Will Dolphins call Ravens about John Harbaugh?

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The question in the title of this item presumes that the call from the Dolphins to the Ravens hasn’t already been made. There’s a good chance it has, through back channels and intermediaries.

And the question that would be posed to the Ravens is a simple one: What will it take to get John Harbaugh a year before he can walk away without any compensation?

Per a league source, it’s believed that the Dolphins will formally make the call to the Ravens regarding that question, if the Dolphins know in advance that the Ravens won’t ask for too much.

How much is too much? Some think the Ravens would want two first-round picks. Others think the Ravens would be more reasonable than that.

The changes to the Miami front office, with V.P. of football operations Mike Tannenbaum reassigned and Chris Grier made the G.M. and given the keys to the football operation, are being interpreted by some as a move aimed at creating a structure that will attract Harbaugh. Yes, giving him full control over the team would have been even more attractive, but he’s never had that in Baltimore and isn’t going to get it. But Grier has a team-first, no-ego approach that could make him a good partner for a guy like Harbaugh.

So it ultimately comes down to how much the Ravens will offer Harbaugh, how much the Dolphins would offer Harbaugh, and how much the Ravens would want for a guy who can coach out his contract and go anywhere he wants after one more season.

One very real factor in all of this becomes whether and to what extent the Ravens survive and advance in the postseason. With each passing week, it will become harder for the Ravens to let Harbaugh leave, and harder for the Dolphins to keep waiting.

For now, though, it’s a very real possibility.

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  1. Harbs and Flacco are a package deal. who wants them the most, Broncos or Dolphins? do the Ravens want them in the AFC?

  2. John Harbaugh doesn’t have the same ego as his brother and he likes Baltimore. His daughter is committed to Notre Dame for lacrosse and he wants to be close to see her play. I believe he will sign a new, large deal and stay with the Ravens another 3-5 years. He and DeCosta get along and the organization believes in continuity.

  3. John Harbaugh? Really?

    Wake me when Green Bay dangles one of their first round picks in front of the Saints for Sean Payton.

  4. Hardball is the only person that knows what is what. Ravens would be absolutely stupid to trade Hardball UNLESS he wanted to leave to begin with. I don’t see that to be the case but again, only Hardball is the person that knows what is what.

  5. Will be interesting to see if he and Flacco go to the same place. If I was Flacco I’d want a fresh start

  6. markhiggs says:

    January 3, 2019 at 9:53 am
    Will it even matter? Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban, Bill Parcells, Nothing

    It’s all about the QB Miami has not had a Franchise QB since Marino things would of been a lot different if Saban signed Brees rather than Culpepper or if Parcells takes Matt Ryan vs Jake Long. Since Marino 35 years has gone bye and the Dolphins picked 1 QB in the first round Tannehill and have been through 21 starting QBS.

  7. Dolphins>”Hi, this is the Dolphins, we’d like to interview you for the HC spot”

    HC cnadidate> “Uh, who is your QB?”

    Dolphins> “Ryan Tannehill”




    A 7-9 team with no franchise QB is actually a harder rebuild than a 4-12 team that can draft a good QB and rebuild. Sure, you can draft Pat Mahomes at #10, but you might also draft Ryan Tannehill or Blake Bortles higher.

  8. Johnson- took Marino ‘a play calling ability away….
    Parcels was past his time
    Saban was a fraud
    So mentioning them is pretty irrelevant
    Stop focusing on the past…….

  9. I think the Fins should go without a head coach this year and wait for him to coach out his contract … they can’t play much worse.

    Two first round picks is too much … how about a player or 53.

  10. I don’t see it ending well in Miami if Harbaugh gets selected as HC. There have only been 6 coaches to bring two different teams to the Superbowl. This is rarified air to breath.
    Miami just promoted a new GM who for all intent purposes is green with regards to managing the salary cap…but does have an eye for finding talent in the draft.
    Grier wants to make ‘HIS” mark on the team and having an iconic name in Harbaugh wanting control of the roster will create immediate tension. I say Miami should go for a young coach who can weather a 3-13 season that is sure to come in 2019.

