Chargers defense likes that Week 16 game against Ravens is “fresh” in their minds

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The Chargers only lost four times during the regular season and they were able to get some payback for two of those defeats by beating the Chiefs and Broncos in their second meetings with their AFC West rivals.

They’ll get a chance to answer another one of their losses in Baltimore on Sunday. The Ravens beat the Chargers 22-10 in Week 16, so it hasn’t been long since their first meeting and Chargers defensive end Isaac Rochell said that’s a good thing when it comes to dealing with the Baltimore offense.

“It helps a lot because it’s fresh,” Rochell said, via “You don’t have to dig weeks back or game plan for a team you’ve never seen before. So it’s good for us that we’ve seen them two weeks ago, and we just have to sharpen the game plan and get better, pick up on things that you didn’t pick up on the first time.”

The Chargers held both Jackson and the Ravens as a whole to their fewest rushing yards since Jackson took over as the team’s starting quarterback, but safety Derwin James still expects Baltimore to try to run the ball right at them on Sunday.

“You just have to play rules football, and you need every hat to the ball,” James said. “It’s not like a normal game where you’re like, ‘OK, he’s going to make the tackle.’ He might cut it back, so we need you.”

While the Chargers defense will be trying for a repeat, the key to the game could be how the Chargers offense changes things up from last time. They were held to 198 yards in Week 16 and tight end Antonio Gates‘ fumble late in the fourth quarter in Baltimore territory resulted in a touchdown that put the game out of reach.

11 responses to “Chargers defense likes that Week 16 game against Ravens is “fresh” in their minds

  1. as a Ravens fan, the last team i wanted to face in the playoffs, home or away, was the Chargers

  2. If the Chargers can put up 24 points or more, they will win. Anything less then 20, and they’ll lose. Simple as that. Ravens are running a smoke & mirrors offense while their defense keeps the game close. If the Chargers get caught up into playing the Ravens game, it’s a wrap.

  3. They best not choke it down then. Baltimore is the worst playoff team in years. They have an RB who plays QB in a QB league.

    They’re a .500 team set to take on a 26 mil cap hit next year when Flacco leaves.

    Long, long way down and it starts this weekend.

  4. Didn’t want to get this rematch. Chargers are the scariest team in the AFC in my opinion. If the Ravens get passed the 1st round there is a real chance. Patriots aren’t much, Colts and Texans would be good games but not too worried, and the Chiefs will Andy Reid themselves out of it.

  5. The Browns finally showed how to shut down the Ravens ground game in the fourth quarter. Now, everyone will do the same.
    It will not be pretty for the Ravens.

  6. They say Ravens run some gimmick smoke in mirrors offense since Lamar took over have ran for over 1600 yards that is not a gimmick this is reality ain’t nobody’s been able to stop it it for you who said the Browns showed how to play the Ravens must don’t know they had 290 yards rushing lol

  7. The Chargers stopped Jackson on the ground the first time around and it didn’t matter. Hell, he had more passing yards than Rivers in that game and if not for a Kenneth Dixon fumble, they wouldn’t have even scored a TD. With a home crowd behind them instead of playing in a soccer stadium and their defense riding high off of a clutch end of game stand, I don’t see the home team losing.

  8. 2 weeks ago Ravens beat Chargers by 12 points, holding the Chargers to 10 pts, at home. Score shoulda been worse.Chargers O was held under 200 yds. We’re supposed to be scared of the Chargers D catching up to Jackson? This game shouldn’t be as close. Ravens offense holds the ball for 40 min. Ravens win 24 -10.

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