Pat Fitzgerald tiptoes around questions regarding possible Packers interest

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Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald has suggested that he’s staying put. The Packers reportedly still want to talk to him. And Fitzgerald hasn’t slammed the door on the possibility.

Fitzgerald appeared Thursday on 670 The Score, and he was asked whether his statements about Northwestern being home “forever” were literal or metaphorical. In response, he said a lot of words but didn’t say that he meant what he said literally.

Asked whether he’d interview with the Packers, Fitzgerald was deftly evasive, neither saying yes nor no while otherwise rattling off aspirational statements about the Northwestern program.

“So you’re not leaving?” Fitzgerald was asked. “There’s no chance you’d go or would you consider it?”

He again danced around the question before eventually saying he’ll stay at Northwestern as long as the school wants him. But he never said he wouldn’t talk to the Packers, which arguably leaves the door open for him to conclude that, if the Packers are willing to pay him big money and Northwestern won’t sufficiently sweeten the pot, Northwestern necessarily doesn’t want him.

4 responses to “Pat Fitzgerald tiptoes around questions regarding possible Packers interest

  1. Story out of non story. It’s the Packer’s job, of course he may be interested but he shouldn’t have to disclose that to the paparazzi.

  2. Why wouldn’t he talk to the Packers? The guy running the show is the guy who hired him to coach NW. It would be a step up in leagues, competition against the best minds in the game and a big jump in pay.

    If he were my kid I would tell him to talk. You should always talk and keep the door open because this deal might not be the best fit, might not interest him but he will learn things and maybe Murphy, Gutekunst end up somewhere else and the timing is right?

    It’s the guys career. He should look and listen.

  3. Of course he danced around it. He has recruits that might back out if he hints at the possibility. He has to protect his current job. Many many people in the world look for other employment clandestinely or risk complicating things and potentially hurting themselves if they don’t.

    Nothing to see here.

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