Bob Quinn: Lions aren’t trading Matthew Stafford

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Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has completed his tenth season with the team. There will be an eleventh.

In Friday’s 44-minute press conference, G.M. Bob Quinn said that Stafford won’t be traded.

“Matthew Stafford is our quarterback,” Quinn said. “He’ll be our quarterback here.”

He’ll definitely be the quarterback for 2019. His $13.5 million base salary for 2019 became fully guaranteed last March, as did his $5.5 million roster bonus.

Trading Stafford before June 1 would trigger a $30 million cap charge. Then there’s the question of how the team would replace him.

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  1. trubiskyisworsethanCutlerandwillalwaysbeinjured....I trolled you so much you changed your display name to mine. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. says:

    What else would he say? He was the one responsible for signing his extension last year. If he moves on from Stafford, it means he failed and will probably get pushed out.

  2. So 1) I don’t even know why we keep talking about pre-June 1 for a high cap hit. Unless the GM is an idiot you are going to save the cap hit. But 2) I want to like Stafford (as a QB) but I just don’t stat machine, a lot like Kirk Cousins, but never takes his team anywhere, like Kirk Cousins. The game has evolved even sine he joined it, and I am just not sure he’s the guy I want behind center. I’d consider it a sunk cost and rebuild around a rook.

  3. Paid so much and has delivered so little. Say what you want about how he doesn’t have the team around him. If it bothered him so much he wouldn’t take such a bite out of the cap so that they could have more money for better talent. It’s BAU in Detroit and both management and Stafford are fine with it.

  4. Bob Quinn to date, has proven very little if anything at all.

    His decision to keep Ansah and jettison Ebron completely blew up in his face.

    Our offense was abysmal and our defense is easily schemed against.

    His declaration after 2017 that 9 – 7 wasn’t good enough looks laughable now. This team with this coach couldn’t win 9 games if their lives depended on it.

    It’s so bad here that no one even cares about the draft amymore, which for years was our “superbowl”.

    There is no hope and nothing to suggest that an improvement on the 6 games Patricia won in his first year will happen again. To the contrary, we may be picking first overall in 2020.

  5. Bob Quinn actually spoke for a change….next time just after the draft, then in 2020. Bob does not speak to the fans or press.

  6. If you have Stafford as your QB, you will never be a consistent team, never mind win anything. The Lions panicked and signed him to that onerous contract.

  7. Are the packers still the team to beat?
    How’s that sb run going now that your team has their missing piece?

  8. What he really meant to say was “We aren’t going to the playoffs until at least 2023.” That’s when Stafford is a free agent. If Quinn is still the GM (and hasn’t been fired) I’m sure he’ll sign him to another long extension to ensure the Lions won’t make the playoffs for another half-dozen years.

    I’m sure Matt Patricia is beginning to wonder what he got himself into when he agreed to coach that dumpster fire.

  9. The Lions are the permanent dumpster fire of the NFC, like the Browns.

    Cutler > Stafford

  10. Has Matthew Stafford even been to a playoff game? I think they were a wild card team one year though I cannot recall. I know he has not won a playoff game. I just cannot believe this dude is making $30M per year to suck so hard making all that cash to win 6-7 a season maybe 8-9 games in a good year. The Lions would be better off without him, atleast then they could stack their roster with talent & draft a young QB looking toward the future. Detroit is going nowhere with Stafford. Matty S is a stat king, good at compiling stats but doesnt know how to win consistently.

  11. it is not Stafford’s fault he was the last no.1 overall draft choice to be from the ridiculously escalating rookie pay scale before that was brought under control;

    he is not a superstar quarterback but is very capable franchise quarterback who can lead a good team to a title;

    after all is said and done, the Lions are only a second good running back (you need two today, not one great one who gets hurt and takes the whole running game to the bench), a bona fide pass rusher and one good cornerback away from playoff contention;

    the only difference between the Bears of last season and now is Mack, who when neutralised leaves the Bears dependent upon Trubisky, who has little running game and even less wide receivers, so we all know how this story ends;

    unless the Eagles commit a spectacular number of turnovers that is exactly how the Bears season will end this weekend;

    the only difference is the Bears could afford to get Mack because they benefited from the new rookie wage scale allowing them not to sink 20% of their salary cap in Trubisky;

    the exact same is true for the Vikings, who never would’ve been able to afford Rhodes and Barr and their spectacular defensive line if they had to pay Cousins based on the old wage scale;

    if there remains any doubt, just look at the Packers, who are finally paying for the insane chunk of cap they have sunk in Rogers over the years they tried to hide in cannibalising their roster for lesser players like Kizer..and this year it finally caught up to them;

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