Report: Browns denying OC interview requests for Freddie Kitchens


The Browns will be interviewing offensive coordinator Freddie Kitchens for their head coaching vacancy early next week and they reportedly want to keep the door open for him to stay in his current job in the event someone else gets the top job.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the team has gotten “several” requests from teams that want to interview Kitchens to become their offensive coordinator. The team has declined those requests as they are permitted to do in the case of lateral moves and the only potential change would come if they hire a head coach who doesn’t want to keep Kitchens on the staff.

Given Kitchens’ work with quarterback Baker Mayfield and the entire offense after taking over the job in the wake of Todd Haley’s firing at midseason, it isn’t surprising that the Browns want to handle things this way.

If there is any surprise, it’s that other teams with head coaching openings haven’t tried to interview even if they just want to get a better idea about a coach whose profile grew much larger over the final weeks of the regular season.

15 responses to “Report: Browns denying OC interview requests for Freddie Kitchens

  1. This is good news. Either Freddie is named HC or if not new HC is not smart enough to keep Freddie as OC then he’s the wrong HC.

  2. Lets put it this way. An incoming HC who doesn’t want to keep Kitchens as OC would be taking a considerable and unnecessary risk by attempting to fix what isnt broken.

  3. Keep Freddie OC, promote Gregg to HC. Hire experienced DC that’ll let Gregg be more hands off and instead focus on controling the team as a whole.

  4. If the Browns offense manages to be a top-10 next year (feels weird to type that) then I’d say this guy is heading to a HC position somewhere maybe January 2020. In any case it couldn’t hurt a team to ask to interview him for the HC position now: it’s “just an interview”. Then if he somehow isn’t retained by Cleveland they would have an inside track.

  5. This is very telling……the front office holds him in high regard as they should. I just dont see any other names out there that is worth breaking up the Williams/Kitchens combo, with the exception of McCarthy.. They are going to take a loooong look at Kitchens for their HC as he will be scooped up next year.

  6. Well there’s the second good thing the Browns have done recently, maybe things are changing in Cleveland!

    I really don’t have to list the 1st do I?

  7. I imagine they’ll hire a guy with more OC/DC experience but ownership will insist that Kitchens stay on at OC. At least that’s what a competent owner would do.

  8. I’m not a fan of Williams but if keeping Williams means keeping Kitchens as OC, then I’d do it. Kitchens and Mayfield have something going and they really shouldn’t mess with it.

  9. It makes zero sense to upset the apple cart. Leave Gregg Williams and Freddie Kitchens right where they are for 2019. By the end of 2019, you’ll know much better if Gregg Williams is the right guy long term or if Freddie is the right guy. Right now you have the best momentum the Browns have had in recent memory with almost nothing to gain by messing with things just yet. Stay the course and see what you have after a full season. If Williams can’t maintain the positive momentum and Freddie is the same Freddie, you can give him the job for 2020. If you make changes and lose momentum, you’ll always wonder what might have been.

  10. I like what Kitchens and Williams have done and frankly I think the Browns would be absolutely stupid to let them go. But if they hire someone like McCarthy, there is no way they can force an OC on him. He’ll pick whoever the hell he wants or he won’t be their HC.

    I still think the Browns org will screw this up somehow. I’m not wishing failure upon them but history isn’t kind to this ownership/management. They are the ones that hired Hue (can’t win) Jackson.

  11. Look at the history of interim coaches that win the permanent job. It’s not a pretty picture. The Browns played much better when Hugh left and that’s important but we’ve seen plenty of fools gold in Cleveland. Plenty of Holcomb/ Anderson type magic that works for half a season in relief of abject incompetence but wears off as soon as they’re given the gig full time. Keep Kitchens in some capacity but hire the best head coach you can find and not just the guy who may have benefitted from a good bounce. I’m not saying Williams is not the guy, but take a good long hard look. This is the most important decision the Browns have made in 20 years. I trust Dorsey.

  12. Freddie and Baker have a connection. The whole offense is clicking. They were FUN to watch this season. Whatever solution Dorsey comes up with, you’d have to be a fool to mess with that…and Dorsey is nobody’s fool.

    The defense, on the other hand, was just meh.

    My opinion, you bring in a HC that’s open to keeping Kitchens and a new DC…or you hand Kitchens the keys. Anything else is dumb.

  13. With the success, chemistry and new, fiery team personality they’ve worked so hard to build, any HC candidate who would even consider dumping Kitchens clearly is nowhere near the same page as the new Browns, and has plans to dismantle all of their hard work so he can take the credit.

    He’ll take them all of the way back to the good old days of four-win seasons, get caught cheating yet again, leave them in shambles, and once again land on his feet — on somebody else’s back.

    He was caught in Denver filming opponents’ practices and walk-throughs. The very next week he was caught again filming them in London, foolishly presuming they don’t know American football enough to spot a slimy cheater.

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