’s antics, the organization is still solid. May just need a fine tuning at the HC position.

  7. Deliberate attempt by Trippy to deceive. Probably just trying to cover up his dysfunctional locker room rather than cheat…but cheating it is. Isn’t this the coach who accused the Patriots of deliberately tampering with headsets only to find out later that headset operation is the responsibility of the league?

  8. Brown didn’t play week 17. How could they fine the steelers? No advantage was gained.

    I could see a fine if the opposite happened where they listed him doubtful, then he played and it turned out later there was no injury. That would be a deception that gained an advantage.

    What advantage was there in this case? None.

  9. Tomlin hasn’t had control of this team for AT LEAST the last 5 years – it’s a shame because this once proud organization has turned into dumpster fire …like my Dolphins.
    The players now dictate the terms & set the rules – NOT Coaches, Management or Owners!
    I cannot think of ANY organization, company or corporation that lets the employees make demands like some of these overpaid arrogant players do!
    How can one or two players be allowed to extort a team like this?
    Tomlin should be held accountable for this runaway “freight train” but players need to held to the same standard as well!
    I believe it comes from having ZERO respect for the coaching staff & owners!

  10. Remember a few years back in the playoffs when the Steelers lied about Bell’s hamstring? They claimed he had a personal day off, but the truth later came out when Bell couldn’t finish the game against the Patriots.

  11. Punishment should be having to hire Hue Jackson as head coach and Todd Haley as OC.

  12. The bigger problem here is that AB poured and left his team high and dry when they were still playing for a playoff spot.

    I don’t see how those teammates could ever allow him back in that locker room.

  13. May just need a fine tuning at the HC position.
    Most sports fans would not consider changing the HC as fine tuning.

  14. I hate to see the drama, but you know if this was the Pats all the trolls would be out for blood, fines and draft picks. Because it is the Rooney family, there is a rug this will get swept under in NY. I just have no faith that the league will do anything to them even if there is no advantage to them by doing it. FFS, be honest. It is like when your kid lies to you and the punishment becomes 10 times worse. So you blurred the lines on the injury report. Own it and move on, Tomlin.

  15. Tomlinson and the front office have not acted in
    the Steeler way for several years now. Both he and
    Artie Rooney have drifted away from the times when the
    Steelers sold a Super Bowl MVP for a fifth round pick ..
    remember Santonio Holmes?
    Art’s father had Holmes on next bus out of town when he
    acted out too many times.
    Artie is too busy saying yes to Goodell. He needs to wake up
    and take control.
    Tomlin also needs to change. In addition to his lack of leadership
    he has not been an example in his home town on other issues as well.
    Look at some of the drafts …Tomlin had a chance to bring in some
    leadership and he passed on that type of player only to gamble on what he
    thought was acceptable and it did not work out. Perhaps if Tomlin had drafted
    a few more leaders the Steelers would not be in this jam.
    He knew his QB was not a leader and his faith in some others was poorly
    judged. This train wreck has been on its inevitable path for the last 3-5 years
    and owmership and the Head Coach let it happen.

  16. Just trying to figure out, amongst this, how he showed up tonight on the premiere episode of “The Masked Singer”????

  17. havok82 says:
    January 2, 2019 at 11:26 pm
    Sorry but the whole no real advantage argument became irrelevant when Fraudger went after the Pats. There’s no evidence to suggest spygate or deflategate had any real advantage either but that never stops the lemmings of NFL fans of jumping on the cheating bandwagon. So no, the advantage angle is a horse that has been beaten to the point where there’s no dust left. Cheating is cheating. So sayeth the flock.

  18. Big nothing burger. If Brown lied to the team about his injury then it’s not the team’s fault, the team’s injury report only reflected what Brown was telling them. And nothing that happened gave the Steelers an on field advantage over their opponent, unlike deflating footballs and video taping your opponents. In fact, Brown being out was a benefit to the Steelers opponent.

  19. “First, and most obviously, Tomlin admitted that, when he didn’t hear from Brown on Saturday, he decided that Brown wouldn’t play on Sunday. At that point, Brown should have been downgraded from questionable to out.”

    Disagree. Changes to the injury report pertain specifically to a player’s injury/physical status and does not reflect being inactive for disciplinary reasons.

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