Pete Carroll: Cowboys stadium is an “unusual place”

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The Seahawks face the Cowboys on Saturday night in Arlington, Texas. For Seattle, which is 4-4 this year away from Seattle, that presents a challenge beyond not playing in one of the loudest venues in all of sports.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll addressed on Thursday the unique challenge of playing in the House That Jerry Built.

“I think their scoreboard may get in the way of the sound — bounces back at you or something, I don’t know,” Carroll told reporters. “It’s a real glitzy place, you know? When you come out of a football locker room ready to play football and you go into a night club — it’s kind of like we’re in the club, then wait a minute, you’ve got to play ball. Then you come back through the club and they’re all . . . anyways, it’s unusual. Then they’re right there with you too. Those people that are sitting behind us, I don’t know how they see the game. It doesn’t look like they care, they’re having such a good time. It’s an unusual place.”

Others have privately expressed to PFT respect for the extent to which the Cowboys use their unusual place to create legitimate but useful distractions, from noise to spotlights to the proximity of Cowboys fans to creating the feeling that they’re in something other than a football stadium getting ready to play a football game.

18 responses to “Pete Carroll: Cowboys stadium is an “unusual place”

  1. I was just there for the Cotton Bowl. Jerry World feels outdated and obsolete already, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Cowboys start angling for a new place soon, like Atlanta did.

  2. This stadium is what is wrong with the Cowboys and NFL. Football is the sideshow. Jerry Jones cares more about printing money he will never need rather than building a consistent winner. Make a massive nightclub, amusement park, stadium, be the owner who talks to the press after the games and is always shown in the owners box like he had something to do with the game. Jerry wanted to be the star and the most extravagant and needs to be surrounded by Yes Men like Jason Garrett. His football team has been mediocre in the quarter century that Jimmy Johnson has been gone.

  3. Need a yuge game from Dakota, he cant turtle like he is known to do in big games. If he does then the offseason should get interesting because it seems that is the only position holding this team back…besides head coach/offensive coord

  4. Exactly what Pete says the crowd is right there with you! Keyword or phrase “it doesnt really look like they care” about the game. Jerry has set that stadium up to where you cannot get home field advantage. Too many distractions to keep your eyes off the game that the crowd cant really get loud enough to give the other team problems!

  5. Yeah don’t worry, Pete. Romo may not be there to fumble a FG snap but kneeryan has it right.

  6. jackedupboonie says:
    January 3, 2019 at 9:04 pm
    Seattle feels right at home there…..and since its @ 5 pm and Wilson is 17-2 during these primetime games…..this is an easy pick who wins.
    Yes, Wilson has a great primetime record, but it’s not an easy pick who wins this game. I can see either team win. Both have excellent running backs that can bring it. Wilson is the better, more experienced QB but, sometimes that doesn’t matter.

    It wouldn’t surprise many if Seattle wins. It wouldn’t surprise many if Dallas wins.

  7. This country suffers undrinkable water, malnourished children, police brutality, judicial corruption, illiteracy — and people are more interested spening over a billion dollars on a place to sit and watch a mere game.

    How does that “make America great again???”

  8. I had the pleasure of watching a Sunday night game last year at ATT Stadium and I was blown away. It was as though every seat in the stadium gave you an intimate experience. People talk a bunch of smack about Jerry, but the man has simply transformed the NFL in a good way

  9. Boomer Boomer says:
    January 3, 2019 at 9:44 pm
    Wait until that new LA Stadium opens. Gonna be a real circus.

    Circus??? Hands down, it’s going to be the new Raiders Stadium in Las Vegas. Not even close.

  10. I live 10 minutes from the stadium. I believe football should be played outdoors in the elements.

  11. If anyplace was going to have a roof, you would think it would be Seattle.

    But no, they build a small footprint, high capacity(for that footprint) outdoor stadium that focuses all crowdnoise onto the field smack dap in downtown Seattle.

    Bad weather games in Seattle become a home field advantage for the run heavy/protect the ball Seahawks. That rain will wreak havok on your passing attack.

    The results have been tremendous.

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