DeAndre Hopkins donating paycheck to family of Houston girl killed in shooting

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Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins announced that he won’t be cashing his check for this Saturday’s game against the Colts.

Seven-year old Jazmine Barnes was shot and killed while inside a car with family members in Houston on Sunday morning. The man who shot into the car has not been caught and police believe he fired randomly into the car. Authorities have described him as a white man believed to be in his 40s with a beard and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. A surveillance video from a nearby camera shows a red pickup truck that authorities believe may belong to the shooter.

That picture has led to tips from the public that Houston police say they appreciate and a $100,000 reward for information leading to the identification and arrest of the gunman has been announced.

Hopkins posted a picture of Barnes on his Instagram account and wrote that she reminds him of his own daughter. Hopkins said that he will be donating this week’s check to her family and to support “bringing this man to justice.”

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  1. Thank you, DeAndre Hopkins and other contributors, for showing a family brought down in the ultimate way by the hate in this world that there are those who are there to lift them up.

  2. I cannot sing enough praise about this guy. He is constantly going above and beyond what is expected of him both on and off the field. I have never heard him say a bad thing about anyone. Most teams don’t even have 1 person on their roster that embodies the title of “Role-Model,” the Texans have 2. Although I am a Seahawks fan, Hopkins’ jersey just went to the top of my wish list.

  3. Hopkins is such a special player! I’m so happy he is on our team! He leads by example.. Works hard game in and game out. He doesn’t take plays off. He is all about the TEAM. Not once has he thrown his QB or Coach or anybody under the bus!

    Well done Nuk!!

    GO GET EM!

  4. what kind of sick pos does something like this? ill never understand how certain people can do this & then go about their day…repulsive.

  5. Classy. Very classy. Here’s to hoping this man gets brought to justice and prayers for the family of the victim.

    Pease correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it seem that it’s always the players donating pay checks or raising funds, when the owners are billionaires…

  6. Good for him. Such a tragic act by a subhuman that hopefully is caught and gets what he deserves for something so horrific.

  7. As a Colts fan, it’s hard for me to like anyone on the Texans. But with Nuk, it’s easy. This dude is the best receiver in the league, in my eyes. And keeps proving he’s an even better individual.

  8. As a Houstonian I am both very proud of DHop but very repulsed by this man that is still on the loose. I fully believe he will be brought to justice and the more attention brought to this story the better chance that he is caught.

  9. Valiant move, but how does his paycheck help police “bring this man to justice”? It’s not like the police are sitting there like “man, I think I know who it is but we just don’t have enough money to go get him.”

  10. Valiant move, but how does his paycheck help police “bring this man to justice”? It’s not like the police are sitting there like “man, I think I know who it is but we just don’t have enough money to go get him.”

    He donated to the family of the little girl, not the police….

  11. Southbeachnorth says:
    January 3, 2019 at 2:27 pm
    Love this BUT… don’t players only see paychecks for the 17 weeks of the regular season? As far as I know, no paychecks are paid out during wildcard weekend.

    They get paid extra for playoff games, it’s not part of their salary. I don’t know the numbers but it’s the same amount per player, per team based on win or lose, might be different amounts for which round also. I think it’s all under $100K, I don’t really care but they certainly don’t play for free.

  12. @Southbeachnorth

    The collective bargaining agreement sets the amount that players are paid for playing in each round of the playoffs. Hopkins playoff pay for this weekend is approx 30k.

    Hopkins has always been a class act in Houston.

  13. He’s not the anti-Antonio Brown though. Antonio does so much for the kids in Miami. Let’s celebrate these guys individually instead of comparing one another.

  14. I couldn’t find this season’s pay info but two seasons ago players for the division winners playing in the Wild Card round earned $27,000. I would guess it’s closer to $30K this year. That’s a nice donation. Good for Hopkins.

  15. a tremendous player and even more human being;

    only one question—why must the players always take such an action when the billionaire owners and millionaire commissioner sit around on their thumbs?

    they don’t bleed and suffer on the field and then the rest of their lives upon retirement;

    don’t they have seven-year-old grandchildren?

    wouldn’t matching Hopkins’ donation say all children’s lives matter, and matter most of all?

    if not, then i’m glad i’m not a billionaire;

  16. Seeing pictures of that sweet little girl my heart breaks for her and the family that’s devastated without her 😢 i hope the monster that opened fire on her family’s car is caught soon and brought to justice, kudos to DeAndre Hopkins for both his monetary donation and for being a genuinely caring person. a class act indeed

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