Jay Gruden has been told he’s returning in 2019

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When Washington coach Jay Gruden met with reporters earlier this week, he admitted he didn’t know what to say.

But now, at least, he knows he’s going to be back.

According to J.P. Finlay of NBC Sports Washington, Gruden has been officially told he’s safe for the coming year.

This was largely #asexpected, but then again, Gruden is 35-44-1 in five seasons, and hasn’t won a playoff game.

At the same time, Gruden is so far down the list of dysfunction there, it’s reasonable to let him keep working, while Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen continue driving the franchise into the ground.

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  1. Evidently in Washington you only have to be mediocre to retain your job as head coach.

    Considering the plethora of worse than mediocre coaches that Little Danny has hired, I guess he’s wised up. He’s found the perfect idiot who will coach the team.

    And we can also expect another Camp Snowflake where there are no hits and injuries will out number the win totals again.

    Now if only the Allen brat will be fired – I loathe that jerk!

  2. if alex smith doesnt get hurt i think the redskins take the nfc east. they fell off a cliff when he went down.

  3. Gruden isn’t and can’t be held responsible for the unusual run of injuries. With a 4th string QB the team was still in the playoff hunt.

    If the training staff keeps their jobs, THAT’S a problem.

  4. Jay was on the verge of exceeding expectations until both the starter and backup injuries end all chance at the playoffs. What I like most about Jay is his ability to actually coach through the chaos. If the Skins had fired him my bet would be that Jay ends up the HC somewhere else fairly soon and wins a playoff game while the Skins continue the eternal ‘rebuild’ process. At least the Cousin collapse in Minnie keeps the Captain Kirk fans quiet. Misery loves company.

  5. I believe Jay deserves one more season to show that he can be an effective NFL head coach. But start slow Jay and you better start packing up your office because your leash is very short. Bruce on the other hand………..

  6. Translation: We couldn’t interest anyone else in working with Little Danny or Bruce Allen.

  7. Gruden is never going to be confused with Vince Lombardi but he’s a solid, middle of the road coach on a team that desperately needs consistent leadership. The Redskins front office (ie Dan Snyder) is smart to hold on to Gruden and replace Bruce Allen with a legitimate GM candidate either externally or internally (ie Kyle Smith or Eric Schaffer) and let them manage the coaching situation. Don’t forget, when the Redskins were 6-3, some were calling Gruden a candidate for Coach of the Year.

  8. dallasfan76 says:
    January 4, 2019 at 5:03 pm

    –NFC East Opponents

    drgeorge24 says:
    January 4, 2019 at 5:04 pm
    Great news!!! Signed Eagles Fan


    What an original comment!

    -no one

  9. I thought Jay was history for sure since he didn’t publicly make a fool of himself demanding the team sign Kap.

  10. Love the Redskins’ fans clinging to that 6-3 start and claiming only because of injuries they didn’t make the playoffs. The delusions of those fans knows no bounds.
    But Daniel Snyder lives off of that. The suckers will keep coming back for more.

  11. Evaluate Gruden through the lens of the organizational dysfunction that he has to conquer each and every day just to give his team a chance to win. 7-9 here takes more coaching ability than 7-9 in almost any other organization. Add the extreme injury misfortune into the picture, and this stretch of 7, 8, and 9 win seasons is downright impressive.

    In fact, the 31 wins of the last four seasons is the team’s second best four year stretch of Snyder’s ownership, trailing only Snyder’s first four years. (Snyder banked a 10-win division championship team in the very first season before he truly had a chance to put his stamp on the organization.) The 31 regular season wins of the last four years also tops the four Gibbs II years, which had 30 regular season wins.

    The bar being where it may, it is not a stretch to say that this is the best coaching there has ever been under Snyder’s ownership. Furthermore, the organization’s reputation assures that, had Snyder created the NFL’s ninth coaching vacancy, the Redskins would have, at best, the ninth best of a thin crop of head coaching candidates.

    It would have been foolish to fire Gruden.