  11. The thing is, I don’t think Hardball WANTS more control. The aspect of Hardball that makes him so successful is his ability to delegate and empower each and every aspect of the team as Head Coach. He creates the TEAM. THAT is what is hard to do and is also the NEW wave when it comes to analyzing head coaches IMHO.

  12. Gase biggest problem was the he is very inept at establishing a legitimate NFL staff. Outside of Rizzi (who he inherited), the rest of his staff will be out of NFL in upcoming years. If “Eric Bieniemy #1” can put together a quality staff, then I’m all in for my Fins.

  13. Harbaugh makes great conversation for PFT but the only thing that really makes a difference for the Miami Dolphin’s franchise is obtaining a franchise quarterback. Everything revolves around getting someone like Baker Mayfield who has the confidence that all scouts and coaches seek. How the Dolphins do that will be challenging with their current draft position. Oh by the way the Dolphins could have drafted Lamar Jackson starting quarterback with the playoff bound Baltimore Ravens and so it goes with the Miami Dolphins soap opera ‘As The Dolphins Turn Over Head Coaches’ Lamar Jackson was available to the Dolphins who chose Safety Fitzpatrick from Alabama in the first round. A great player but not a franchise quarterback. The Dolphins could have traded down and picked up Lamar Jackson who was drafted number 32 overall. There just needs to be vision from scouting the physical skills of a NFL prospect.

  14. Miami is very young and has a lot of talent ready to blossom. I think this is coaching position that might be attractive, especially now the Tannenbaum is gone. RT is an above avg QB, but nothing elite. He’s been severely hampered by a horrendous O-line, and even worse play calling by Gase. A few Fins fans blame RT because QB’s are the easy scapegoat, but for those who have actually played the game there’s much more that goes into things. As a fins fan i’d hate to lose RT, but it would almost be worth it if he left to play with a better coach and scheme so he could silence some of the bone heads.

  15. No coach wants the Miami job. There isn’t one positive in taking the Miami job. Sure you get to pick your own qb but what if you don’t like the crop of quarterbacks coming out. Darren Rizzi will get the job and will get about 6 years to prove what he is made of. The rest of this is just a dog and pony show.

  16. If the Ravens think the whiner is worth 2 first rounders, what would Belichick be worth, 5 first rounders?

  17. That’s BS that no one wants the Miami job. If you have confidence in your ability to be a great coach then it should not be an issue. Bellichick, Parcells, JJ all started slowly. Stop spewing out beat writers opinions.

  18. Hey dieselguy 19: When I went to first spring practice at D2 school the cadince I had learn was identity for Mike, not the guy listed as the mike on the depth chart, in order to call the protection to either side and the route on the opposite of the line, based on presnap, most of the time I was responsible for blitzer. Obvisously the presnap Ryan had to read is vastly different but he could read pre or post snap. He had no pocket presence no ability to throw guys open. He horrible on 3rd downs and redzone. Yes the line was garbage which I hate because I love offense line play, believe it’s the 2nd most important position. The receivers would round routes, Stills no effort to fight for the ball, Ryan will look at a defender coming at him and then move head looking for a receiver. Getting sacked. He never got better year to year. It’s was the same thing. He tried hard tough, which is more the defenders who quit. They rank 30th and acted like they where special. Ryan will make a gear back up that will keep yiour team afloat when the starter goes down. We can finally put done down argument that Ryan is a starter

  19. Why aren’t the Dolphins scheduling interviews with Mike McArthy? Dude has a Super Bowl ring and tons of experience and won’t cost valuable draft picks.

  20. John isn’t going anywhere they are extending his contract they already said it .. now if we didn’t win like we did I can see this happening.

  21. I would love to see us get Harbaugh, but 2 first round picks is a high price and hoping it does not come to that scenario.

    To the person who memtioned Fins fans need to be reminded that we passed on Brees in FA. No, I do not need to be reminded as it ticks me off each sunday watching him play, knowing we missed on him twice (we could have drafted him and then in FA)!

    We missed on Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Russell Wilson and I constantly wonder WTH were our scouts thinking? They have made terrible personnel decisions since Marino retired and hopefully it will end!

  22. eric decosta will not surrender any control to harbs, none! sorta leaves harbs in a pinch,maybe denver or miami but it wont be Baltimore, thank god!

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