Von Miller’s mom isn’t happy with John Elway

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A couple of years ago, Broncos G.M. John Elway and Broncos pass rusher Von Miller battled at the bargaining table. Elway now has a problem with a member of Miller’s family.

As explained by Mike Klis of 9News.com, Von’s mom has taken issue with Elway’s recent comments regarding potential changes to the team — comments that didn’t include ruling out trading Miller.

Wrote Miller’s mom in response on Instagram, responding to a now-deleted blog post that apparently overstated Elway’s remarks: “Not because he’s my Son but, he’s the main reason Denver won the Super Bowl. Von’s NOT the problem the problem is Elway … EVERY QB he’s brought in was a fluke!! He wants to halfass pay the vets but wants them to perform at a high caliber. He has no clue on drafting at any position. He needs to work on an offensive line & QB. Trading Von isn’t the answer but best of luck with that. Elway has wasted more money on QBs than ANY TEAM IN THE NFL. I get it it’s easier to blame Von but it’s NOT HIM. #WhatupDallas #SendJerryJobysNumber.”

(Jerry is Jones, the Cowboys owner. And Joby is Branion, Von’s agent.)

Von’s father spoke to Klis about the situation.

“I try to be as proactive as I possibly can by letting my family now there’s going to be things said, regardless,” Von Miller Sr. said. “I try to keep my family prepared. A trade hadn’t entered my mind, but this is the world we live in. You can never say 100 percent something won’t happen.

“We would much rather Von spend the rest of his career in Denver, but we don’t have any control over it. And his mom feels the same way. With all honesty, we’re Denver fans for life. We’re Denver parents for life. But that’s the only control we have.”

Elway made the comment in question earlier in the week, in response to a question about trading current players.

“I think we’re going to visit all that,” Elway said. “I think we have to look all the possibilities and get an evaluation of that. One thing that has to happen is we have to play better. Our great players have to play better, too. Again, when we’re going around and trying to assess blame — which we don’t, we’re trying to find solutions not assess blame. We’re trying to evaluate what went on and then find solutions. One of the solutions is that we’re going to need our core guys to play better. Von, he had a good year this year. Can Von play better? Yeah, I think Von can play better. That’s part of the new thing when that comes in with the next coach.”

That’s the first order of business in Denver. Then, when the new coach is hired, decisions can be made about the roster for 2019 and beyond.

47 responses to “Von Miller’s mom isn’t happy with John Elway

  1. I agree, the problem is Elway. He can’t draft very well, can’t evaluate young QBs very well. The best move he made was signing Peyton but that’s a no brainier and he got lucky Peyton agreed. Overall Elway has been a very mediocre GM dispute winning a SB. With no Peyton, he doesn’t do that. He would be on his way out as GM with any other team.

  2. Why would he trade him? Elway has not shown any ability to rebuild a roster which is why he continues to try to find free agent QBs instead of drafting and developing one

  3. Mom sounds like a loud-mouth, and dad the cooler head. Just the same, Von may be better off somewhere else. He deserves the money, he’s paid his dues..

  4. Elway lives off of two things:
    His legacy as a SB Winning QB
    ..and drafting as Mel or Maylock says he should.
    It’s not hard to pic the best player available (Chub) when you, and everyone else has a need at passrusher.

  5. Von is great – when he plays at full speed. He takes plays off. That’s one reason why he’s 2nd team All-Pro and not 1st team.

  6. I usually don’t care what someone on social media says. But, I care even less what someone’s mom says.

  7. I do not believe parents should go public with negative comments about anything associated with any professional athlete. That being said, Elway is clueless about the position one would think he knew best; quarterback.

  8. Hey Von’s mom. Shut up. It’s a damn business. Grow up. Your son is not the franchise. People get cut… People get traded. That’s how it has been for a very long time and will continue to be. 😪

  9. I’m not following……Does Von’s mom think the ‘gravy train’ will end if Von is traded? Von’s mom needs to stop hanging around Miko Grimes and go back to living off her son and stop insulting the people paying his salary!

  10. Oof. Well, she isn’t wrong. I mean, Paxton Lynch is the perfect example. Why isn’t he talked about more as one of the biggest busts ever? I mean I get that he was a late first round pick but he barely saw the field more than Hackenberg the Hack.