    As the article notes, Gruden is far down the list of causes for the organization’s dysfunction. And, going a step further, Gruden does more to counteract that dysfunction than perhaps any other Redskin that Snyder ever hired.

    Keeping Gruden is clearly the right call.

    #FireBruceAllen #SnyderSell #Hail

  12. I bet he secretly dreams of being canned and returning to torch this DC dumpster fire as someone else’s OC.

  13. I think Gruden is a good coach, the players seem to respond to him. The problem is the players or the lack of quality players. Let’s face it, they really have only one stud, Trent Williams, AP counts, but only one year. No offensive weapons, below average. Young defensive line looks promising, but when JNorm is your shutdown corner? Kerrigan is solid but not a game changer. But I have faith that danny Boy will overpay Flacco to run Gruden’s west coast offense. You can only coach what you have to coach. No plan no vision.

  14. Jay is the best coach since Joe Gibbs II. If Bruce Allen had balls, the redskins would sign Kap. The QB prospects for the team are poor. Alex Smith had a career ending injury and Colt is brittle. Step up Mr.Allen and do you job sign Kap.

  15. Major QB injuries to the Redskins promising season can crush any teams PO hopes.It’s not Jay Gruden’s fault. Glad to see Jay Gruden is coming back,smart move.

  16. Major QB injuries to the Redskins promising season can crush any teams PO hopes.It’s not Jay Gruden’s fault. Glad to see Jay Gruden is coming back,smart move Redskins.

  17. Fire Bruce Allen if you want this franchise to improve. Jay Gruden isn’t Joe Gibbs, but he’s not the biggest problem. It’s whoever is building the roster, and obviously the medical/strength and conditioning people- 2 years in a row over 20 people on IR, not even including Smith and McCoy

  18. I want to see how other Coaches perform after losing both their starting guards and several missed games from both starting tackles…and oh btw…down to their 4th string QB…apparently Good QBs grow on trees…and still be in contention for the division heading into week 16…?

  19. If Gruden was smart he’d finish his contract and run for the hills. This is a save face move because they won’t be able to get anyone else. Hue Jackson wouldn’t accept the coaching position for this lame duck team. By 2020 Bruce Allen will be the coach. The Redskins are the old Cleveland Browns. And this is from a Redskin’s fan and it’s sad.

  20. Time to fire the current training/fitness staff and hire Chip Kelly to run it… He might not be able to coach Football…but he knows how to keep players fit and healthy…

  21. They were in 1st when they had a decent alex smith under center. Any team not named the eagles would implode after losing their starting QB. I actually thought they were playing good football. Wearing out defenses with AD and solid defense. Not that surprising that he will be back

  22. Lets leave injuries out of the equation. Take the Eagles as an example. They have had more injuries then Washington the past two seasons and that didn’t slow them down.

  23. Good news for the other teams looking for head coaches. There’s not enough quality candidates as it is. It wouldn’t be good adding another vacancy to the mix.

  24. Bill Callahan needs to go. He works his players to death, doing drills through mandated breaks in practice and wearing them down as the season goes on.

    It’s no surprise why so many OL get injured year in and year out. There were 7 guards on IR this season alone.

    His antiquated coaching methods are destroying his players.

  25. Redskins fans you need to boycott the team. Do not give them any money. Let the stands be empty or filled with opposing team fans. Trust me, the NFL will have to take action against the Little Pissant….

  26. While Snyder is the root of the problem and Allen is a complete disaster, make no mistake, Jay Gruden is not a good NFL coach. He accomplished nothing in Cincy as offensive coordinator and was hired by the Skins only because he and his brother were Allen’s cronies. Since coming to Washington, Gruden’s teams have been sloppy, undisciplined, while Gruden exhibited poor clock management and unimaginative play calling with a penchant for abandoning the run too quickly. If after five years, a coach has a losing record (and no playoff wins), it is time to cut the chord. The injuries are being used as an excuse to delay the inevitable. He will be gone next year, meaning that the upcoming season is just a waste of time.

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