Zack Martin, Tyron Smith remain limited

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The Cowboys continue to list three offensive linemen on their practice report, and their participation didn’t change Wednesday.

Right guard Zack Martin (knee) and left tackle Tyron Smith (neck) remained limited. Left guard Xavier Su'a-Filo (ankle) did not practice again.

Rookie Connor Williams, who has started 10 games this season, is taking first-team snaps in Su’a-Filo’s absence.

The only change to the Cowboys’ injury report from Tuesday was the addition of safety Darian Thompson with a groin injury. He was limited.

Defensive lineman David Irving (ankle) hasn’t played or practiced since Week Seven but could return next week.

Receiver Tavon Austin (groin), defensive end Tyrone Crawford (neck) and linebacker Sean Lee (hamstring) still are limited.

9 responses to “Zack Martin, Tyron Smith remain limited

  1. How is Irving still out? Really curious about the full story there because there’s no way an ankle sprain keeps you out 2.5 months

  2. Cowboys will need Zeke to run for 200 plus yards and have 30 plus minutes of TOP to win this game.

    Seattle has been there and Carroll will outcoach Garrett all day long.

    I’m not saying there is zero chance, just a small one. The. When they realize Dak isn’t the answer 10 years from now, they will replace him. The rest of the NFC east thanks you.

  3. How is Irving still out? Really curious about the full story there because there’s no way an ankle sprain keeps you out 2.5 months

    Just another BUM collecting a pay check.

  4. I want Irvin to be a successful player for the Boys but he just doesn’t have his head in the game at all. We’ve been jerking around with him long enough now. It’s put up or shut up time for him. As for the game this weekend, I’m looking forward to it but I think the boys will pull it out. Earl Thomas single handidly won the Seahawks that game and now he’s not there and now we also have Cooper who wasn’t there before, on top of the tackling Dutchman being a totally different player now compared to back then makes me think good things are coming!

  5. Martin will play. He said he could have played last week. And the Cowboys have been more than patient with David Irving. It’s time to move on from him. It’s a shame because he had promise but it’s time to let him go

  6. I guess you have never heard of a high ankle sprain… There better be a pay off though, because with Irving, Rico and Ladouceur(just being a specialist), that makes a roster thin. I’ll be happy when they send Irving on his way after the season. So much potential wasted with life issues.

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