Teams should vote on MVP after the season ends (or not at all)

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If Steelers receiver Antonio Brown‘s latest incident traces to the team vote that made receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster the 2018 team MVP (and multiple sources tell PFT it did), here’s a question that others with prominent jobs in the NFL are asking: Why do the Steelers vote for a team MVP before the season has ended?

(The broader question is why vote for a team MVP at all? Not every team does.)

Nothing good comes from naming a team MVP before the season ends. In contrast, nothing bad comes from not naming a team MVP until the season ends.

So why do the Steelers do it? It’s apparently been part of the fabric of the organization for so long that no one ever asked, “Why are we doing this with games left?”

Someone should be asking that now.

The Steelers should be doing more than asking the question. They should resolve the question by simply waiting.

If the outcome of the vote did indeed spark Brown’s walkout, what would have happened if the Steelers had simply waited to take the vote? Maybe an eruption was inevitable. Maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, the added ingredient became the spark, and without the spark maybe the fire never starts.

While coach Mike Tomlin bears no responsibility for the timing — voting on the award predated his arrival — nothing has stopped him from taking a step back and saying, “Maybe we should wait on this.”

Now, there’s no maybe to it. The Steelers shouldn’t vote on an MVP until every game has been played, and that should be one of the first changes Tomlin implements.

40 responses to “Teams should vote on MVP after the season ends (or not at all)

  1. I think they should vote on the 2019 team MVP the next time AB is in the building and everyone votes a 3-way tie for WRs James Washington, Eli Rogers and Switzer. That should calm him down a bit.

  2. The real question isn’t about the MVP vote and when it is. The question is about Antonio Brown’s maturity and how he left his teammates hanging. Don’t blame the team’s MVP voting process- Antonio Brown is responsible for his actions, regardless of what occurs.

  3. It’s so sad when lil’ mikey floria’s team implodes.

    Change any rule that doesn’t help the steelers.

  4. Well, according to all the news I have read, the 31 other teams didn’t have someone flip out and act like a little kid that got told no, then take his toys and leave the sandbox.

  5. Right, because players and coaches hang around the stadium days after their last game is played and nothing left to do… Get a clue. Season’s over and everyone’s gone home. No one is around to vote or even accept the special recognization from teammates.

  6. Or, here’s another option, maybe we can just accept things for what they are, act like grown ups, and still do our jobs.
    I realize that some mindsets today concentrate on not hurting anybody’s feelings in this Millennial age, but I say, so what.

    A team MVP vote is an honor bestowed on an individual by your brothers, your teammates.
    It’s a majority of your team, tipping their cap to you and all the hard work you’ve put in throughout a long, arduous season
    Why not share such an extraordinary gesture by them, with them, and not expect such a positive thing would adversely affect someone else’s childish personality.

    One would think the millions of dollars you’re paid through the contract you signed would be enough for you to rise above it all and do your job.
    And maybe even motivate you to try and work harder, maybe even be a better teammate the following year.
    One would think.

  7. I just can’t get over a guy doing everything he can to hurt his team after his teammates told him he wasn’t the most valuable member of the team. Maybe he should have tried to prove them wrong rather than proving them right.

  8. People are so SENSITIVE these days…. I know, let’s do it in a way that keeps EVERYONE happy & secure in their own little world….. give them ALL MVP awards…. that should appease the ones who feel left out!!!

  9. Or maybe he should show up and play since they’re ONLY paying him $17 Million. I can’t believe the Steelers haven’t fined him one game check. He didn’t earn that $1 million.

  10. kevo95 says:
    January 3, 2019 at 2:01 pm
    Maybe we should get rid of Tomlin

    Stephen A. Smith has already called anyone who’s not black a racist for thinking that.

  11. I’m too boiling mad to comment here, I just found out I lost my sweet parking space by not repeating as employee-of-the-month.

  12. Teams should do it however they see fit. It literally affects nobody outside of the team.

  13. Why would any team do this at all? TEAM, leave individual awards to the media. I can see awards for OTA’s like hardest worker in gym or best attendance, but MVP? No. That’s POP Warner stuff.

  14. Maybe he should wonder why his TEAMMATES didn’t vote for him, rather then Florio crying about when a good time to vote would be?

  15. I don’t thing the Pats have an MVP vote at the end of the year. Maybe they’ve been doing it wrong with that whole team building thing. Perhaps they should be more like the Steelers. :rolleyes:

  16. Lets see, if Im making almost 14MM and had a great year, and didn’t win the team MVP I would do one of two things:

    A – throw a hissy fit, mope, act like a cancer and hurt the team

    B – sound out some trusted friends and ask their opinions. Am I an attitude problem that turned my team mates off? Did the other guy also have a great year?

    Oh, yeah. SO WHAT if I don’t win the team MVP, my team mate had a great year, and I’m still getting paid my big contract. Hopefully I’d chose B and say
    “Congrats, Ju Ju, you earned it. We’ll see what happens in 2019…”

  17. When a 30-year-old throws a tantrum, the last thing a team should do is change its rules to accommodate his ego. At some point, the guy has to grow up and realize he’s not the center of the universe.

  18. Could it be there was/is some sort of financial incentive in AB’s contract for being named the team’s MVP?

  19. SOLID response right there. Instead of fixing the MAIN problem, let’s change the thing that the guy with a problem got upset about.

    Logic is becoming scarce around these parts.

  20. The conclusion of this article is wrong. It is sensible, but it assumes Tomlin takes corrective action and makes changes.

    He doesn’t. Mike Tomlin accepts no responsibility, holds noone accountable and remains illogically resistant to change.

  21. AB needs to grow up. Why should the rules or policies be changed to cater to his hurt feelings. He needs to get a grip and be happy he has the luxury to play a sport he loves and make millions.

  22. Or maybe one player in a practice that dates back to the 1970s should have thicker skin.

  23. kissbillsrings says:
    January 3, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    People are so SENSITIVE these days…. I know, let’s do it in a way that keeps EVERYONE happy & secure in their own little world….. give them ALL MVP awards…. that should appease the ones who feel left out!!!

    >>>It’s the “participation trophy” era kids all grow up!

    And if you think they’re bad just wait until their kids grow up, JEEEEZ!!!

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