Mike Tomlin alludes to “change” in Pittsburgh

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When he wasn’t being asked about Antonio Brown yesterday — and that should have been the main topic — Steelers coach Mike Tomlin had a clear theme.

While he was short on specifics, the Steelers coach made multiple references to “change,” suggesting that some turnover on his coaching staff and roster seems likely.

Change is going to be a part of moving forward,” Tomlin said, via Chris Adamski of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “What those changes will be, we are in the process of gathering information and plotting out a course. We are not going to be resistant to change in any facet. . . .

“When you lack success and you fail, change is a part of it. We’ve talked about it as a staff. We’ve talked about it (with) players in exit interviews and meetings. That’s just our business. You look around our business and see and recognize and embrace that element of it.”

Last offseason, they changed offensive coordinators (with Randy Fichtner replacing Todd Haley) and three position coaches. But Tomlin said that being out of the playoffs gave them a head start on analyzing what needed to be freshened up, and taking steps to do it.

“Being in this position affords us a lot of opportunity in terms of time to assess,” Tomlin said. “Oftentimes when you go deep into the playoffs, you get into the moving train. . . . in terms of 2019, the acquisition of coaching talent, the looking at free agency and the draft and so forth.

“We are out at the first exit, and so we have additional time. We better utilize that time. We met this morning as a staff and talked openly about dwelling in being where we are, doing a really good job of being accountable and assessing what has transpired and analyzing what has transpired before we even get into the task of plotting out ’19 and the things that come with it. Not going to be bashful about that, you know?”

Considering they played last season without their franchise-tagged running back, and now have a situation to deal with with their best wide receiver, that’s a lot on Tomlin’s plate, so the time might be necessary.

23 responses to “Mike Tomlin alludes to “change” in Pittsburgh

  1. Ben really didn’t want to come back this year, bell won’t be back, now doubting brown will either,
    That’s it, teams done. Tomlin should quit.

    Hate to say it but Denver might be a good option.

  2. I’m glad that Tomlin found the silver lining of no playoffs. Now there is more time to find scapegoats for this huge disappointment . He should start with looking in the mirror.

  3. The personalities and expectations Tomlin has had to deal with would crush lesser men. I hate the Steelers (HATE) but he’s never had a losing season and he’s won a super bowl. It baffles me that Steelers fans don’t love this guy.

  4. If Trip Tomlin is the one that’s going to make the changes then it wont be enough. Rooney need to be making the changes and the first, biggest change needs to be sending Tomlin out the door to the unemployment line !! Its a sad shame that the Rooney family has decided to allow the once great Steelers to sink into mediocrity and wallow there for so long !!!

  5. I don’t think Tomlin is as bad as the haters believe he is but I also think it’s time to move on. Sometimes it’s just time, and now’s the time. Cut him loose now while he has a chance to be hired elsewhere, encourage Ben to retire, trade Brown, and embrace a youth movement both on the roster and coaching room. That may result in another non-playoff season in 2019 but will be better in the long run. They’ve got some good, young talent. There’s no reason they can’t compete after cutting some of the dead wood.

  6. He openly lies in press conferences and then talks about the accountability of others. The Steelers are NEVERTHELESS going to win another championship under this goof. He doesn’t have a Cowher-influenced team to make him look good anymore.

  7. Cont’d
    Now you have your 30 yo child who feels entitled, and keeps throwing
    tantrums and breaking things, because he no longer feels he is the favorite.
    He now feels the youngest is getting too much attention.

    Sometimes, you just can’t win no matter how hard to try to be a good parent.

  8. Did you ever notice when he holds a press conference that he actually says nothing. It’s all gibberish. It’s like he’s a politician who never answers a question but talks around it. That’s what Tomlin has become. He can’t give a straight answer. He just makes stuff up as he goes along. That’s kinda like how he manages games. He has no answers. He just stands on the sidelines looking like he knows what he’s doing while he’s actually doing nothing. It’s time for this clown to go. Yes, he’s done a good job but he’s living off the past. This year should be his last year because they had a big lead in the AFC North before losing three straight, including two games to some of the worst teams in the league. He should be fired for that. To have six Pro Bowl players and the coach can’t even get them to the playoffs? That’s pathetic. Send him packing.

  9. The only way the Steelers are going to change is to get out of that ketchup bowl and find a new fan base. Fan behavior has degraded year after year, from arrogant to obnoxious to unruly to violent. When you have fans choking pregnant women in the stands, you need to do more than make a few coaching changes.

  10. The only change the Steelers need is to replace the person who is writing all the scripts. There’s too much drama. Replace the drama with action.

  11. Tomlin needs to go! He “won” a SB on Cowher’s coattails and lost one on his own. Santonio Holmes and James Harrison won that game, otherwise he would have been a two-time loser. He’s only good for soundbites and poor clock management. Oh, and tripping the opposition.

  12. No dog in this fight but.,,,,

    If you fire Tomlin who is realistically the new HC? McCarthy?

    And if you keep AB on what message is that sending to the players / fans?

    Sometimes the grass isn’t greener on the other side, but maybe it is in this case

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