Vikings want to keep special teams coach Mike Priefer

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The Vikings are in search of an offensive coordinator, but they hope to keep their special teams coach.

Alex Marvez of SiriusXM NFL Radio reports that the Vikings are working to re-sign Mike Priefer to a new deal. Priefer’s contract expires at the end of the league year.

The Vikings also are lining up a list of potential replacements if they can’t keep Priefer.

Priefer has held the job since 2011.

He previously worked for the Broncos, Chiefs, Giants and Jaguars.

18 responses to “Vikings want to keep special teams coach Mike Priefer

  1. I love Zimmer but he has been making some terrible decisions. Especially with the coaching staff.

  2. With most every kickoff going through the end zone, what is the point of keeping this guy? They need someone who can handle kickers.

  3. That’s pretty funny.

    Vikings 5th round draft pick Dan Carlson:
    With Vikings: 1-4 on FG, 6-6 on extra points
    With Raiders:

  4. I’m ok with that. He’s a good coach, we now finally have a decent punter and our Bailey SHOULD be back. An injection of speed at the return position would help as it is most likely Marcus Sherels last year.

  5. The only way you keep him is getting a kicking coach to help so he doesn’t wreck another kicker.

  6. The punter did pretty well and got better as the year went on, Sherels averaged 12.0 yards per punt return, and they were fifth in the NFL in punt return average against. They only had two touchbacks. There was the blocked punt against Green Bay that cost them the game and the blocked field goal against Seattle, but that was an illegal play. The problem is the kickers suck. I don’t know if that’s Priefer’s fault but something has to be done about it.

  7. why, he’s awful. Messed up 3 different kickers and 3 different punter. Special teams is atrocious and can’t make FG OR PAT’s

  8. Rob you don’t know if it is Priefer’s fault? Every time the punter kicks he has bodies where he is trying to land. He gives up pressures every game.One blocked punt almost cost the Vikings a playoff game. He needs to get a snapper that weighs more than 180 pounds and doesn’t get thrown around too. I do not care how intelligent he is. He isn’t very good at what he does for the Vikings.

  9. h0metownzero says:
    January 4, 2019 at 3:32 pm

    Hey, far be it for me to question the brilliance of this front office.
    h0metownzero says:
    September 30, 2018 at 4:55 pm
    It’s an honor and a privilege to watch this team compete for a record 14th World Championship.
    I understand.

  10. Why? This guy sucks. Never put’s pressure on opposing punter. Remember Detroit’s punter stepping up from his own back of endszone and snap short hops punter. Absolutely no rush or pressure at all. Happened all year long.

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