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The regular season is in the books, the playoffs are set to begin and PFT has put together our awards for the 2018 season.

The official awards aren’t set to be revealed until the week of the Super Bowl in Atlanta, but we rolled our awards as we do every year right after the conclusion of the regular season.

Each award has a post detailing our selections and runners-up for the awards:

Offensive rookie of the year: Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. (Runners-up: Giants running back Saquon Barkley, Colts guard Quenton Nelson, Broncos running back Phillip Lindsay, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.)

Defensive rookie of the year: Colts linebacker Darius Leonard. (Runners-up: Broncos linebacker Bradley Chubb, Cowboys linebacker Leighton Vander Esch, Browns cornerback Denzel Ward, Chargers safety Derwin James.)

Special-teams rookie of the year: Chargers kicker Michael Badgley. (Runner-up: Seahawks punter Michael Dickson.)

Offensive player of the year: Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (Runner-up: Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.)

Defensive player of the year: Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald. (Runners-up: Texans defensive end J.J. Watt, Bears linebacker Khalil Mack.)

Special-team player of the year: Jets returner Andre Roberts. (Runners-up: Rams linebacker Cory Littleton, Texans kicker Ka'imi Fairbairn and Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas.)

Assistant coaches of the year: Browns offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens & Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio. (Runners-up: Cowboys defensive passing game coordinator Kris Richard, Ravens quarterbacks coach James Urban,)

Coach of the year: Bears coach Matt Nagy. (Runners-up: Chargers coach Anthony Lynn, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, Saints coach Sean Payton, Ravens coach John Harbaugh.)

Comeback player of the year: Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. (Runners-up: Texans defensive end J.J. Watt.)

Executive of the year: Colts G.M. Chris Ballard. (Runners-up: Chargers G.M. Tom Telesco, Bears G.M. Ryan Pace.)

MVP: Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. (Runners-up: Saints quarterback Drew Brees, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.)

22 responses to “PFT’s 2018 Awards

  1. Good list. Mayfield over Barkley is debatable. BIG TIME. But I’m not arguing for Mayfield. Splitting hairs at this point. My vote would be for Jackson. What he did was absolutely amazing. Hard to argue against Barkley. BUT Lamar Jackson is DEFINITELY ‘offensive rookie of the year’ BECUSE he actually MADE the playoffs and as a ROOKIE QB! Period! Can’t rebuff that!! (No horse in this race. Barkley maybe? Okay definitely. Full disclosure I’m an Eagles fan and PSU fan.) All three men are worthy. BUT Jackson absolutely wins this award. Outright. Followed by Barkley. Mayfield a distant third. Just arguing that making the playoffs as a rookie QB is kinda big time. Other than that? Not much argument with the list otherwise. Golf clap for Curtis Crabtree for the article.

  2. Assistant Coach of the year should also go to Mike Solari the OL coach of the Seahawks. He took the worst OL in the league and in 1 offseason brought them to one of the best. They are in the playoffs mainly due to their run game which the OL clears the holes for.

  3. No mention of Packers CB Jaire Alexander as a top rookie. That kid played his butt off this year covering the #1 WR on the other team every week.

  4. No Frank Reich on this list is laughable. Almost seems personal.
    10 wins. No Khalil Mack upgrade. Harder schedule.

  5. Given how PFT wrote Pats off in September and thought the team was imploding, and Brady cliffed, they ought to award comeback player of year to Brady, coach of the year to Belichick.

  6. MVP means take the player away from the team and what happens. Mahomes is O player. Donald D player, no question. But take Brees or Elliot, WIlson or even Barkley away from their teams and what happens?

    Giants in 1 game, Seahawks win 3, Cowboys win 5. Chiefs and Rams still in the playoffs.

    No question in my mind it’s Russell Wilson and I am a Giant’s fan.
    The O player of the year gets the MVP. Best QB that year, every time.

