Matt Nagy doesn’t want “any extra added pressure” on Mitchell Trubisky

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The Eagles will head into Soldier Field for Sunday’s Wild Card game against the Bears with at least one distinct advantage over the home team.

Playoff experience is a big edge for the Eagles as they won the Super Bowl last year with many of the same players that will be in prominent roles this weekend. The Bears haven’t been to the playoffs since 2010 and the handful of players with postseason experience doesn’t include quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

Trubisky took steps forward across the board in his second season, but there will be plenty of people wondering how he’ll fare in his first taste of the postseason. Head coach Matt Nagy said on Wednesday that he wants to make sure the quarterback is heading into this new experience with the mindset he brought into Week 17 against the Vikings and the rest of the regular season.

“To not change. For him to continue to do just what he does,” Nagy said, via “Don’t put any extra added pressure on himself, don’t do it as coaches. We need to be there to help him. Last week he had a little taste of it, and I thought he did a great job handling the situation. For all of us, it will be a new situation for us together, for the first time, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Trubisky said he’ll do exactly what Nagy is asking, although staying on an even keel can sometimes be easier said than done when faced with something you haven’t experienced before.

13 responses to “Matt Nagy doesn’t want “any extra added pressure” on Mitchell Trubisky

  1. Trubisky’s biggest test just came last week against the Vikings and he came up in clutch situations. He was 8 of 10 for 119 yds on third down, converting one on a run, and the Bears went 8 of 14 against the NFL’s defensive leader in 3rd down, the Vikings allowing less than 30 percent conversion. All this on the road in a very loud and hostile stadium, in what was basically a playoff game for the Vikings, without his top target in Robinson. He’s been inconsistent this whole season but that most recent performance shows he able to deliver when it counts.

  2. It’s weird when professionals say stuff like this. There’s no easy path to victory. Look at Tom Brady, he puts ALL the pressure on himself. A champion can’t shy away from pressure; a champion must feed off it. Pressure is what makes greatness.

  3. They ran Jordan Howard more the last couple weeks. That’s something that Andy Reid-style coaches have trouble sticking with, but something that’s key to the Bears’ success. If they can’t get a ground game going, Trubisky is going to be running around a lot. That’s not the end of the world, since he can run well, but it’s not ideal either. I don’t expect a very high scoring game. Old school defenses and last minute kicks on a bad, windy field that’s tough to kick on. I just hope there’s no fog and we can actually see the game.

  4. Experience doesn’t matter, the eagles had no experience last year and won the super bowl. It all comes down to playing to your strengths and not making mistakes. This will be a tough test for both teams, as each is on a roll and riding a hot streak.

  5. Week 17 in Minnesota was a playoff game for the Vikings. Against a stout defense and crazy stadium he played pretty dam well. I’m not sold on the Eagles. Every week Bears seem to face the best team in the league, so the pundits say, and we’ve beat them.

  6. This is shaping up to be a Bears/Chargers Super Bowl, considering the way both of those teams are playing. They both seem to have the fewest weaknesses and have overcome some good challenges during this season.

  7. OMG…no extra pressure… worries mate..just another day…NOT!!!! All kidding aside this will be a great test for Mitch..if he keeps his head screwed on straight and doesn’t make too many mistakes it’ll be a great game. The whole team has done a good job so far…diff now is they’ll be playing teams with winning yeah..pressure is on.

  8. Mitch is thriving under Nagy. Mitch takes a ton of a flack for the LA game (post two week injury break) and Season 1 (John Fox).

    For a second year QB he’s made great strides and broken some Chicago QB records (not hard).

    Bears will easily cover this weekend and I’m sure they’ll have zero love.

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