Jim Caldwell interviewed with Cardinals Thursday

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Jim Caldwell’s up to three interviews in his bid for a third NFL head coaching job.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Caldwell interviewed with the Cardinals on Thursday. He’s also had interviews with the Browns and Packers and is expected to meet with the Jets.

If that happens, Caldwell, who has been the head coach of the Colts and Lions, will be in the mix for half the head coaching jobs currently open around the league.

Three of the four teams that Caldwell has been linked with had rookie quarterbacks in 2018 and Caldwell’s experience running offenses is likely a big part of the reason why he landed on the lists for those clubs. The Packers don’t have a rookie, but Caldwell was the head coach in Indianapolis for a Super Bowl run with Peyton Manning when Manning was well into his career.

The Cardinals have also interviewed former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase. They are expected to interview Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor, Saints tight ends coach/assistant head coach Dan Campbell and USC offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury as well.

26 responses to “Jim Caldwell interviewed with Cardinals Thursday

  1. Riding out Dungys team he went 14-2 then 10-6 and the Peyton needed surgery his team was 2-14.

  2. Is there sincere interest, or are these teams fulfilling their Rooney rule requirements? With all the talk of young offensive minded OC’s, doesn’t really make sense all the interest in Caldwell.

  3. I’ll never forget when he rested the starters for the playoffs and lost. That team would have gone undefeated if Payton and the first teamers played.

  4. Vikesfansteve: you have no idea what you’re talking about. Cards have tons of cap space. You’re confused with the Vikings. They are in cap hell for the foreseeable future paying an average qb elite money!!

  5. Caldwell went to the playoffs twice with Matt Stafford. That alone should get him another gig. Stafford,like Kirk Cousins, puts up nice stats but can’t win against good teams.

  6. “vikesfansteve says:
    January 4, 2019 at 8:43 am
    Will the Cardinals only give him 1 year with a completely trashed out team in cap misery?”

    65M to spend is cap misery? I’d like to have that kind of misery…

  7. Not a bad “bridge candidate” if the lockerroom needs stabilized but not the guy who’s going to return them to perennial playoff contender status, IMO.

  8. The Cards HC job is the where you are guaranteed to fail with a poor roster, a know-nothing owner, and a GM with a proven track record of failing to draft college talent, signing UFAs, signing FAs, and virtually certain of screwing up picking the #1 draft pick. The only thing Keim has proven capable of doing is running off Bruce Arians and placing the blame for this awful last season on Wilks, who was Keim’s pick to succeed Arians.
    Now add in Rosen who was consistently bad with rare flashes of talent that factored into only one win, but is the anointed future franchise QB who the next HC will be held accountable for.
    And the funniest and most stupid thing of all, the Cards keep deluding themselves that their vacant HC job is a prized one.

  9. You know what, there aren’t very many NFL head coaches(nor QB’s) worth a darn. Somebody ought to set up a coaching school jus sayin’

  10. Caldwell must turn into Michigan J. Frog behind closed doors, dancing and singing and wowing the audience.

    On the sideline, an Easter Island statue is more animated. How and why anyone would want to play (or play harder) for this dial tone is a mystery. An even bigger mystery is why teams continue to hire him.

  11. Cardinals like Wilks better than Flores and are interviewing Flores again. Personally if I am running the Cardinals I can’t take a chance on a guy like Flores. I need to know what I am getting and hire someone with HC experience. Maybe Caldwell or a veteran like John Fox, Mike McCarthy or a Mike Shanahan. Fox & Caldwell are going to need a proven OC.

  12. Christopher Allan says:
    January 4, 2019 at 9:05 am
    Riding out Dungys team he went 14-2 then 10-6 and the Peyton needed surgery his team was 2-14.

    Yeah, and he got that team, who hadn’t won a playoff game in Dungey’s last 2 season’s, to a Super Bowl. He also went 36-28 in Detroit. If nothing else, Caldwell has proven he’s worthy of a HC job in the league.

  13. To everyone always slamming Cardinals ownership, the absentee landlord who didn’t care about winning was BILL Bidwill.

    The team is now run by his son, MICHAEL Bidwill, who has overseen the most success the franchise has ever had. That by itself doesn’t make the Cardinals the best opportunity in all of the NFL, but you can bet head coach candidates know that.

    Biggest dilemma coaching in Arizona isn’t the owner, it’s starting at the bottom of a division with the Rams, Seahawks and (maybe) 49ers already on top.

    Personally, I trust Michael Bidwill to get it right this time.

  14. Just curious why Ross didn’t ask Caldwell to interview?
    Is this another case where Ross doesn’t want a competent HC to run the team??
    Look at the track record of his & other owners of cellar dwellers in the league & one
    has to question their commitment to winning!

  15. I didn’t know about Bill Bidwell, Michael Bidwell change until that Cards fan posted it. I was just aware of Bidwell’s reputation for being cheap in the eyes of players and not invested in the team. Sounds like you guys are happy with the transition. I think any coach that comes should really look at bringing his own GM because Sam Bradford contract and failed offensive line produced the worst team in football.

  16. If your goal is 9 wins and a playoff loss, Caldwell is your man

    If your goal is to win a Super Bowl, Caldwell is the wrong choice. He can beat bad teams. He can beat good teams. But he loses 100% of games against great teams or good coaches.

    Why? Caldwell has no counterpunch. If you stop his Plan A, you win. And great teams are great because they shut down your Plan A. That’s why the Lions fired him.

  17. Caldwell proved me wrong, I thought he didnt do anything in Indy with Manning but he ended up being an integral part in Baltimores SB run as OC with Flacco and He was 36-28 in Detroit, probably was screwed out a playoff win. If there wasnt a GM change he would probably still be there, I think he deserves one more chance. Norv Turner got 3 gigs and so did Mularkey. Caldwell is a better HC.

  18. Do I think Caldwell should be given another head coaching job? Yes. Do I think he will get back to the Super Bowl? No. 9-7 is his destiny.

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