Sunday’s game could be Joe Flacco’s last at home as a Raven

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Joe Flacco was the last rookie to start at quarterback for the Ravens in a playoff game and he’s played in several others over the years, which leaves him in good position to offer advice to Lamar Jackson before Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

Flacco said he’d tell the rookie to approach this game like any other. While there’s “a little bit different intensity” leading up to the game, Flacco said things eventually settle down and it becomes routine.

What’s not routine for Flacco this postseason is his spot on the bench. Flacco said it is “definitely not the most fun position in the world,” but he also said that he’s not in a rush to get to the offseason for an expected move to another team when asked about the possibility that this game will be his final home contest as a member of the organization.

“I haven’t really thought too much about it, to be honest with you. It is what it is,” Flacco said, via “We’re a No. 4 seed. There’s always a possibility that in the final round before the Super Bowl you can come back here. So you never know.”

Flacco’s playoff run as a rookie resulted in a trip to the AFC title game, so it’s not an unprecedented turn of events even if another home game for Flacco is unlikely regardless of the result.

16 responses to “Sunday’s game could be Joe Flacco’s last at home as a Raven

  1. With Alex Smith’s gruesome injury/infection likely ending his career, and their love of retread QBs, I can see Flacco winding up on the Redskins next season.

  2. Flacco was always pretty good in the playoffs. Never could put it together in the regular season. He has handled this all pretty well and will get a chance to start in 2019. Lots of teams are doing worse than Joe Flacco as their starter right now.

  3. I agree with the first comment, the Redskins love of retread QBs and the seriousness of Alex Smith’s injury makes Washington a logical landing spot for jump ball Joe. However, Micheal Floyd, at 6’2″, is the tallest WR the skins have, so don’t expect the old magic to suddenly reappear.

  4. Actually, I forgot about Cam Sims, who is 6’5″, so maybe we could see some heave and hope plays out of Joe.

  5. He will get a huge contract with lots of roster bonus’. Something that will pay him as a solid starter if he plays well, and easy to walk away if he doesn’t. The Redskins aren’t the only obvious fit. With the thin draft for QB’s and the number of teams discovering this season that they do not have THE GUY, we will be shaking our heads mumbling “he got how much?”

  6. Flacco will end up somewhere, as he should. Appreciate the good years he had, but it’s been a couple too many. His arm is great, he makes good decisions but he is so flat emotionally that he seems to totally drain the energy from the huddle and doesn’t seem to offer much leadership on the sidelines. Gotta have the rest of the team rooting for you, which they are now, which is why they are overachieving. No illusions they’ll win it all, but at least they’re worth watching which was not the case at 4-5.

  7. hakunamangata says:
    January 4, 2019 at 2:29 pm
    But is Lamar Jackson elite?

    Outside of the 2012 Post season, we all know that Joe Flacco certainly isn’t elite.

  8. Joe should start looking at condos in Jacksonville, where QBs go to die. 7-5 odds he lands there.

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