Chris Carson is the NFC offensive player of the month

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Seahawks running back Chris Carson wasn’t available in December 2017 due to a broken leg, but he was in the lineup down the stretch for Seattle this season and they were happy to have him.

Carson ran 103 times for 516 yards and five touchdowns as the Seahawks won four of their final five games to sew up a playoff spot. Carson ran for at least 116 yards in each of the team’s final three games, so he’s heading into Saturday night’s game against the Cowboys on a hot streak.

He’s also heading into that game as the reigning NFC offensive player of the month. The NFL announced Carson as the final monthly winner of the season on Thursday.

Carson ended the year with 1,151 yards and nine touchdowns, so the final five weeks accounted for a major part of his contribution to a Seahawks season that went better than many predicted in the offseason.

3 responses to “Chris Carson is the NFC offensive player of the month

  1. When healthy this guy is a monster. Squats almost 700 pounds…he’s as physical as anyone could ever expect a back to be with the ability to make guys miss in the open field. When the season started I was disappointed because I wanted Penny to take that starting job (that’s what we expect 1st round picks to do), but Carson simply refused to get beat out (by a VERY talented Penny…it wasn’t as if he played bad). If Seattle makes a go of it in the postseason, it will be because Chris Carson puts this team on his back and grinds opposing defenses into the ground.

  2. Love this guy. Loved Marshawn Lynch too, but this kid is pretty much the opposite. Quiet, unassuming, under-the-radar. He’s also capable of laying the wood on defenders like Marshawn, which is so much fun to watch

  3. Carson and Penny both speak very softly.Leading the league in humbleness.
    Davis is no loudmouth either.These guys have class.

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