  11. I hate it when Family comments on Team business but when it’s Momma, it’s okay. Tge fact that Elway takes no blame is THE PROBLEM bc His QBs have been The Problem. Oh well, maybe 1 day Bronco Mngmt will realize Elway should be fired and replaced with a competent GM/VP of Football. Until then keep paying HCs not to be HCs

  12. Hmmmm.. Shut up mom! i don’t think he said Von is the problem. He said the way the team played was a problem… including the core veterans. He is actually right. In a year that saw Mack go to a different conference Von did not make all-pro. That indicates to me that it wasn’t his best year.

  13. The Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders are very happy with Elway.
    But actually, its rather sickening how that loser continues to be employed and taking advantage of the owner situation

  14. He wants to halfass pay the vets but wants them to perform at a high caliber…………..Miller’s mommy does know that the players are not forced to sign those contracts doesn’t she !?!?

  15. Here’s the thing: maybe Mrs. Miller knows football, maybe she follows the league closely. But maybe, just maybe, her comments are a rehashing of her sons own thoughts. I’m willing to bet, Von has vented to his parents before. I’m a Cowboys fan and even I know Elway is essentially Front Office Jeff Fisher

  16. I don’t see the problem. Broncos fans could see this crash coming before the Super Bowl 50 win. Broncos went all in for 4 years, went to 2 Super Bowls and had one of the greatest offenses in 2013 and the greatest defense in 2015.

    It’s time to find a QB now. Elway missed on a few QBs but so did Ozzie Newsome of the Ravnes who’s considered one of the best GMs in football. Ozzie started QB busts like Kyle Boller and Chris Redman during an awful stretch of years before finding Flacco. Elway is a proven winner, he hit last years draft out of the park, so he deserves the time to find a QB. Stop using Elway as a scapegoat.

  17. We’ve been hearing from more and more parents lately. Here’s an idea: be a supportive parent to your adult son out of the eye of the public.

  18. It might not be good for the team or for the player when mom chimes in but it sure makes great entertainment.

  19. for all you hating Elway cuz he can’t draft a QB, just one question. When have the Denver Broncos EVER drafted a “franchise” QB? NEVER… here’s a list…take a look and tell me which one of these was a “franchise” QB

    John Furman
    Gale Weidner
    Sonny Gibbs

    Mickey Slaughter
    Dave Mathieson

    George Mira
    Bob Berry

    Tom Myers

    Randy Johnson
    Scotty Glacken

    Paul Krause

    Alan Pastrana
    Buster O’Brien

    Bobby Stewart

    Craig Blackford

    Piel Pennington
    Craig Penrose

    Rick Leach

    Mark Hermann

    Gary Kubiak

    Buddy Funck

    Todd Ellis

    Shawn Moore

    Tommy Maddox

    Jeff Lewis

    Brian Griese

    Jarious Jackson

    Matt Mauck
    Bradlee Van Pelt

    Jay Cutler

    Tom Brandstater

    Tim Tebow

    Brock Osweiler

    Zac Dysert

    Trevor Siemian

    Paxton Lynch

    Chad Kelly

  20. T VRO well said from a long time Bronco fan. LOL. As to Von’s momma what mom wouldn’t defend her son? I thought it was funny that D Wolfe “liked” the post before it was deleted. All the players could and should have played better. Even Joe Montana got traded. There are many moving pieces to a team as well as a front office. If drafting a QB was easy then every team would auto draft. Not only was Von 2nd team all pro, but hey Denver ended up with the worst record in their division WITH Von! Could or should he be traded? Maybe. Will he be? I doubt it.

  21. Same old posts from Denver haters who just want Elway sacked. He deserves criticism for not getting a competent QB but people quickly forget he built one of the best defenses of the past 20 years from scratch. Ozzie Newsome lasted over 20 years as a GM with brutal to average at best QB’s. Last’s years draft was a success for Elway and he will have another couple seasons to help turn around the franchise. He can start by hiring a good coach.

  22. This is what happens when you hire the Region’s favorite son to be the GM. He can do no wrong and you are stuck with him.

    If they had just hired a real GM with no Bronco ties, he would be judged on his performance and not the SB he won as a QB.

    I love Russell Wilson as my quarterback but I wouldn’t want him as Seahawks GM because of this very issue. Sure, he might do all right but if he doesn’t do all right it will be very hard to fire him without ruining some history. Would feel bad man.

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