Xavier Rhodes learned lesson about coming back too soon from injury

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Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes was inactive for Week 17 against the Bears and won’t play again until September after the Vikings lost to cost themselves a playoff berth.

It was the second game that Rhodes missed this season, but he was a regular on the injury report all year with hamstring, ankle and groin injuries that he believes were related because he didn’t give himself enough time to recover before getting back on the field.

“Maybe I was overdoing it and overworking my body,” Rhodes said, via the Pioneer Press. “After one injury happened, I was just trying to get back on the field as fast as possible and it caused another one, so maybe that was a lesson learned for me to not do too much when I have an injury lingering.”

In addition to leading to other injuries, playing hurt can limit a player’s effectiveness to a point where a team might be better off with someone else in his spot until he’s 100 percent. Given how thin the line was between making and missing the playoffs for the Vikings, Rhodes’ lesson is one worth remembering in 2019.

12 responses to “Xavier Rhodes learned lesson about coming back too soon from injury

  1. Xavier fakes a pulled Hammy every single time he gets burned deep. The coaches have no idea if he’s seriously hurt or faking. He does it consistently. Like clock work. Like the Vikings getting be senseless in every single big game. It’s not a question of if, it’s going to happen.

  2. The not-so-well-kept secret about the NFL though is that teams encourage it as the risk-reward is in the team’s favor unless they have an Alex Smith type contract. Best case scenario: get production out of the player. Worst case scenario: they’re injured for the year and get their base pay for that year – but once healthy can get cut and replaced for cheaper.

    Not saying that’s the case here but he’s not the only player to do this.

  3. The offseason excuse making machine has started up rather early in Minneapolis. As long as Rhodes doesn’t have a hand injury, he should be good to go since all he ever does is grab WR’s.

    I don’t know why the Viking fans are upset with the season-ending loss at home? It was a given that the Vikings always choke in the playoffs, the 2018 team decided to get a week’s head start on the process.

  4. Rhodes is hurt and out nearly every year for extended periods. He did nothing this year even while healthy to indicate that he is still an elite corner. Not sure he has the mindset to to put in the extra effort to become better or to stay consistently healthy. Perhaps he is just average from here on out.

  5. Maybe underworking (not practicing) you body causes injuries. The CBA is killing football.

  6. Not a great year for Xavier — too much clutch and grab even when he was healthy. Rhodes is good, but I thought Waynes outplayed him all year without all the on-field injury flopping drama.

  7. Vikings continue to follow a patern of following a really good season then with an avarage one so you heard it hear first, the Viking will be playing in the Superbowl after next Regular season games are completed. The Offensive Line will be rebuilt, M. Hughes will lead the league in INTs, D. Cook will lead in all purpose yards, Defense will be too 5 and K Cousins will exercise all of the demons while finally shutting up the naysayers by going 12-4 and at least playing in the Super Bowl.. Take a $1000 and once the Vegas Lines come out for the 2019/2020 bet it on the Vikings to win it all.
    Don’t hate, just congratulate, Lions Packers and Bears oh my

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