The NFL now has an official casino sponsor

Getty Images

There was a time when the NFL did everything in its power to distance itself from gambling. That time wasn’t too long ago, but it feels like the distant past.

Today the NFL took another step toward a full-on embrace of gambling by announcing that Caesars Entertainment Corporation is the league’s first ever official casino sponsor.

The sponsorship starts immediately, with this postseason, and will allow Caesars to use NFL trademarks to promote its casinos at events like the Super Bowl and NFL draft. Caesars will host events at the 2020 draft, which takes place in Las Vegas as part of the NFL’s full-on embrace of America’s gambling mecca, where the Raiders will begin to play next year.

Seven NFL teams — the Falcons, Ravens, Bears, Colts, Saints, Raiders and Eagles — already have relationships with Caesars. And now the league is getting in bed with the casino company as well.