Ryan Grigson to Raiders a “done deal”

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A pair of reports on Thursday linked former Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson to both of the NFL’s Bay Area (for now) teams. One wasn’t accurate, and one wasn’t accurate enough.

As to the report that the 49ers are interested in Grigson, multiple sources tell PFT that the 49ers simply aren’t.

As to the report that Grigson will meet with the Raiders, a league source tells PFT that Grigson to the Raiders is a done deal.

Grigson spent five years as G.M. of the Colts. His tenure was widely regarded as a failure, and he has faced plenty of criticism for his interpersonal skills. But, like former Raiders and Browns coach Hue Jackson, Grigson did well enough in a less-than-highest-level role to reach the top of his profession. So maybe he’ll provide Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock the kind of support they need when it comes to figuring out what to do with three first-round picks.

As long as they don’t trade one for someone like Trent Richardson, use one on someone like Bjoern Werner, or invest one in a position where they’re already stocked, like when the Colts drafted receiver Philip Dorsett.

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  1. Anyone that thinks people get jobs in the NFL based on merit is foolish! Its a league built on relationships. People hire their friends. Grigson and Gruden have the same agent, Bob Lamonte. Thats the only reason why this is happening. Grigson is one of the worst people in the NFL and he’s a horrible scout/executive.

  2. >> Grigson did well enough in a less-than-highest-level role to reach the top of his profession.

    Huh? Other than drafting Andrew Luck, a no brainer, the only good move he made in 5 years is drafting TY Hilton in the 2nd round. Other than that he was horrendous.
    Don’t forget he traded a 1st round pick for Trent Richardson, after Richardson was shown to be a bust.
    It would be like trading a first round pick for Leonard Fournette.

    I find it quite amusing what the raiders are doing. Its karma for them abandoning Oakland. They can go 4-12 for the next 9 years.

  3. Q: How many G.M.s can the Raiders hire?

    A: Who cares. None of them has any power or responsibility.

  4. I wish I could fail repeatedly at my job like Ryan Grigson, Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson and still continue to get job offers doing the same job at the same salary. Only in sports do you see that

  5. Wasn’t it just a couple years ago that the Raiders were 12-4 and stacked with young players for a long run of success? They’ve torn that thing apart worse than Lisa tore Johnny. How does a fanbase remain loyal to the garbage moves Marc Davis has made the last few years?

    I bet Jack Del Rio is laughing his head off at all these shenanigans, and is thankful to be out of that dumpster.

  6. Chuckie’s devious…I personally think he’s working on that guaranteed contract, hoping to get fired and laying back while drinking pina coladas and listening to Jimmy Buffett. Collecting cash for doing nothing, it’s the American way…only reason I can figure the Grigson hiring…

  7. Raiders fans this is a great hire. Grigson took over a 2-14 Colts team and posted a 49-31 record over five years, and never had a losing season. He won Executive of the Year award too. He also helped build the Rams roster that won the super bowl with Kurt Warner and the Greatest Show on Turf. He understands all the GM duties, and he’s exactly what the Raiders need to compliment Mayock and the rest of the staff. The NFL is a bottom line business and Grigson was a winner everywhere he worked. How many current NFL GM’s have a higher winning percentage than 49-31? Not too many, and he inherited a 2-14 roster. Great pickup by the Raiders! Remember, the bottom line is winning. Just Win Baby!!!

  8. Not too many, and he inherited a 2-14 roster.
    A team that was throwing games on purpose under his direction.

  9. Wow…This clown/side show is perfect for Vegas, just let them play and be based at Circus Circus. At the very least Circus Circus should be their main sponsor.

  10. I get they need contract help but you’re telling me there isn’t a former GM out there who isn’t responsible for jeopardizing the career of a franchise QBs career before turning 30? Why would you let anyone that stupid into your building? It’s just amazing what Gruden is doing in Oakland.

    (I love Mayock though. Shame he’ll be judged based on Jon Gruden.)

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