Ravens like the (clean) trash-talk with Philip Rivers

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Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers has never been afraid to mix it up with opponents on the field.

But for the Ravens, talking trash with this week’s playoff opponent presents a unique challenge.

Even Ravens defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale said his conversations with Rivers over the years have been fun, but harder to pull off than the standard variety.

“Because he doesn’t go overboard, you know what I mean?” Martindale said, via Edward Lee of the Baltimore Sun. “He’s a competitor just like everybody else is on the field, and that’s how he gets himself going.

It’s hard to go back and forth with him when he doesn’t cuss. ‘Dadgumit.’ I mean, ‘Ooh, Phil, you got me there.’ But I love the guy. I love the competitor.”

Ravens outside linebacker Matthew Judon joked that he asked Rivers for restaurant recommendations when they met in California on Dec. 22, and would happily return the favor.

“I just asked him for a couple restaurants I could go to,” Judon said. “I might go back to Cali in the offseason. If anybody knows, he would know. Especially with a big family [Rivers and his wife have eight children and are expecting their ninth in March], he’s got to eat everywhere. . . .

“I’ll definitely let him know where to go to eat.”

And while they’re not generally used to PG-rated trash talk, they do enjoy the competition.

12 responses to “Ravens like the (clean) trash-talk with Philip Rivers

  1. Gotta love Phil. He has ages well in this league, and I feel like I’ve overlooked him for the first 10 seasons he had.

  2. With that many kids, the guy has to be careful what he says. It’s easier to just never talk dirty, then you don’t risk saying something in front of the kids.

  3. I respect Rivers as a player and a man.. but his arm looks cooked towards the end of every season. He’s missed 4-6 long TDs the last few weeks because of it.

  4. I’m an Eagles fan, but Rivers has always been one of my favorite players..and not just because he’s won me a couple fantasy league championships (although that doesn’t hurt). A very underrated quarterback in my opinion and a great guy off the field. It’s a little funny because when I think about the situation the Eagles are in this coming off-season with Wentz & Foles, I immediately think about the Chargers decision years ago to move on from Drew Brees and go with Rivers. I’ve always admired how Rivers has handled the scrutiny and comparisons with Brees with confidence and class.

  5. A good friend of mine is a Rivers fan and I can see why. Great morals, never in trouble, puts the family first then the team. (You wouldn’t know because he’s always there for the team) With his stable family life and stable career, he just keeps going and going and going…

  6. I remember his epic trash-talking of Jay Cutler back when Jay was still with the Broncos.

    Man oh man, he would just let Jay have it. Poor Cutler never had an adequate response, either in words or on the field. Good times, lol

  7. I still remember when he was drafted and I wished the Niners had moved up to get him. I think their fortune over the last two decades would have been completely different.

  8. Hopefully the Ravens get to him early and often. Rattle his cage, so to speak.

    Go Dirty Birds ! Beat down the Chargers !

  9. When Rivers Eli Manning and big Ben all we’re drafted the same year over a decade ago only Rivers has not won the Super bowl ..I would take Rivers over Eli anytime.. I’m Raider fan but the chargers never surrounded Rivers with the talent needed to get there but there best shot was when LT was in his prime but chargers always knows for weak defenses but maybe this year they can pull it off ..big Ben and Eli both have 2rings each . Even Fouts don’t have a ring but that’s cause he blew the game in 1980 raiders picked him off twice and forced fumble as Plunkett and Raiders pulled off the upset in San Diego in AFC TITLE game

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