  7. With that defense, KC would be in huge trouble if not for Mahomes.

    I’m not sure where people get the “they would be fine” schtick. Alex has a career year last year and had an average D to “help.” This year the kc d is among the worst. No way Alex, nor practically any other qb, would take this year’s team to the playoffs, much less the #1 seed.

  8. I think John Dorsey of Cleveland should get consideration for executive of the year. He helped transform a 0-16 team into a playoff contender that came THIS CLOSE to having a WINNING season.This feat is unheard of.

  9. terripet says:
    January 3, 2019 at 8:43 am

    Did Mahomes win a prime time game


    I’ve seen you post this on a few Mahomes articles, who gets your vote?

    He did win a prime time game against Denver early in the season. Led a team with one of the worst defenses in football to #1 in the AFC. I’d say putting up 40 in Foxboro and 51 against the donald and the rams is hardly the fault of the offense.

  10. Once again, the Media is going to ROB DREW BREES of a Well Earned MVP Award. Forget the 5k and 50 passing TD’s because Brees has more 5k seasons than all other QB’s COMBINED and that hasn’t gotten him an MVP. Look at Brees situational stats against WINNING TEAMS this year, The NFL RECORD for Completion percentage and the type of weapons surrounding Brees vs Mahomes. Brees should win in a LANDSLIDE but instead just like all the other MVP awards prior, they are “Gifted” to the years “Media Darling” instead of the Too short to succeed Old Guy.

  11. Maybe he shouldn’t be named the defensive rookie of the year, but JC Jackson, the Pats rookie undrafted FA, was PFF’s top 10 rated CB deserves to be mentioned as a runner up.

    Same goes for Bill. Looking at your list the title should be “coaches of teams that exceeded expectations”. Belichick has done more with less EVERY year for almost 2 decades and how many times has he been named COY. One, two? The Pats had just 2 pro bowlers this year. (Gilmore and Brady) Teams like the Steelers had SIX.

    Maybe the award should be COY not counting Bill Belichick. C’mon Mike, not even an honorable mention??

  12. Lamar Jackson as Offensive Rookie of the Year would be funny. Only started 7 games, fumbled the ball 11 times during that run, fortunate to get it back 7 times. Guy can’t pass effectively. In those 6 wins, the Ravens defense gave up only 17 points per game, Justin Tucker made 18 field goals, and the Ravens had 4 D/ST touchdowns. The Ravens won primarily for those reasons in Jackson’s starts.

  13. Good for the Colts: Out of 11 they won 4 (plus 1 runner-up) – that is probably why Frank Reich didn’t also get Coach of the Year.

  14. I’m thinking Todd Gurley’s 17 TDs should have put him on the list as at least a runner up for offensive player of the year. No question that Mahomes 5,000+ yards and 50 TDs makes him the winner. Drew Brees didn’t make the top 10 in yardage, or the top 5 in TDs, but Bill Russell wasn’t worried about stats either.

  15. BARKLAY over Baker….he had a MONSTER season only 2 other rookie running backs have had with 2k all purpose yards. Baker was very good and definitely worthy of the first pick and the best QB of the exciting rookie class.

  16. Zero other rookie QBs ever have thrown for as many TDs as Mayfield ever. He was a legit top 5-7 QB second half of year. On a team with very little WR talent.

    mindelm42 says:
    January 8, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    BARKLAY over Baker….he had a MONSTER season only 2 other rookie running backs have had with 2k all purpose yards. Baker was very good and definitely worthy of the first pick and the best QB of the exciting rookie class.

  17. Brees put up one of the most efficient seasons ever with Michael Thomas and a bunch of practice squad guys most of the year. They won 13 of their last 14 games that counted. Although the irony of him losing the MVP who put up huge volume passing stats is kind of hilarious- people just take him for granted every year.

  18. A lot of teams should have been smarter and plucked Alvin Kamara off the practice squad, as well as guys on that offensive line. TreQuan Smith was the 91st overall player picked, Ben Watson is about as reliable a TE as you’ll find, and Michael Thomas led the league in receptions.

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