Jets complete interview with Adam Gase

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Adam Gase has completed his second job interview of the week.

The Jets announced Gase’s interview Friday has concluded. The former Dolphins coach was in Arizona earlier in the week.

The Jets’ decision to interview Gase makes sense given he went 5-1 against them in his three seasons. He was 18-24 against everyone else.

The Dolphins fired Gase on Monday.

Because of Ryan Tannehill‘s injuries during Gase’s tenure in Miami, the Dolphins had Jay Cutler, Matt Moore and Brock Osweiler combine to start 24 games.

Gase served as the offensive coordinator in Denver (2013-14) and Chicago (2015). He also was on the staff of the Lions and 49ers in his NFL coaching career that began in 2003 in Detroit.

The Jets announced Wednesday they had completed an interview with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

19 responses to “Jets complete interview with Adam Gase

  1. As a Bills fan who has suffered through one incompetent HC after another the last 20 years all I can say is….Jets, dont do it….

  2. It boggles the mind that Jets’ brass has so much time on their hands to hold totally worthless interviews like this. No wonder they’re stuck in a rut.

  3. So uh, Adam. How was it you had so much success vs us compared to everyone else?

    Todd Bowles

  4. Wonder if he made eye contact with the interviewer or if his hat was customarily worn low so as to not have to look anyone in the eye. Very juvenile look for a HC I must say.

  5. I mean he probably wouldnt be a bad hire -what the hell did people in Miami expect for him to do down there with that team the couple of years he was there, take them to multiple Super Bowls?

  6. It ended abruptly when Gase suggested that he and Ryan Tannehill were a “package deal.”

  7. Just curious if your ex-GM Tannenbaum drove Gase to the Jets offices, I guess he still remembers how to get there. Wonder if he dropped of his resume too, just in case their was more than one job opening?
    I wouldn’t be to concerned about Gase knowing all of the Miami personnel. Most of the sorry players HE wanted will be cut before the season starts. Besides, judging by his won/loss record he didn’t know exactly how to use them while he was here.

    Good Luck Jets nation, said no one.

  8. This is the right hire for the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets!. Gase is a QB whisperer (sorry, that’s so 2014). He actually made Jay Cutler look competent when the two were with the Bears. In Miami, not so much. Anyway, he’s smart and the right guy to bring along a young QB who looks like he may have a future in the NFL once there’s a supporting cast.

  9. He is over rated. All the NFL execs that give him thumbs up aren’t hiring him, are they? They bait other teams to do it.

  10. I can see it now …Jets hire Gase, Miami hires Ryan and the AFC East standings next season
    goes something like this –

    New England 11-5
    Miami 8-8
    Buffalo 7-9
    New York 6-10

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