Julian Love, Alize Mack leaving Notre Dame for the NFL

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Cornerback Julian Love won’t be back at Notre Dame for the 2019 season.

Love announced on Friday that he will give up his remaining eligibility with the Fighting Irish in favor of entering the 2019 NFL Draft.

Love was injured in the first half of Notre Dame’s loss to Clemson in last Saturday’s Cotton Bowl, but was able to return to the game for the second half of what turns out to be his final college game. The rest of the season was more fruitful for Love, who was a Jim Thorpe Award nominee and a member of the All-America team.

Notre Dame will also say goodbye to tight end Alize Mack. Mack had 36 catches for 360 yards and three touchdowns in his final college season.

3 responses to “Julian Love, Alize Mack leaving Notre Dame for the NFL

  1. I am so sick of these athletes leaving “early”.

    Let’s admit, college football is not about getting an education – thus “scholarships” mean nothing.

    Let’s sign these players to “contracts” that pay them to play for a specified amount of years and obligates them to play for the time they have agreed (including bowl games); if a player wants out of the contract, they should be forced to pay a penalty in order to be excused from the provisions. Players can purchase their education at the same rate as every other student and then spend whatever is left on everything else. While under contract, no player could receive any gifts or endorsement deals. No longer would schools be penalized – the players would receive banishment from being able to play in college sports. Transfer terms would be set in the contract so that disrespected players won’t get to just up and leave. All contracts would have performance bonuses to reward those who achieve and to punish those who don’t.

    Let us also stiffen the education standards for all players – you can’t play unless you achieve x level of GPA and no special courses can be created for them.

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