Agent: Pat Fitzgerald is staying put at Northwestern

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On Thursday morning, Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald hemmed and hawed regarding a possible interview with the Packers. Later in the day, his agent was far less equivocal.

Via Rob Demovsky of, Bryan Harlan said Fitzgerald will interview for no NFL job.

Harlan’s father, Bob, previously served as president of the Packers. And Fitzgerald was hired at Northwestern in 2006, when Packers CEO Mark Murphy worked there as the Athletic Director.

Despite these tentacles, the 44-year-old Fitzgerald will remain for what will be a 14th season as the Wildcats coach. Which means that the Packers will have to look elsewhere for their next coach.

10 responses to “Agent: Pat Fitzgerald is staying put at Northwestern

  1. These college coaches just dangle the NFL threat to get another 2-5 million from their school. It’s like telling your wife to go buy a lotto ticket that you know is the winner. Imagine if NFL coaches could do this every year. McVay tells the Rams that Green Bay wants him but he’ll stay if they throw a 10 million dollar bonus his way.

  2. Unfortunate for the Packers, and perhaps even for Coach Fitzgerald. In addition to Fitzgerald being an excellent coach, the connections are enough to think that he could be a good fit.

    Of course, he could be perfectly happy at Northwestern. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  3. How bad must the Packers job be if the coach of Northwestern says no thanks? Look at it objectively, you’d figure any college coach would be unable to say no to the possibility of coaching a future hall of famer for one of the NFL’s premier franchises.

  4. Fitzgerald went to NU, he played at NU and was part of the first glimmer of football revival there in the 90s, went to the Rose Bowl at a time when that was a shocking success for them, he became an assistant coach there under Randy Walker who died unexpectedly and he was named HC at age 31.

    Clearly the place means a lot to him, AND he won’t forget that the school took a leap of faith hiring him as the HC at that age.

    I think he bleeds purple, he owes them, they owe him and he ain’t going anywhere. Plus his style just seems to be a perfect fit for coaching smart kids.

  5. hurricanegrabowski says:
    January 3, 2019 at 9:09 pm
    How bad must the Packers job be if the coach of Northwestern says no thanks?

    It’s less about the decline of the Packers than it is about the rise of Northwestern. They were in the weeds for decades, and he’s rebuilt them to a more than respectable level. It’s a major accomplishment for a school that runs completely differently compared to all the football factories- to build a winning team (that wins bowl games) out of a student body full of Sheldon Coopers.
    He’s almost the Lobardi or Landry of Northwestern coaches, why leave that for the omnipresent odor of paper mills?

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